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  1. I think I’d be more worried if several die-hard 7800-fans & collectors, commit suicide after finally playing Toki...
  2. Disclaimer: The following post is not meant as any form of criticism of any attempt to develop an ‘Adventure III’ completely according to independent designs. But I found a youtube of video of a 16-bit remake of Adventure (I), and to be honest I really liked the graphics and the implementation of a hero-character. For my own personal tastes I think this would be a nice overall look for an ‘Adventure III (or as someone here suggested: Adventure IV), for the 7800 (of course with its more limited capabilites). Moreover, the yellow square could serve as touching/interaction-point directly in front of the hero-character, continuing the ‘square’-tradition to a certain extent. These things are solely my personal taste.
  3. Anyway, good to know where to start looking...
  4. Ok, - it will be quite a bit to go through, so I’ll see if I find time. Sorry if I overlooked something.
  5. @CPUWIZ @DrVenkman Thinking about, I agree with you both. Lets put aside this distracting sub-topic and get back to the threads main-topic: the release of Toki. Have any of you played it (either in part or playthrough)? What do you think about it?
  6. Yes, I’ve noticed they have a store. And I’ve noticed that titles like ‘Sirius’, ‘Plutos’ and ‘Klax’ aren’t available, and for several other orders I’ve paid and placed, my clear impression is that AtariAge store is overworked. So, that were the practical reasons.
  7. No, right, I’m not aquainted with either Best Buy nor Target, but to make the issue very short and precise: will it be put on carts, and if yes, by whom? If, no. Well, - I guess end of discussion.
  8. For my own part my main-interest in this would be if playable from a cart on real 7800 hardware. Good Deal Games should be (if not the only) a natural place of distribution... (just a thought anyway....)
  9. I’m not a tech-genius, I was only curious. Anyway, since I have PAL 7800, Secam 7800 and NTSC 7800, for me the question would as such - given its release - only concern to which region I should obtain it.
  10. There to be some major graphics-glitches in the backdrops graphics. Are these going to just be part - when, as you say - it will eventually ses a release, or rooted out? Or are they simply due to running PAL on NTSC?
  11. @CPUWIZ I haven’t a clue to how Blaze is set up or how many are involved, only that within 2 years they’ve published a nice handheld with some 280 retro-games (3-20 games on each cart), to collect from a wide array of publishers and companies... ... and I don’t think AtariAge would have anything to lose by making its own Evercade-collection/cart... (the exception being licence/legal/ownership-issues to which I’d only have to say, - as to my knowledge of it - : ‘pass’, ‘haven’t a clue’)
  12. A firm is a firm, an individul an individual. Why should I think the Evercade was staked upon mine or one guys calculation...? Blaze is a firm; they probably have folks doing business-calculus for them... It seems the Evercade/VS is advancing, meaning its on its way to get solid ground... or already has it... But for AtariAge there are two questions: a) revenue, b) being actively present in the retro-game world...
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