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  1. Holy crap!  Sega Nomad prices are through the roof!  Guess I haven't checked prices on them in a while.

    1. GoldLeader


      Sticker shock, huh?  I have 2 of them,  bought back when they were only ridiculous, not ludicrous ...One needs work (Power supply maybe) but it has the LCD mod,  the other is bone stock...I used to love to kick back and play some Ultimate Qix (I left it plugged in) but now on the broken one if ya tilt it just a little the damn thing resets!  (Power goes off and back on) ...Arrrrrrrrrg!

    2. joeatari1


      Oof.  That's frustrating.  And yes, sticker shock.  I now have two in good condition physically (except for scratched screens) and one that is missing the battery box and has the start button about ripped out of the case.  Need to get them all recapped and I am thinking about new LCD screens on the two that are nicer.  I think I only paid $20 for the beat up one and like $40 or $50 for the nicer one (many years ago).  The second nicer one I just received as a gift from my sister and brother in law today.

    3. thanatos


      Yeah, I sold my completely perfect CIB one in 2009 on eBay for like $80.  Ouch.

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