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  1. I got the Evercade with 10 game-carts at my door today! So, what do I think? 1) Much games for the dosh, 2) whoah... potential for the Retro-Future (yeah, yeah... may sound contra-intuitive... at first, but then traditional gaming gets to our core), 3) Atari have a future RIGHT HERE, 4) ... still waiting for Q3 releases, 5) the world of homebrews can never be replaced, but continuation of retro-games are awesome... (for my hobbyist-part needing a chill-out in the evening).

  2. Very good to hear you got it working!! — These contacts... to be de-oxidated; so important!
  3. As different background-tile-sets as possible for each different World would be nice. — One Boss (the Armoured thingy) should be kept for the final battle, applying the sub-boss (the super-spook) as end-of-World bosses until last World... — Fair ‘noug; my opinion...
  4. It would be cool to have ‘worlds’ with categorically different appearances; different tile-sets for every World, even using some enemies solely on a single World until the last one...
  5. Fair ‘nough & no sweat... Just asking what you’re after... — For my own part it’s the actual gaming-experience that matters...
  6. Is original ‘print’ of importance to you? Perhaps, a reproduction-cart here at AtariAge would do it...?
  7. If someone should make a Blockbuster movie of Robotron 2084, a) who should direct it, b) write it?, c ) act as hero, last-family-on-Earth, villains, d), make the special effects (and in what style)?

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    2. Giles N

      Giles N


      I’d opt for Basil Poledouris to

      do the score: no-one like him

      to compose adrenaline-infused, neo-romantic, heroistic, lavish music for the Silver Screen...

    3. Giles N

      Giles N


      If Bruce Campbell were still young (25-40), I think he’d make a cool hero..., but only if the franchise would take a more lighthearted, humorous or ‘self-ironic’ turn... (with tons of action-comedy)


      If to be a deadly serious ‘Humanity to survive its own

      destructive designs-movie’, I’d opt for a more, hmm, ‘serene’ actor...


      ... but who’d still be capable of inducing the necessary adrenaline...


      As such, Matrix (1) was fortunate to have the serene, charismatic and utterly energetic - adrenaline-inducing -, Keanu Reeves to do the main-role


      I’d go for some actor who’d be in that direction... serene (to the mission), and intense (to the action)...


      Just my thoughts

    4. GoldLeader


      I must have been so tired...The first time I didn't even notice "Robot Ron" spells RobotRon ...haha..Pretty clever.  I was thinking ya remake Tron but with Robots...You got it, Call'er Robot Tron!  ...uhhhhggg! 

  8. @0078265317 How many titles have you gotten now?
  9. Your best childhood/adolecent.... COIN-OP/ARCADE 



    I’m all ears.

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    2. Giles N

      Giles N


      In 1979 I was hardly old enough for anything but toddlers picture-books, much less heavy metal mags.


      But the game looks impressive for 1979, really.


      I’ve seen YouTube vids of enthusiasts playing it, getting it, restoring old original



      It can be done but is probably much, much work!


      Metal (within my own quite narrow choices of subgenres/subcultures),

       was not something I spent time, money or energy on until 2001/2002 onwards. So, I’d be only familiar with the modern sound coming from the late 90ies, throughout the 00’s and until recently 2018/2019.


      Ok, not the topic of the thread, but since you mentioned those mags.


    3. Max_Chatsworth


      @Giles N  Yeah...Heavy Metal Magazine did have a music component, but many of us read it for the sci fi/fantasy art/stories in it. You can get a taste of the perfect melding of music, culture, and art in the movie that came out when I was a kid:


      It's a whole series of most scenes from the movie:





    4. Giles N

      Giles N


      Ha ha - looks like the inspiration (almost) for Xenophobe 



      Wierdo-aliens kicking instruments and breaking into singing: cool stuff!


  10. If anyone here are into doing a Pac-World game-design, - using the parameters given in Bentley Bear - but with novelty; please do post your input of graphic, sound, level-layout, background-design, playability-ideas here... Even using the Bentley Bear-Engine, - novel designs may work wonders ...
  11. Good Deal Games ... on vacation..?

    1. Prosystemsearch


      What do you mean??

    2. Giles N

      Giles N

      Their shop is closed...

    3. timmy2tone


      Hope they aren't gone for good :(


  12. I really do not agree with every review Video Game Critic do for the 7800... it’s like sometimes ‘yes, yes’, other times ‘what the heck were you thinking’...? Rikki & Vikki is definitly a top game. A minus, puts it among the top games, so I’ve no problems with that. Should it be A minus, A, or A plus...? That is the question. I haven’t gotten around to play it thoroughly enough ... yet... (as I’ve tons of retro-game-titles to go through, either on original platforms or mini-and-emulated versions). — Actually if you have a 7800, just get it, and share your opinion here.
  13. Giles N


    Sounds promising! I look forward to getting mine in the mailbox/at postoffice!
  14. Looks precisely the same. Clean the contacts, let it run for a few hours and do the gentle insert-remove for 2-5 mins , and see if it improves. I’ve gotten lots of old (mostly used 7800 carts up and working this way, but also NES and Sega Master). I have actually been pretty lucky with my 5200 carts...
  15. These contacts are what needs cleaning: If your cart is like mine, you don’t need to open anything.
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