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  1. I watched part of "Andre the Giant" last night.  I didn't realize how bad off he was physically because of his size.

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    2. Rogerpoco


      @Draxxon -They're showing some "brand new" docs, I can't remember the channel, but a common one. I watched some of the Andre, and some of the Stone Cold, seemed to have some little bits of "new" stuff here and there, but mostly rehashed really.

      As silly as this may sound, one thing that makes me feel bad-

      Hearing somewhere that he spent a lot of time/money on QVC, for simple-pleasure enjoyment, I get that it was the easiest way to shop, but I wish he'd had the 'net we have now, so he could have got what he wanted, instead of what they happened to offer that day.

      I know that's stupid, but I can just picture him being tickled being able to fully shop at home.

      I guess I didn't quite know the story of the uncertainty at WM3, whether Andre was gonna do the deed, Hogan's account of Andre calling the finish was pretty neat to hear.

    3. Draxxon


      I know that WWE biographies is coming, and a new season of Dark Side of the Ring on Vice too, so was wondering which one. DSotR is my jam. It got heavy handed on the anti wwe/vince stuff (deserved) later on tho. It fels heavily AEW influenced now. (aside from cornette)

      I haven't seen it, but in the past they say Andre had a hard time flying, and staying in little hotels and beds in japan. toilets were too small, so he s*** in the bathtub, lmmfao. That always made me wonder where he took his shower??? they never explained that one.

    4. Draxxon


      IIRC Big Show and Andre were both pituitary gland giants, they just kept growing and growing all their lives. Big Show had the surgery to stop it. The surgery didn't exist when Andre was around.

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