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  1. To U.S.-citizens: are they gonna send up the astronauts to ISS tomorrow or later...?


    (just curious)

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    2. Giles N

      Giles N

      On the one hand - Jupiters storm-centers only changes every 30-100 years or so...


      ... on the other hand... considering the general weather on Jupiter... I hope Florida is somewhat better off . . .  but they have my sympathy...

    3. Giles N

      Giles N

      ... anyway... they’re not off to like ... Jupiter ... but to an advanced personel-carrying Satellite...


      ... Jupiters ‘wheather’ is so ‘bad’ nothing on Earth can remotely compare ... anything on Earth is 100 000 times more stable and predictable... 



    4. Giles N

      Giles N


      ... anyway... I pray them good-speed whenever the launch, and good research  &  serenity in Space   to follow  !!


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