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  1. Woke up and looked at the clock.  It said 7:01.  Looked at it again and it said 7:38.  The 37 minutes felt like 5.


    1. carlsson


      I usually set the alarm to 2 hours before I need to get up. That way I can snooze for longer, and it feels like I'm on vacation when I finally get up.

    2. Rogerpoco


      I swear, every morning, I roll over barely awake and notice Wife asleep, then toss and turn for a second, and all of a sudden she's gone...

      I think she's a witch.

    3. atari2600land


      A few days ago, I was so sleepy so I went to take a nap. This was at 10 a.m. I intended to sleep for a couple hours and then wake up. I woke up... at 3 p.m.

  2. Why was Microsoft Edge installed on my computer without my consent?

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    2. Stephen


      TV isn't connected to anything either.  She just had her cell phone in her pocket.  I'd love to know just how much "always on microphone" snooping is really being done.

    3. _The Doctor__

      _The Doctor__

      Open that puppy up and put a hard switch on it!

    4. _The Doctor__

      _The Doctor__

      In my Sammysung TV my panel identified as CHINA HD screen in the diagnostics, the thing kept trying to make network connections to who knows where and kept choosing it's own input and volume at power on... I went online and located the service menu sequence and put in the panel type off the sticker found internally stuck the back of the actual screen/ panel.

      saved and powered off and back on... No more unexpected network traffic and non responsive or sluggish remote control response. It's working perfectly now. WTF!

      Thought these were made in Korea.. guess not.

  3. Atari 2600 Kaboom! - 45 minutes Picnic - 29 minutes Solar Fox - 16 minutes
  4. jblenkle and agb , are you playing Picnic with the right difficulty set on A? You are supposed to and you get a larger swatter.
  5. Atari 2600 Cosmic Commuter - 15 minutes Kaboom! - 32 minutes Kool-Aid Man - 5 minutes Solar Fox - 46 minutes
  6. We're entering peach season.  "Millions of peaches, peaches for free, millions of peaches, peaches for me.."

    1. Max_Chatsworth


      Hail to the Chief(s)!!

  7. Only 6 months until Christmas.  I'm hoping for an early present: a vaccine/cure for coronavirus.

    1. carlsson


      I read they will start testing soon in the UK. One witty poster suggested it will coincide with the reopening of pubs, them serving a different kind of "shots" that normally. :-D

    2. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      Don't worry. I bet Bill Gates has a nice juicy one waiting for you.

  8. I forget how long ago there were 4,444,444 posts (a couple of months?) but now there are over 100,000 more posts.  Amazing.

  9. Atari 2600 Dolphin - 8 minutes Kaboom! - 32 minutes Solar Fox - 67 minutes
  10. 1100 LOL I will try to play today.
  11. I got 453,400 and made it to Rack 27. Yes, I am liking this game. When I get frustrated with the HSC game I put in Kaboom! or Solar Fox. I still have a little trouble with control. There are times when I feel like I turned soon enough to avoid getting hit but don't make it. Other times I'm sure I'm going to get hit but somehow make the turn fast enough.
  12. Atari 2600 Crackpots - 41 minutes Hunchy 2 - 15 minutes Kaboom! - 48 minutes Solar Fox - 62 minutes
  13. "Finkle is Einhorn.   Einhorn is Finkle."

    1. jetset


      Laces out!

    2. retrorussell


      I found that movie to be pretty stupid.  But his reaction over kissing a tranny was pretty hilarious.

    3. jetset


      It was extremely stupid! That's what made it hysterical!

  14. This is another game I suck at (so far).
  15. agb Do you always get "skip a rack" when you are playing Solar Fox, or are there times when it just can't be done?
  16. Happy birthday agb.

  17. Atari 2600 Kaboom! - 41 minutes Solar Fox - 6 minutes Stampede - 100 minutes
  18. "Xena can't fly."  "I told you I'm not Xena, I'm Lucy Lawless."

    1. masschamber


      it's all crap on tv the only show I watch is xena the  warrior princess, she must be about 6'6

  19. "Strange things are afoot at the Circle K."

    1. carlsson


      First you marry, then you Statoil!

    2. AverageSoftware


      Listen to this dude Rufus, he knows what he's talking about.

    3. GoldLeader


      I'm thinking of a number...




      69 Dude!   🎸

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