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  1. Find a site with information about old and new Personal Computers. I’ve been thinking about making a spreadsheet with every computer, but finding PC’s isn’t very easy. Best I’ve had is find the support sites and things like that, but it doesn’t list things like the release date. Maybe if there was something like a complete buyer guide or a complete brochure from a manufacturer from a certain year, or heck even a price guide could help.
  2. But where can I find the listing on the BIOS sites?
  3. Both to be honest, but yeah you kinda have a point.
  4. Nothing that I’ve heard but I’ve contacted the account on here for that site. So hopefully, I’ll get a response soon.
  5. I’m wondering if there is a site or a few sites that record every PC’s out there. Also if my my grammar is bad,I’m sorry.
  6. Hello, I’m the guy actually asked what about the site last year. I’m wondering if much progress has been made on the sites relaunch? Hopefully it’s coming along.
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