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  1. And what do you one do with the stick, buttons, switches to do this turn-around precisely…?
  2. Is it done just by holding right at the start until you reach the far end of the area, and it then switches south automatically? Would be really, really if some or all of the maps could be flown through south-north.
  3. I don’t see anything in the F 18 game manual describing controls changing direction to head east/west/south(back again.
  4. And how - as to controls - can it be changed? Is it four directions, 2 directions, or 360 degree rotation?
  5. WINDOWS 11 - the sequel of the sequel of the sequel etc; ‘This time we’ve had enough! Our own bullshitting around for years ends tonight!’

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    2. Giles N

      Giles N

      @_The Doctor__

      Just me being desperate to try to be funny … 😛

    3. Giles N

      Giles N

      When it comes to IOS/OS, it would be more like ‘We will not let our beloved customers wait any longer: within the next 10 seconds we’ll install for you the next update, and totally free our newest update will have an increased incompatabilit-rate of 75% with your Apps and programs together with free included surveilence of your private life (which anyway in our newest ‘click-and-accept’ belongs to us completely). All this free!’



    4. MrMaddog


      What good is changing the name from Windows 10X to 11 if it's only made for closed off PC tablets instead of any PC like Windows 10?

  6. Giles N


    @Cobra Kai @sramirez2008 Totally agree: Blaster is a top-notch 5200 game. 👍🏻😎
  7. Yes, I believe (not claiming to know) so. Background environment having actual 3D polygons, walls, buildings, whatever. Enemy/NPC-programs having implemented rules to get these (sprites) out of view before they would be a problem to visual covering by polygons, by detecting where in the playfield player is. Getting close to a polygon that would cover the sprite if turning around, not having cpu-power to do that, the program tells the enemy/npc to perform disappear-routine (descend into earth, fly vertically up, vanish, or whatever - in a fantasy world, possibilites are many). So, the program would need an invisible map/boundary-structure: as soon as player crosses this, enemies/npcs begin to do disappear-routine.
  8. @selgus Well, it would seem to be a rather broad consensus that F 18 is doing actual polygons, yet I believe rockets and incoming enemy planes are sprites. The cockpit is some sort of screen overlay/border or whatever. Not sure if you responded to me, but what I was talking about was actual 3D polygon walls (and 3D ground/texturemapping) with given program-limited areas of enemy-sprite actions to not est up too much CPU for polygons having to either cover or reveal sprites. Perhaps this would be called a hybrid. But I think a homebrew using polygons in a way that actually in one way or another inter-acts with the playability would be a sort of progress, getting onto new homebrew-territory, independent of what one calls it.
  9. At 4:15 - a presentation of KevinMos3 Scrapyard Dog Hack where I did (most of/initial) Scraps the Dog graphics:
  10. So here we got someone trying it out!! 😁😊😎😉❤️🐶 Starts at 4:15
  11. @SmittyB Or design the game in such a manner as to avoid 3D polygons getting in the way of sprites. Example from top of my head: only encounter drawn enemies within a corridor when player is going straightforward. Anyway, - not knowing whether the source-code for Tunnel Runner 2600 is known/available to study, but there they got this old console to have these gobblers coming around corners. But sure, it would have to be taken into the CPU budget. Anyway - what you say about overlays is probably the best/most cost-efficient solution. But perhaps smart ideas of how to use overlays in as many possible ways as possible can be gathered and used innovatively… Lets say you had a CastleMaster-like game (as the Amiga game), which had 360 degrees turn-arounds, but enemies had a ‘’tendency’’ to appear out of the ground or disappear down into the ground as soon as player came close enough to a corner. Lets say an open square: enemies come up of the ground and attacks until: computer reads player to cross a line close enough to door, corner, steps, or whatever, when they dip down into ground. (zombies, skeletons or whatever - spectres could just vanish, gargoyles just fly up above 3D walls) Something like that.
  12. Let’s get on with exchanging information about how-to potentially do a 3D game on the 7800. So far: its all down to hard math and optimal coding pushing the CPU. Then I guess the Sprite-capabilities can be used to fill up with drawn objects filling in a 3D landscape (think early FPS’)
  13. Anyone seen the ‘describe xxxx’ in only 4 words on FB?Here goes:describe your favourite console in just 4 words!This will REALLY separate the wheat from the chaff:doubt anyone ever can do!

    1. BydoEmpire


      Sega's Glorious Last Stand

    2. GoldLeader


      Atari 2600 is KING!

    3. Giles N

      Giles N

      «I can’t Switch back!!!»





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