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  1. I respect his decisions... It was merely a suggestion concerning how to (possibly) make a few more bucks on already-attained programming-knowledge. I’m satisfied with PenguinNets production and delivery. Suggestions are not orders. Just an attempt at constructive feedback as to how to use ones skills & knowledge. It was meant as a compliment to skill, and a possible way of getting more money for time already invested (that is: reading up and understanding on 7800 programming and game-developement). - - - I certainly respect PenguiNets and TailChao’s own decisions.
  2. Could a ‘0000 1000’ coding, be both a successes while also a failure, as  also happening in other consoles using zeros and ones (as its Assembler)


    ... could 0000 1000 be a PC Engine bummer, while being a Super Famicon hit, ??


  3. I did buy your game, - patreon are given to voluntary donations... ... making a good name, a good reputation... may have its own unique valuta... ... your team may be very experienced by now... (as to 7800 production) ... knowledge may be ... income...
  4. Not much, if they know anything about coding...
  5. I cannot imagine horizontal - > (and/or) vertical screen-use, to be a real screen problem (If necessary, they’d just choose one way of playing the LYNX version)
  6. I would, - apart from the original topic, - advice to try out these games for the 5200: 1) Pole Position 2) Pengo 3) Resque on Fractalus 4) Mr Do’s Castle 5) Buck Rogers 6) Gremlins 7) Star Raiders 8.) Frogger 2 - three deep 9) Gyruss 10) Moon Patrol 11) Pitfall II 12) Wizard of Wor 13) Missile Command 14) Star Wars - Arcade — for a start
  7. Perhaps this thread can provide some inspiration: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/294139-which-atari-5200-games-means-the-most-to-you-and-why-these/
  8. So, which: 1) Lynx games 2) Atari Jaguar games 3) Atari 7800 games 4) Atari 5200 games 5) Atari 2600 games 6) Atari ST games ... do you want to see released for/on the Evercade...?
  9. @edladdin any breaking-news as to the superb-looking 5200 arcade controller? 👍🏻😊
  10. @TailChao ... look, you’re already sharing your expertise... — why not make 3-4 youtube vids on how to do 7800 programming and game-making...? — You could, - perhaps -, use patreon as a source of financial support...
  11. Giles N

    Rikki & Vikki

    @TailChao You could be... famous as an instructor in A7800 programming and game-design! Famous! (Within retro-game-communities). - - - Inserting the BupSystem on an EverCade-port of Rikki & Vikki ... could make you ... money (to pay your bills). - - - And it wouldn’t need to be so much more time and energy spent with this game (which anyway seems to be a big hit among Atari7800 retro-gamers, which I guess was the target-audience). - - - Anyway, whatever your next project: good luck!! You and your staff has provided 8-bit quality!
  12. Wanted contemporary home-video-game-console versions of Arcades I played as a kiddo; ie from systems contemporary to the original Arcade-originals. 1) Star Wars 2) Pole Position 3) Pengo — Discovered lots of other interesting games in the process...
  13. Yeah, Ich werstehe...
  14. Your chicken be done with red or green spices? Chili or garlic, peppers or timian(italian spices)? - - - will your dog or your cat be tasting it? 

    1. Joe C.

      Joe C.

      the latter sounds dangerous

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