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  1. I've been having issues with the printer cartridge ribbon not turning as I try to print. I replaced the O-Ring band on the cartridge with no luck fixing the problem. Upon digging further I found the issue...There is a "+" looking plastic post that goes through the turning wheel and is meant to attach to the bottom of the Cartridge to enable the computer to turn the ribbon (please see the pics below) However the "post" is recessed in the turning wheel and not sticking out the 1/4 inch required to turn the ribbon. My question is I'm probably not the first person this has happened to. What can I do to raise the post that 1/4 inch or so. I pushed the turning wheel down as far as it will go. The post is sitting on an angle in the hole and I can't seem to get it to come out a little further. Is there a way to adjust the height of the post?
  2. Thank you everyone! The old bird fired right up tonight and thanks to Milli Vee's youtube video as well. Had my boy even play Buck Rogers. I'm getting old...I thought it wasn't that good of a game when I was a kid and frankly it still sucks. Haven't figured out the volume situation yet. I have the "monitor" cable hooked up to the TV but no sound. Probably something minor I missed. The gatling gun sounding printer is a huge hit in our house. Totally retro and the kids think its awesome. The wife has banned me from using it at night though. Keyboard works, smartbasic and buck rogers work as well, one controller perfect, second controller doesn't move right. So far thats what I've seen. I'll probably have a few more questions later. Thanks again amigo's.
  3. Your video was of tremendous help! It got the printer working again. I thought the broken string on mine would have been a easy fix but a nightmare until I saw your video. I'm going to follow your suggestion and replace the rubber o-ring band with a new one as the printer starts strong when I manually turn the ribbon then it fades rapido. The rubber is probably worn out. Thanks for taking the time making the video. Huge help.
  4. To the Guru's... Epic noob here, I grabbed this after a local posting on facebook said "old a** computer. Free." My dilemma is I know it's a Coleco Adam but not sure where to begin after I try cleaning her up. Please see the pics below... The string for the printer head is broken but should be a easy fix. I will also remove the rust from the printer rails and clean them up as well. It came with a Buck Rogers super game pack cassette and as well as the Adam SmartBasic cassette, manuals, cables etc. I understand not to power it up with cassettes in the machine. TIA Regards, Tom
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