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  1. As a retro-gamer or back in the days when it was on the market? Comparing along side the Commodore64, SegaMaster and NES, there would certainly be titles of appeal to me back in 1986-1990.
  2. Level 600 ... eh...? I thought I was getting close by getting to level 23...! 😂
  3. I think its triggered if you use very little time getting to the ice cream. It may be others factors too.
  4. Food Fight - so I had to check it out. I didn’t think this would be my type of game. It looked a bit minimalistic, and... throwing food at chefs..., hm, well... But... it was ported from an Arcade so I thought, well, they often playtest stuff to get it to be easy to pick up on, playable etc. And boy was I right about the latter! It was actually a very fine, little, charming game... I’d say certainly inspired from the concepts being thrown around in gaming-companies at the time (early 80ies): cartoon-like heroes, silly tasks and game-objects, much to do on 1 screen with black background for the player, coloful chuncky objects. You control this kid on the screen, -usually a black playingfield filled with game-elemtents, in 8 directions. Lo and behold; a huge Ice Cream on the other side! This you are to run for and ... eat!! But 4 chefs come up of the ground and moves towards you to get you. If they touch you, you loose a life. So heaps of fruits and nuts and corn(?), lays in piles strewn around ...almost like ammunition. Walk over one heap and you pick up 1 food-item to throw as 1 projectile. Stand over the food-pile; and you can throw rapidly lots of food around you. The point is not to take out the chefs, but just to get that Ice Cream as speed-runny as possible. Points adds up after each level for: time, foods not used. So Graphics: 8,5/10 I played on an CRT TV - and it looked like a beatiful homerepresentation of the Arcade. Not exactly 1:1, but very close. Its all feel-good, light hearted and coloful designs and characters Sound: 7,5/10 Nice ‘get ready’ music and satisfying slurks-slap sound when hitting. Nice early-80-ies arcadey sounds. Gameplay: 9/10 Plays like a dream. Very simple mission: get the cream, shoot the chefs. But its all smoothly done, with crisp and clear controls. It feels good to move this kid/bratt-character around. Responsive and nice. Standing knee deep in hacked-apart ...melons are a good position from where to launch satisfying pulps of, well, ...melon-pulps...unto those chefs... Seriously: silly task but plays very well!! Its all from the age of Pac-Man, Donkey Kong etc. So I got to round 23 on easy. But could only take it for a few goes. My First Impression is: 9/10 (I’ve not learnt to take good pictures of my own gameplay, so Screenshots are stills from YouTube) What do you think of the game? Opinions on this ‘First Impression’-piece? Was it worthy an of Ice Cream after work, or a tomato thrown in my face? Let me know. (but in words please)
  5. Have you tried it with a Wico joystick or similar? — A year ago I wanted to buy a RetroConsole that sort of could demonstrate what the arcade ports of the time looked like on stronger systems. I guess I picked the Atari5200 because many of the games on it were Arcades I remembered to have played very early as kid. And sort of get in touch with what titles were hot prior to Bubble Bobble, Out Run, Afterburner etc. So I got a atari5200 and an atari7800 to check out how they operated. So its like digging into the layers of gamehistory... But its also fun to find «new favourites» from....1982, 83, 84... etc...
  6. Well, I actually use a modded Neo-Geo-arcade stick on games such Mr Dos Castle, Pengo, Pitfall2, Mario Bros etc, ie games where digital input vs analog works better. (This stick doesn’t work with games like Pole Position and Star Wars Arcade). So I get some better control with that. But if 2Mill is scored and no ending seen, its probably an infinite game.
  7. Buying, or rather importing a Atari 5200 system about a year ago, I looked through what sort of games seemed to be like «way more color and detail than the 2600» and which could possibly create that satisfying feeling of quality Arcade-port for a home-system that retained the overall feel and atmophere of the Arcade. I looked of course for those games that would have meant most to me, having actually played them as a kid. But: Mr Do!s Castle never was something I never saw in the Arcade. But it caught my intererest looking like an «early action-platform-puzzler or action-platformer-with-a-twist». And....it had a Jester hero, and some dragon-unicorn-somethings as enemies...and castle towers as levels... All cool! A medieval fantasy «bubble-bobble»-game... So the two practical questions for those interested: 1) Do you know if the game has on the A5200 a finite number of levels (layouts and all), and if you get through these you complete the game, or goes back to level1 on a harder setting, or does it only go on and on and on...infinitly... 2) do you like it, love it, hate it, despise it, make it your favourite cart in periods; how do you like Mr Do!s Castle on Atari 5200?
  8. Have you considered making a greater number of these, and sell, like to us here and on ebay?
  9. In what category would you place Pole Position 2? Its an Arcade conversion. It has 4 stages to select from (while Segas later (95) Virtua Racing only had three. Each of them could be finished. Scrapyard Dog is hands down quite hard. And it takes time and focus. But it has really grown a lot on me. So, any bosses throughout Xenophobe, and how many space stations are there, and can you firmly win the game?
  10. The 7800 could display 30 sprites one one horizontal line, without flickering. NES and SegaMaster:8 The 7800 could have 100 sprites on screen at the same time (I think Robotron 2084 may be using something like that). But how much the CPU then either got bogged down or actually got any help from the graphichs card to move them, I don´t know...
  11. So, anything here better or as good as the Arcade?
  12. Ah, I see. I actually bought the atari 5200 and 7800 w games, within the last 11 months, so I’d seen through many YouTube vids beforehand of buying the games. Didn’t own neither an 5200 (particulary since it was/is NTSC only, and I live in Europe), nor 7800 back in 8-bit days. Grew up with a Dragon 32 (it was contemporary with the 5200) and the Commodore64 (contemporary with the 7800). Then the 16-bit era came etc.
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