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  1. There's an "excessive heat warning" here in north central Maryland.  How about where you are?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Bixler


      We're in the hottest week of the summer here on the East Coast US, at least where I am. My jog in a couple of hours is going to be a lot shorter than usual...

    3. BassGuitari


      Six months ago we had a few days that got down to -50F with windchill. I'll happily take this heat, thank you.

    4. save2600


      Thanks Atarian7! Didn't spy anything classic game wise (some Wii and PS3 games is all), but did pick up a lawn spreader, package of brand new Monster Cable 24k gold banana speaker jacks, a Webb Wilder CD, Sting's Dream of the Blue Turtles to replace my crappy sounding Columbia House record club CD and a nice little wooden chess set with board. All that for only $11!    🤣

  2. "...millions of peaches, peaches for free, millions of peaches, peaches for me,  peaches in a can, put there by a man in a factory downtown..."

    1. high voltage

      high voltage

      Walking on the beaches, looking at the peaches......

    2. adam242


      ..factory downtown! Still love that song.

  3. You probably didn't notice I was gone but I'm back now!

    I was in NC from Monday to Thursday.

    It's time to play some Kaboom!.

    1. sixersfan105


      North Carolina. Inspiring people to play Kaboom since 1981.

  4. Atari 2600 Kaboom! - 205 minutes Hunchy 2 - 55 minutes
  5. I like some of the older golf games that are out there. It would be great to have a good one on the 2600. Keep it up!
  6. I just found out if I scroll to the left I get the reply box. Sorry to bother you.
  7. I'm just getting a blank screen when I click on "reply". This wasn't happening when the new forum first came on.
  8. Atari 2600 Kaboom! - 270 minutes Hunchy 2 - 18 minutes
  9. I noticed that some topics show the year of the original post and some topics don't. I'm assuming that if it is the current year it doesn't show the year. Am I right?
  10. Is there still a way to get to the older status updates that have been pushed off the bottom?
  11. I liked it better when it was in alphabetical order.
  12. I hope this isn't too late. My power went out last Tuesday/Wednesday for 5 hours. It did something to the modem. I had to remove the battery and unplug it to reset it. I just learned about having to remove the battery today.
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