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  1. This thread can be closed. I found the failure. The IC400 is still working. I used a Multimeter and checked all solder pads and sram pins first. All fine. Then i checked every sram pin and traced All lines to the next points and then i found the failure. Pin 17 & 18 were not connected. It seems that the lines behind the solder pads from 17 & 18 were broken but not visible because the are lying under the sram. I soldered a wire on both Pins and connected them to the next points on the backside and now all works fine again
  2. Hello, i have a Problem with my 3DO FZ-1. It seems that the IC400 Backup Control chip for the SRAM is faulty. Even if the System try to Access the SRAM (for Save Games) the 3DO do a reset. If i start the game Virtuoso, then i get the message, that the SRAM is not found. I changed the SRAM Chip but i get the same error. The Battery is still in good condition and has 3V. I think the IC400 is corrupt. It is an BA6162 Reset IC with Battery Backup function. Does anybody know where to buy a compatible one?
  3. This would be awesome If you get this to work then i would be really interesting in buying one of these
  4. Do you still have one of These boards? Never heard about it.
  5. Hello everybody, is it possible to get more SRAM for saving games? I mean a mod or something Else. Not the external ram Module. Too expensive. Greetings from germany.
  6. Hello, I have a good old pong console "Match Spectrum 6 Color Fernsehspiel" and i search the original manual in german language. If someone habe one and want to sell it then please let me know
  7. I thought i read something about that this thing was the JAG2 that never got released. By the way the painting looks more then horrible! And the "bump" to open the case.... . No Way. Looks like someone tried to push the case in with a hot air gun. EDIT: if you look carefully then you can see that the bottom tile of the case is much bigger then the normal one. either he build a new bottom case or this one is the JAG 2 Prototype.
  8. Ahh, that work is awesome. Looks really nice!
  9. Thanks :). if i ever get one of these without to spent my whole salary then i will try it!
  10. Ok. Thats a thing i didnt knew, because i never had a cd-rom But that sound great. make things easier For now i only changed the power led. i am not a friend of green light. now it is blue. i think about to cut out the jaguar logo and fill this up with acrylic resin. after this i think i will put some red lights in there but this is only a think about for now. there was only one modding out there i could find with google. i wonder why not other people try to mod this great piece of game console.
  11. Atari got this to work too and i think you only need to modify a few things. like the case and a few other things to switch between cd-rom and normal rom slot.
  12. i mean to put a cd-rom into a normal jaguar case. for the plugin i will see how i can realize it. thats the way a need an old cd-rom for it. i wanna try to build this in and i think it is possible.
  13. Hello, i am a newbie in here and i ever was an Amiga fan but i got unknown years ago an Atari Jaguar and since this time i love this console. The only thing i wanna know is, has anybody ever tried to build in an Atari Jaguar CD-Rom into an old Atari Jaguar case? I'm a case modder and i love it to try impossible things. I modded different Amiga's and at the moment i have another A600/Raspberry Pi Project but that is not finished yet. Here a few photos of it.
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