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  1. They got a twitter up https://twitter.com/micro_prose
  2. It seems Wild Bill hired David Lagettie to help him create the new version of the Warbirds game and gave him the go to use MicroProse name, Wild Bill is like 70 at this point. Well it says on the site he will be making new games.
  3. I know, but the point is they are working together on the new game on unreal engine 4.
  4. Wild Bill is involved, and he was the co-founder of MicroProse.
  5. MicroProse is back, this time for real and they announced their first game. microprose.com ' MicroProse announce agreement for Development and Co-Publishing of the new WarBirds 2020 World War II flight simulation that has been successfully entertaining millions on virtual online pilots since 1995. CEO David Lagettie of MicroProse says, “I am excited to work with iEntertainment Network CEO and Co-Founder of MicroProse, ‘Wild Bill’ Stealey, to produce the next generation of WarBirds 2020 WW II combat flight simulation using new modern technology and promoting worldwide.” Wild Bill Stealey says, “It will be fun to be working with MicroProse again to do great simulation games! We are very excited to be partnering with David and his team to update our very successful WarBirds 2020 product for WW II combat simulation fans around the world.”' http://www.combatsim.com/topics/combat-flight-sim/warbirds-2020/
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