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  1. @PacManPlus Got my copy a week and half ago. Haven’t had time to play it thoroughly yet, but very promising first-impressions. Totally wonderful pinball-section, and stylish maze-sections. Very hard though! But I just want to congratulate you on another professionally-executed game-release! As there are no other pinball-games for the 7800, this game really is a must for the 7800 game-library! Again, congrats on yet another high-quality-game! (Loved PacMan Collection!)
  2. We need a Poll for how many here would be interested in ordering a high-quality 5200-joystick/controller for a price of between 150-250$ ... in my opinion...
  3. @nosweargamer Idea for your show: How to beat/how to be good at/how to master —> 7800 games, 2600 games, SMS games etc. — I have benefitted very much from both your 7800 game-reviews and longplays. Kinda used them as ‘buying guide’-info. Love that you describe in your reviews how the playabililty-set-up of the games works. But would like comments on ‘how to be good at/how to beat a game’ (without cheats). Just an idea. Anyway; cool stuff you provide. And... do more SMS reviews when opportunity allows!
  4. Do you know if its possible to put it on repro-carts inserting ‘images’ or ‘binaries’ or whatever it’s called? — Only been on this site since last summer. And even though I’ve picked up on some stuff about retro-gaming tech-info, I’m still new to the ‘how-it-works’ stuff.
  5. Ok, - your insightfull research serves you well! Only gotten to 27th wave, which I anyway count as quite a memorable day for The Galactic Empire; loosing 26 Death Stars and all in less than one-and-a-half hour...
  6. Note: I’m uncertain what to give it for playability: I will say somewhere between 6 and 7 out of 10. Still, I find it entertaining/fun, if somewhat stiff in its controls.
  7. Looks awesome: please consider producing such as these for sale. (of course I understand some revenue may be wanted).
  8. Ok, sorry, thought you meant developed/ported to the 5200 to be used with analogue joystick. — Anyway, I think refurbished orginial controllers do the job ok (but not brilliant; they need hard-plastic firebuttons not the rubber-firebuttons which much be ‘squeezed’ rather than being just tapped). The demand would be for quality digital-controllers and/or cables that makes PC-analogue joysticks etc to work with the 5200. Perhaps it even would be some money to earn (among Atari fans) on such things, but I’m not enough into the details to tell.
  9. @Wayne2072 If you go for 5200 system, don’t limit yourself to only the 69 original releases. Make sure you get the ports from Atari 400/800/XE(GS), and good homebrews. Check out AtariAge store and Good Deal Games — Get (at least) - Pac Man Jr. - Super Pac Man - Encounter - Blaster - Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. (and others).
  10. Just tell me when or if you’re interested in doing a Scraps-resquing-Louie-hack!
  11. Ok! Thanks for the info. Hope to see them in some Atari-store sometime soon!
  12. Use normal kick as standard attack and you’ve got a mediocre beat-em-up arcade port. Graphics: 7/10 Good backdrops (much better than NES, not as good as Sega Master). Sprites mixed bag. KevinMos3 has provided a grfx hack. Sound: 7/10 music is okey-ish, much too repeatable, but whats there is okey. Sound-effects do the job. Playablility: 7/10 Punch is often useless for anything else than countering enemy attacks. Standard kick should be used as standard attack (not punch) Fly-kick and backwards flykicks works well. Some stiff enemy AI. Lastability: 7/10 Somewhat difficult until you learn how the stiff enemy AI works. PAL version is too slow; go for the NTSC version Entertainment value: 7/10 Somehow, despite its flaws, I played it a lot, and using kicks/flykick and backward flykick I did play it a lot last summer. — Havent a clue about the friendly ‘showdown’. — Hope this helps in some way.
  13. Pole Position (never heard of a 5200 wheel, so original controller is the way it was meant to be controlled back in ‘84) Star Wars Arcade (never heard of a 5200 flight yoke; so original controller is the intended way of playing it) Resque on Fractalus Blaster Star Raiders The Last Star Fighter — But quality digital-controllers are much, much more important to produce, (if that is within capacity of skill and time).
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