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  1. If someone should make a Blockbuster movie of Robotron 2084, a) who should direct it, b) write it?, c ) act as hero, last-family-on-Earth, villains, d), make the special effects (and in what style)?

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    2. Giles N

      Giles N


      I’d opt for Basil Poledouris to

      do the score: no-one like him

      to compose adrenaline-infused, neo-romantic, heroistic, lavish music for the Silver Screen...

    3. Giles N

      Giles N


      If Bruce Campbell were still young (25-40), I think he’d make a cool hero..., but only if the franchise would take a more lighthearted, humorous or ‘self-ironic’ turn... (with tons of action-comedy)


      If to be a deadly serious ‘Humanity to survive its own

      destructive designs-movie’, I’d opt for a more, hmm, ‘serene’ actor...


      ... but who’d still be capable of inducing the necessary adrenaline...


      As such, Matrix (1) was fortunate to have the serene, charismatic and utterly energetic - adrenaline-inducing -, Keanu Reeves to do the main-role


      I’d go for some actor who’d be in that direction... serene (to the mission), and intense (to the action)...


      Just my thoughts

    4. GoldLeader


      I must have been so tired...The first time I didn't even notice "Robot Ron" spells RobotRon ...haha..Pretty clever.  I was thinking ya remake Tron but with Robots...You got it, Call'er Robot Tron!  ...uhhhhggg! 

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