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  1. TexMex Pizza with some Tabasco!!

    Yummy!🍕🍕🍕🍕🥤     🌋

  2. First - lols to your new picture! I missed your update on Good Deal Games. Thanks for posting.
  3. Ok, thanks mate, 👍🏻 I just thought he’d run out of boards...
  4. What’s the demand for Klax on the Atari 7800? How many would like a copy?
  5. Sega had a great line-up of old games (both Arcade, Genesis snd SMS) for their 3 Japan-releases (which I happen to have gotten my hands on), for the 3DS (including Turbo Out Run Arcade, Out Run 3D for SMS/MarkIII), so could be cool to see if Sega wanted to go for a collection or three on the Evercade...
  6. Do you have one (a link) that would work on a standard repro-cart?
  7. @Cousin Vinnie Check out the Scrapyard Dog Hack (by @KevinMos3 and me @Giles N), where you can play as the dog Scraps to resque your owner! I mention it as Scrapyard Dog is one of few sidescrolling platformers on the system... https://atariage.com/forums/topic/307505-scrapyard-dog-graphics-hack/
  8. Do we have the Klax 7800 ROM?
  9. I think the Evercade won’t do Arcade Ports for some strange reason, but that was a long list! I think the compilations seems to be tied up with the Companies owning the licenses... Would like to see a Capcom-compilation... (NES, SNES, Genesis etc). And an Atari 5200 compilation. And a Lynx 3 and 4 compilation: hopefully including Warbirds and Ramparts and many others...
  10. I’m glad I got hold of a copy from Good Deal Games... before selling out. Hope they do a re-run. The 7800 deserves it.
  11. It says out of stock... ... and I guess it aint the Klax underwear thats out of stock...
  12. Which games do people here want to see in the future on the Evercade?
  13. Klax underwear!! Ahh - a dream would’ve come true!
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