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  1. Anyone know of a "switch box" that can connect to my Sony PVM via BNC Sync that I am able to connect my consoles to via RCA Red White and Yellow?? Please send me a link if so. No scart please.

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    2. Stephen


      This is not an affiliated link - just the easiest I could find.


    3. RealRetroism


      Can I see how you have the 3 rca (red white yellow) w/bnc adapters connected in the back of your pvm?

    4. Stephen


      Custom cable I made - sorry.  DIN5 goes to the Atari.  I use separate luma/chroma on the PVM.  IIRC, there is a menu setting on the PVM telling it to get combined synch, not look for it on a green signal of RGB.


      The only signal inputs on my PVM, are luma/chroma and RGB.  You will not get RGB from an Atari without a VBXE or Sophia mod.

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