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  1. The local Walmart is completely out of TP.  I wonder if people have wiped out the dollar stores too.


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    2. MrMaddog




      Yeah people need to buy lots of TP for all that CRAP that's online...

    3. Shawn


      I watched some dingbat pay gas station prices for 6 four packs of Charmin TP tonight. I couldn't help but shake my head and laugh.

    4. jd_1138


      In 2001, they lined up at gas stations like the 1970's gas crisis.  TP is 2020's version of gas.  All the stores around here are out of TP.

  2. Sniping on ebay is fun.

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    2. xucaen


      what is sniping on ebay?

    3. cybercylon


      It is just a virtual SumGuy (or SumGal)

    4. GoldLeader


      I figure out my max and on good days, I watch (kind of like everyone else I guess) and I try to nail it with less than 10 seconds on the clock...Hopefully winning, sometimes because the other guy is trying to figure out if he wants to spend that much... as time runs out...

  3. Those idiots are calling again. "Your Microsoft license has expired ..."

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    2. Keatah


      I string'em along as long as possible.

    3. D.Daniels


      tell them your os2 warp is not working

    4. Master Phruby

      Master Phruby

      tell them you've fallen and can't get up.

  4. Why was Microsoft Edge installed on my computer without my consent?

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    2. Stephen


      TV isn't connected to anything either.  She just had her cell phone in her pocket.  I'd love to know just how much "always on microphone" snooping is really being done.

    3. _The Doctor__

      _The Doctor__

      Open that puppy up and put a hard switch on it!

    4. _The Doctor__

      _The Doctor__

      In my Sammysung TV my panel identified as CHINA HD screen in the diagnostics, the thing kept trying to make network connections to who knows where and kept choosing it's own input and volume at power on... I went online and located the service menu sequence and put in the panel type off the sticker found internally stuck the back of the actual screen/ panel.

      saved and powered off and back on... No more unexpected network traffic and non responsive or sluggish remote control response. It's working perfectly now. WTF!

      Thought these were made in Korea.. guess not.

  5. F'n' yahoo. They now play commercials while you are trying to view email and it bogs it down.

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    2. amiman99


      There is an option in firefox, maybe chrome to stop autoplay videos in about:config

    3. MrMaddog


      I closed out my Yahoo account when they leaked all the e-mails to Russian hackers. I went back to a dedicated client for my other e-mail accounts, and replaced AdBlocker Plus (no longer works) with uBlock Origin.

    4. TheTIGuy


      As MrMaddog said, uBlock Origin is free and works rather well.

  6. Is there a humane way to kill some gophers? They are tearing up our yard.

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    2. Shawn


      You can bait a live trap and if that doesn't work you might have to shoot them.

    3. BillyHW


      You catch it in a cage trap and then drop the cage in a garbage can full of water and let it drown.

    4. TheTIGuy


      "Humane way to kill."

      The issue is that killing is by definition, in-humane.

  7. 970 million

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    2. adam242


      A huge, free-range, no-kill cat shelter.

    3. DZ-Jay


      I would change it all into golden coins and hoard it in a huuuuuuge tank, like Scrooge McDuck. Then go swimming in it.



    4. DZ-Jay


      Man. I didn't win. Poo!

  8. Why is Yahoo so laggy now? Is 25 Mbps not fast enough anymore?

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    2. Keatah


      You know, my 486 hasn't gotten slower since about 1997'ish. Then again it's OS is solid enough to stand the test of time. It still works!

    3. Keatah


      I can conduct my creative writing on it with the same level of efficiency and proficiency as any modern-day rig. Perhaps even better because there are no distractions with updates and all that.


    4. save2600
  9. If you're allergic to this drug don't take this drug.

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    2. frankodragon


      Warning: May cause loose bowels or diarrhea.  If you have severe diarrhea then take some Kaopectate.  If you get constipation from taking Kaopectate, then take some Milk of Magnesia.  Hell, might as well take both and then place bets on which will come first.

    3. jd_1138


      Some side effects may include large pus filled cysts all over your body, severe vomiting, headache, suicide feelings.

    4. wongojack


      Do not take Stupidia if you are allergic to Stupidia.

  10. Is AOL down right now? My Mom was trying to get her email and got a "gateway 504 timeout". Other sites seem to be working fine.

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    2. frankodragon


      AOHell? Do they still use that annoying "You've got mail" sound?

    3. TheTIGuy


      I have the "you have reached a number..." recording on my computer somehow...

    4. Nutsy Doodleheimer

      Nutsy Doodleheimer

      I used to steal tons of the free software cds they sold at your local grocery store back in the day.

  11. I was playing Kaboom! and the cartridge went out on me. Glad I was only around 50,000. If it had happened with a really high score I would have been pissed.

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    2. GoldLeader


      You should try blowing on it...Then afterwards maybe play some Atari HeyO!

    3. Atarian7


      Thanks for the extra advice jay.


      When I cleaned it the qtip got some black on it so it definitely needed a cleaning.


      Hey wongo, I switched Kaboom! cartridges about a year ago. LOL

    4. Eltigro


      I didn't think you'd need to clean the contacts if it never was out of the console. =)

  12. My sister passed away late last night or early today.  They are doing an autopsy.

    She would have been 50 on August 1.

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    2. Cobra Kai

      Cobra Kai

      Sorry to hear that. 

    3. Rogerpoco


      Much too young, but hopefully a life fully lived.

      I'm Sorry, Brother.

    4. Atarian7


      Thank you all for your kind thoughts and words.


  13. The batteries in my mouse died.  Personally I think cordless keyboards and mouses suck.  Why would I want to pay for and change batteries.

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    2. GoldLeader


      Yeah, but ya got that little thing hanging out.  Also,   there's a cord coming from your mouse Hey O!  




      I crack myself up!

    3. Turbo-Torch


      I finally got a decent mouse on Amazon for about $14 (Inphic). Charges from USB port in under 2 hours and lasts over 2 months with daily use. It goes to sleep so you don't have to remember to turn it off and you can also use it while plugged in and charging. Liked it enough that I another for my desktop.

      My old Mircosoft mouse ate up an AA alkaline battery every month and you had to remember to turn it off.

    4. Swami


      A mouse should have a tail.:lolblue:


      Ask the three blind mice.

  14. One of the medicines I took for shingles says it might cause diarrhea weeks or months from now.

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    2. GoldLeader


      Jin LOL! Just worry about it if it happens Atarian7...No need to fret.

    3. moycon


      People think it's funny, but it's also wet and runny, diarrea shhh shhh, diarrea shhhhh, shhhh

    4. firebottle


      Eat lots of yogurt.

  15. What's the point of a gift card without some sort of discount or bonus? You're just dictating where they spend the money.

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    2. Osgeld


      I prefer like amazon or generic visa cards but yea I never buy a single brand one at face value

    3. atarian63


      You are right Save2600 I have seen those


    4. SoundGammon


      Sure gonna miss Hastings this year, best place to shop for giving & getting stuff!

  16. It's too cold for this time of year.

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    2. jetset


      Take care of the problem especially along costal areas. No more pesky dry land, they'll all be underwater!

    3. Rhomaios


      frankodragon: It's just your normal, average cold front this year.

    4. Keatah


      Absolutely PERFECT for classic gaming and emulation.

  17. I'm hoping for a warm winter, and by warm I mean not going below 25 degrees F.

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    2. Atarian7


      Sorry for you GoldLeader. It's only 28 here and the heat is 2 degrees behind what it's set on.


    3. Atarian7


      Hey Galactus, I fish but I have never been ice fishing. Is it true that the fish die instantly when you put them on the ice?

    4. GoldLeader


      No worries! Today the high is supposed to be 45! It's like a tropical heat wave! (RealFeel of 36)...But I may break out the shorts anyway haha!

  18. There was just a fox running through the woods out back.

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    2. Flojomojo


      It's about time you got here, Star Fox!


      I like foxes a lot. They're like little dog cats, but smart. And they live in garbage, which I can relate to.

    3. Skippy B. Coyote

      Skippy B. Coyote

      ^ lol! That was the best thing I've read all day.

    4. ls650


      I've only seen a fox in the wild once. Very cool looking creature.

  19. "Beans are neither musical nor a fruit."

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    2. retrorussell


      It's just harder to find a rhyme for "vegetable".

    3. BigO


      Try legume, that might be easier.

      Perfume, "the room", exhume, resume, etc.

    4. MattelAquarius


      Beans, the musical food. The more you eat, the more you're rude.


      Beans, timebombs of fun. First you eat, then later they run.


      Beans, the lava in you. Once they erupt, it smells more like poo.


      Beans, musical legumes, the more you eat, the worse the fumes.

  20. Contact tracing - How could they possibly know whether or not you have had contact with an infected person??  Are they omnipresent?

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    2. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      An unknowingly infected person rides subway train, then when the infected person realizes he is infected, he must use a time machine to go back and ask everyone on the subway platforms and train to write down their names, addresses, and phone numbers. :D

    3. John Stamos Mullet

      John Stamos Mullet

      No, that's not how it works. They're only asking for contact info of people you know personally, whom you've had extended close personal interaction with.

    4. GoldLeader


      Now...Say you go around licking people's elbows, or getting excitedly into tickle fights with strangers, or playing thumb wars in front of 10,000 people, (maybe more)...Next thing ya know,  say you develop some symptoms...Now it's probably just allergies from putting guinea pigs up to your eyes even though you know you're allergic, or a cold from rubbing up against your hot female cousin while she strummed your banjo the other night at the hoedown...On second thought, You know, whatever I was saying,  I think I'll stop here;   Wouldn't want this to get silly...

  21. For some reason I wasn't still logged on this site when I got here today. Is there a reason this happened? I didn't sign out.

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    2. GoldLeader


      That's OK! I think carlsson ate 'em all :) ... So,...Do we tell him about the thing?...wait Wait, Not yet!

    3. carlsson
    4. DZ-Jay


      That was fun. Let's do it again? Who do we kick out next time? LOL! I'll bring the cookies!

  22. On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a beer

  23. Don't forget: The clocks go ahead one hour tonight.

  24. I'm 44 today. That's almost middle-aged unless I live into my 90's or 100's.

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    2. Tombstone


      The best thing about being 44 is that you were around when Atari released the 2600. Hell, you were around when Fairchild released the Channel F! That gives you unrelinquishable street cred. Happy birthday. :)

    3. GoldLeader


      Tombstone's right! And Happy Birthday! We're all in the same boat as far as mortality's concerned...Don't sweat it...

    4. Atarian7


      Thank you all.

  25. Today is Larry Kaplan's birthday. What else did he program besides Kaboom! ?

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    2. jaybird3rd


      Happy Birthday, Larry! Thanks for all the great games. I'm proud to have almost all of them in my collection, complete in the box, although I still need to pick up Brain Games.

    3. SoundGammon


      Air-Sea Battle!

    4. accousticguitar


      After Activision he went back to Atari as a manager.

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