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  1. Hello, I have a good old pong console "Match Spectrum 6 Color Fernsehspiel" and i search the original manual in german language. If someone habe one and want to sell it then please let me know
  2. I thought i read something about that this thing was the JAG2 that never got released. By the way the painting looks more then horrible! And the "bump" to open the case.... . No Way. Looks like someone tried to push the case in with a hot air gun. EDIT: if you look carefully then you can see that the bottom tile of the case is much bigger then the normal one. either he build a new bottom case or this one is the JAG 2 Prototype.
  3. Ahh, that work is awesome. Looks really nice!
  4. Thanks :). if i ever get one of these without to spent my whole salary then i will try it!
  5. Ok. Thats a thing i didnt knew, because i never had a cd-rom But that sound great. make things easier For now i only changed the power led. i am not a friend of green light. now it is blue. i think about to cut out the jaguar logo and fill this up with acrylic resin. after this i think i will put some red lights in there but this is only a think about for now. there was only one modding out there i could find with google. i wonder why not other people try to mod this great piece of game console.
  6. Atari got this to work too and i think you only need to modify a few things. like the case and a few other things to switch between cd-rom and normal rom slot.
  7. i mean to put a cd-rom into a normal jaguar case. for the plugin i will see how i can realize it. thats the way a need an old cd-rom for it. i wanna try to build this in and i think it is possible.
  8. Hello, i am a newbie in here and i ever was an Amiga fan but i got unknown years ago an Atari Jaguar and since this time i love this console. The only thing i wanna know is, has anybody ever tried to build in an Atari Jaguar CD-Rom into an old Atari Jaguar case? I'm a case modder and i love it to try impossible things. I modded different Amiga's and at the moment i have another A600/Raspberry Pi Project but that is not finished yet. Here a few photos of it.
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