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  1. How long do you think this virus has been among us?  It didn't just pop up out of nowhere two weeks ago.


    1. eddhell


      remember the day those senators sold off their stock?  before THAT.

    2. ls650


      A friend of mine was born in Hong Kong, and moved to Toronto when she was 10 years old, so she is fluent in Cantonese and follows Chinese social media.  She told me a week before Christmas that there was some talk of a 'plague' going around in China that the Communist government was trying to cover up.  If I heard about it then, you can be sure that various governments had also heard the same rumours - but it doesn't seem like they actually took much action at that point.


      The Chinese government officially announced there was a coronavirus on Dec 31.   I suspect that by that point it was spread around through much of China and was destined to get here via airplane in January.

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