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  1. Speak & Math is currently still available.
  2. Thank you for your interest. Since you have already received an item please see my first post, you may claim it after a week of it being there if nobody else has. I want to be fair to everyone and give as many people as possible an opportunity to claim an item. Thank you for your understanding.
  3. Next up is any parents' favorite for mathematics education...
  4. Ben is awesome. I purchased an XEGS from him and couldn't be happier with it. His packaging was excellent and it arrived quickly. The XEGS was just a described. I would highly recommend for anyone to do business with him. Thank you Ben!
  5. I just received my Lynx II back from Jesse. Wow! What customer service! Jesse is not only an extremely talented hardware technician but also a superb communicator and all around awesome guy. I can't say enough about his communication through the repair process. Video of the repair in progress and another one of functionality after the fact. You can really tell he cares about the games, his work and his customers. I sent my Lynx to Jesse for installation of a McWill LCD kit and new speaker from Best Electronics. Jesse started out by examining the Lynx for any potential issues that may arise after modification. He recommended refreshing the power supply circuit and some other capacitors. I wanted to ensure the longevity of the unit and proper operation of the new electronics so I agreed to have them done. Great work! The new screen is beautiful and the new speaker is so loud now! I am so happy with how the Lynx turned out. Jesse also repaired a Jaguar that needed a new power regulator chip. As he was replacing the chip, he noticed a capacitor leaking onto the board. He replaced that and another filtering capacitor next to it. He then proceeded to test the Jag and found that it had no sound. Jesse recommended a fix for that and performed it. The Jag works great now. I couldn't be happier! The bottom line is that I would recommend Jesse to perform brain surgery on my eldest child (ok, maybe not that) as his attention to detail, communication and caring is exemplary. Thank you Jesse. You have a customer forever!
  6. Doing some more cleaning and found a few more items. First is a Sony Mavica digital camera. It has a WHOPPING 1.3 MEGAPIXEL RESOLUTION! And it stores the pics on either a 3.5" floppy disc or a memory stick with an adapter. I don't have a memory stick adapter but I will include two floppy discs to get you started. The rechargeable battery was replaced about 10 years ago and barely used. First post gets it.
  7. I purchased an Agacart from @rj1307 and I was not disappointed. I completely agree with the other reviewers as this is really worth the money. It comes in a 3D printed box with a games list, SD card and SD card adapter. Very highly recommended product and maker. Thank you Rafal! I think I need another one now.😁
  8. Hi Rafal! I just wanted to let you know that I received the Agacart and I am thrilled with it! It is made beautifully and performs flawlessly. I am excited to try the extra features that you built in to it like the favorites program. Thank you very much for creating this wonderful piece of technology!
  9. Well, I finally decided to become a subscriber.  I figure since I have been using this site for over 15 years and a member for a little under a year, it's about time.

  10. Hey, @INVISIBLEdo you remember saying this?

    Ω Is for the LAST username I plan to use.


  11. Happy birthday @CPUWIZ!  I see you are 18 today and you joined Atari Age on the day you were born!

    1. Flojomojo


      Damned millenials get off my lawn!! Cartridges forever!!

  12. Well, I almost never post in this thread but the tacos always look good. I have a contribution today though. It hits hard right away and lasts for about half an hour (depending on how many Coronas you have with it). I don't have a very high tolerance and this one is well over my comfort level. Cholula is my everyday go to. Just thought I'd share!
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