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    This may need some reworking, but is something.
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    Not very high res, but may perhaps be used on sleeves, side of cart or other smaller places.
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    There’s guy on Deviant Art that made some nice fan-art. Perhaps he can provide some stuff if asked?
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    I don’t know how strict use of old art from back in the days when these games where making waves, are as of today. Here is some old poster-thing I found and gave a tiny edit.
  5. I personally do not even know the approximate costs of such productions, much less the precise costs. Now, I think you’ve provided very good services. And if even go those extra miles to have a version on this 7800GD project, thats great! But of course I do understand that there will be limits on things. I also think you have expressed being somewhat tired of the project and wanting to get on with other things. Which is why I just threw out the idea of selling the licence - get some decent money for it, possibly rid oneself of a burden or a project that is just (hypothetically) bogging one down. Now, there are those that take such concepts - ideas springing from the mind in the moment - as a far too momentous a statement than I meant it. I’m not like giving orders here. I threw out an idea that seemed to me - an outsider as to the details of logistics and the final calculation - a win-win scenario. And that was how I meant it: as some sort of loose idea or input that if the realities behind conformed to, or suited such a take or solution, may benefit everyone at least a little. In this case; you’d get some more money, not just working for very small dollars, AtariAge (or another publisher - I mentioned AA because it was the first that came to my head) could get to own a neo-classic for the 7800, and gamers couid get hold of the game on cart-hardware. It was an idea of the moment. I offered it not to stress-out people, but to think aloud creatively. So, it wasn’t that much more to it.
  6. What, ahem, do you mean by ‘Louie’… (My point is «Louie» here. Whats so darned special about him??!!, - like couldn’t Luigi or Yoshi have their own games, their own franchises…??!! Does «Louis» have to be the center of the universe for every Atari-game like ever?? And as to «lean without dropping off and dying’…» - its not just about Louie!! It’s about the Dog!! The Dog!! The Dog Scraps..!! Right..??!! But as to actual playability; sure, you’re absolutely right. And I try to live on with it. I’ve suppressed it for 2 years and 4 months, 3 weeks and 4 days now. It won’t do. I cannot turn my back on reality forever. So… … the thing is; the Pipe-openings seems very circular, but you (that Scrapyard Dork Louis, or the Super-Cuddly Scrapyard Dog Scraps) , can move to the edge of the actual square space of the pipe-tile… some pixels longer than what the mere visuals would allow for. And then, in high-tempo movement Louis/Scraps can jump from a ledge of invisible pixels far to the right of the Pipe-tile being jumped from. Fair? No. What the game demands? Yes, sort of. Jump from thin air. Just think of the circular Pipe-entrance tile as a square block with equally wide floor. What you cannot see is what you get.
  7. Everyone knows its awesome… … and no-one gets it on 7800 hardware anylonger… Ay, there’s the rub… - - - Are PenguinNet making profit on this…? Would … AA … have an interest of profit or broadness of available games if they owned it… … and would PenguinNet be happy to forget anything and all about it and move on…? What do I know. I’m just thinking out loud.
  8. Or PenguinNet could sell their license to AtariAge for profit and to rid themselves of Steam-updates an’ all… … oh-no, I never said that… … I’ll be burnt on the stake or something similar… … all such words just came out-of-mystical-mist… I’m nowhere… I just cleared my throat… … hope not to burn… … only wanted to get the 7800 on and on and on… (forget this post if it disturb you)
  9. Here goes, like a really «suspicious» question: 


    ‘how’re doin?’



    1. ClassicGMR
    2. Giles N

      Giles N


      … precisely what I meant!!



      —- and really then… how?


      Are you ok? 

      Are you OK (atari)-bro?

    3. _The Doctor__

      _The Doctor__

      um he's prolly asking a prospective female how she's 'doin'

      that's the inference most of the time...

      it ranks with ... are ya goin my way?

  10. Ok, thanks… When you say ‘each candidate game would have to be adapted individually…’ are there tools or samples of experiences that can be gathered to make to codes work on less RAM than initially intended to? And if so, do we have any RAM-conversion-charts….?
  11. Hi again @Albert and thanks for your continued service, - appreciated man… As to Hokey-chips replacing Pokey-chips; any updates on how far and wide (or vice versa) the comptobility goes…? Do you know as of yet any approximations as to when new Hokey-for-Pokey games can be rescheduled? (+/- 45 days)?
  12. For some of the more difficult platforms-jumps, one needs a) to have sufficient speed/momentum b) to already approximately know where to land (+slow down after run-jump)
  13. I’ll be rich, rich, rich… I have a physical Rikki and Vikki cart… 😂 I’ll start my new local Rikki and Vikki museum anytime soon now… I’ll have thousands upon thousands of visitors … every Millenia or so…
  14. Giles N


    @darryl1970 How does it proceed? Any clue to when it’s completed and ready for release? Can demo-players (here) help you in giving feedback in playtesting/de-bugging it? - - - My own situation right now have me stuck with an iphone and an ipad… cannot much more than these devices allow. So it is. But, man, do I look forward to play this game hands-on… 😊😁🐧
  15. Yup, I had a look at it, and eBay-mail told me its no longer available… …wonder if the new owner just gonna play, or put up his own exhibit for his (and less likely her) copy of it. Perhaps in the future people will pay tickets to come and see a physical Rikki and Vikki cart…??
  16. I haven’t actually beaten the game, even though I did the grfx for the dog in KevinMos3’s hack of this game (where you can get infinite lives too). But I’ve gotten to the last stage - the puzzle room, but cannot really beat the puzzle before time runs out. Some say this video may be some sort of cheat, but it gives a good overview over the levels. I’ve used it to try to figure out the most difficult jumps. What I do is to start/stop video, and analyse second by second. Here’s the hacks if you should be interested:
  17. Giles N


    It’s gotta be the 5200 music!! 😄😁
  18. Is the Xevious game, the version that can ve obtained as repro-carts here on atariage, or new/other version/game? @ianoid and others here: could be nice to have screenshots from the games. (I don’t have a PC at the moment; doing everthing from iphone + pad. Why I don’t get to just run emulation right now 🤷‍♂️).
  19. In the past, in discussions concerning which Atari-8bit(family), could be converted to run on the 5200 console, a common theme has been that the 5200 either lacks certain specs. My question is: can the extra capabilities found in the AtariMax, be of use have more Atari 8bit games converted to run on the 5200 console?
  20. Giles N


    5200 tune is waaay better… But if both could be in there, on an option-menu, that’d be cool!!
  21. i learned that I needed to get an AtariMax or specially designed cart to run it (as thing no-one seems to be into for the moment), and I was wondering also play on real hardware. I was grateful for the input I got initially. I will need an AtariMax to play it oldschooly. And its good to see the different ROMs, so lonely, so forgotten and ignored, now reemerge from dark dusty digital shelves of long-unused AtariAge posts dwelling right there on the treshhold of collective retrogaming-amnesia… that very shrouded mist from which only the most hardy of retrogames have ever returned from. But, hey, now they’re here and all’s cool! 😃 Chill and thanks!!
  22. Is another Lynx-collection a realistic thing to happen in the future…? Lynx 1 + 2 are two of my Evercade favourites. But dud they sell well overall? (As to the question whether more Lynx-collections may happen in the future)
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