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  1. Where did I put those Atari 2600's I have?  I have 3 but I can't find two of them!  I wonder if my wife pawned them?🤔

  2. I am confused...😕 What is it exactly, that you would like to order? I know plenty of suppliers for game systems and their game as do most of the members here. Please be more specific so we may help you.
  3. I have a boxed (lightly used) Jaguar Pro Controller that I am willing to offer up in trade for one of these controllers and a game. Let me know if you are interested in a trade if you find them.
  4. Wow! Currently watching She-Ra with my 8 year old daughter.  I really am raising my kids right!

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    2. joeatari1


      The original, of course!

    3. Shawn


      Nice :) Hordak is such an awesome villain. Plus with Xmas just around the corner you can watch the He-Man & She-Ra Christmas Special together too!


    4. joeatari1


      And we will!  Thanks for reminding me of it!😉

  5. Just had a co-worker give me an 800XL, Indus GT, Amdek 300+ color monitor, Panasonic dot matrix, lots of software and a Sylvania Intellivision with games!  Thank you Rick!

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    2. SoundGammon


      Want to sell the Sylvania Intellivision?



    3. joeatari1


      Not interested in selling right now.  Needs to be cleaned and tested first, then I will make a decision.

    4. adam242


      Nice score!

  6. Gummy Bear, Just wanted to let you know I received the controller today! It is so F-ING AWESOME! Took me some getting used to but is so fast and accurate! Thank you so much, and if you decide to make any more in the future you will definitely get a second sale from me!
  7. I'd buy that for a dollar! And that's about all it's worth!
  8. They should have done everything behind closed doors like the big boys and foregone the Indiegogo process. Since they went the Indiegogo route they are not doing enough. Sorry for the confusing statement.
  9. I wouldn't say regrettably. I supported it as a crowd funded project with the full understanding that sometimes these projects don't work out. I liked the initial concept and wanted to be "in" if something came of it. Atari's biggest mistake is doing all of the development etc. in full public view. Their PR team is abysmal and updates are too few and far between. In larger companies like Microsoft and Sony, you don't have the opportunity to criticize them as much because they keep development in house and behind closed doors. This should have been the way Atari set about things from the start. I am still staying positive that something will come out, however and look forward to adding you as a friend on Atari OS too!
  10. Sorry, USPS tried to deliver on the 8th but needed a signature. When I pull up the email and tracking on my phone I don't get any of the detail needed from Royal Mail. Pulling the email up on my PC however, gives me much greater detail as to what is going on. I have rescheduled delivery for this Wednesday when my wife is home to provide a signature. Thank you again. Looking forward to it!
  11. Ordered mine September 28th. Still don't have it.😕 Is there a way to track it?
  12. Or maybe the CPU's could be named Fred and Barney!
  13. I bought one of these last week and had trouble with it too. The response from the paddles was awful. I then posted in the ATGAMES forum and someone replied for me to change my TV to game mode. Problem solved. Don't know if this is your problem or not as you do not give details but hope this helps!
  14. So any ideas as to what the extra blue switch is on the back of the board? Seems to be set back from the edge of the board. Master reset? Self destruct button? Hidden button for ordering tacos?😉
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