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  1. Sadly i noticed some of the Videos on his YouTube channel are deleated.... Best Wishes for You Roli!
  2. Now i have Sticker to set an mor official look. If anyone needs Sticker for a modded Controller, ican send 3 types of Logos. Just ask.
  3. You spelled "spelled" and "wrong" wrong. PS: I also have severe problems with the Boardsoftware because i can`t find the "Editbutton". So my Posts lack of proper English and orthography... Nice to see thats @vectrexroli is still around, we love your Videos. Sadly you have to work also in real Life and the health can play tricks on us.... We wish you and your Family all the best!
  4. Nice Work. How does it feel while Playing? Since the Controllers of the Neo Geo Mini are Cheap and brand new to get, i think it is a very good 4 Button Analog Controller for the System. Maybe the MegaDrive/Genesis Controller is also good, but it isn`t Analog and i think the Button Layout is a Little bit odd.... PS: Greetings to @vectrexroli . I would love to see that Controllermod in one of your Videos. Maybe i can arrange something to get you a Controller like that. (Sadly i can`t swing the soldering iron myself, so i have to outsource....)
  5. Here is the Tutoriallink: https://circuit-board.de/forum/index.php/Thread/28726-NEO-GEO-Mini-Pad-auf-Vectrex-Mod-100-Analog-Unterstützung/ It is in German, but i`m shure that you figure it out somehow if you really interrested. The Controller is not a Commercial Product, you have to mod it yourself or find someone to do the work for you.
  6. .) The Controller is cheap $ 20,- + Cables and Parts.... .) Looks good .) Feels good .) Is analog .) has 4 Buttons insted of the Genesis/MegaDrive Controller Is there any Interrest for the Tutorial?? Is it allowed to Post Links to other Webforums? If so, i have to ask the User if it's OK to link the Tutorial.
  7. Hi, i want to Show you my 4 Button analog Joypad that i got today from a User of an german Forum. He wrote a Little Tutorial for modding a a Neo Geo Mini Controller into an optimal Vectrex Joypad. Here is the Picture of that Thing, because without any Picture, the Topic isn`t enjoyable
  8. Hello, i've heard from a new Shooter thats on the way. It's called Vectorblade. Do any of you know the Status of a planned Release? That's a Game i want to have.
  9. I use CHA for Charlie even it isn't my real Name, but in Austria we don't have Arcadesanyway.
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