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  1. I don't feel that way yet. It's a struggle when I get that high.
  2. My Mom got a Covid19 test and it came back negative.  She had been to a club to see a band and one her friends who was there tested positive a few days later, so my Mom had to get tested.

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    2. simbalion


      A friend of mine is waiting the results of his test. He found out his uncle had it right after returning home after it took two weeks for the notice to get to him from our health department. His uncle isn't doing well at all, but my friend arrived a day after the quarantine period and avoided contact. Really, it's his mom that is the worry as that is her brother and she saw him before it was detected.

    3. _The Doctor__

      _The Doctor__

      simbalion, now that is more of a worry. don't miss a beat... fast attention to the broad array of treatments being key. A good Doctor may offer a prophylactic or proactive treatment approach in this case. Can't hurt to touch base and see, always best to try.

    4. simbalion


      He messaged me the other night about that, but now HE has a bigger worry. Woke up in pain this morning and he found out he has a blood clot in one of his lungs. Just found out a little bit ago. He is in the ER now.

  3. Atari 2600 Hunchy 2 - 26 minutes Kaboom! - 46 minutes Solar Fox - 33 minutes I scored 2,309,200 on Solar Fox. I made it past Rack 99 to Rack 13. I don't know if that would be considered the 112th or 113th rack.
  4. I didn't even realize the thread was so old until I read the last message.
  5. Atari 2600 Hunchy 2 - 34 minutes Kaboom! - 101 minutes Solar Fox - 82 minutes
  6. The pool is full.  It rained about 4 or 5 inches yesterday.

  7. Atari 2600 Hunchy 2 - 45 minutes Kaboom! - 78 minutes Solar Fox - 74 minutes I'm a bit rusty on Hunchy 2 but I did manage to make it through all 14 levels one time.
  8. "Time has come for Revenge of the Nerds..."  (6PM eastern on AMC)

    1. Stephen


      I can't imagine how much of that movie will be cut.  Great movie though.

    2. SlidellMan


      The first is still the best, but not worth watching censored.

  9. 80's song stuck in my head: "we don't have to take our clothes off, to have a good time, oh no.."

    1. Cobra Kai

      Cobra Kai

      Jermaine Stewart. Awesome track, good lyrics too. 

    2. ClassicGMR


      I want my cherry wine!!!

  10. Atari 2600 Hunchy 2 - 34 minutes Kaboom! - 179 minutes Solar Fox - 82 minutes
  11. Atari 2600 Hunchy 2 - 5 minutes Kaboom! - 152 minutes Solar Fox - 53 minutes
  12. I know how you feel. Even if I had made it past the first round I would certainly lose this round.
  13. Atari 2600 Kaboom! - 88 minutes Solar Fox - 75 minutes Subterranea - 144 minutes I scored 2,163,260 on Solar Fox. It was the first time I made it to 2 million. My hand starts to cramp up at about 1.6 million.
  14. "I'm not the assman."  "Cosmo Kramer, you are the assman."

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