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  1. I swear, my wife has Pre Menstrual Syndrome, Menstrual Syndrome and Post Menstrual Syndrome!  I can't escape!

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    2. moycon


      @x=usr(1536) Only once and it's to to a girl I started dating when I was 16. We are still married to this day.  Here's my guess, you don't know me, and you don't realize my advice is always 100% solid and 100% correct. Follow it, and you'll be golden.

    3. x=usr(1536)


      @moycon: actually, I'm happy that it worked out for you to that extent.  Very few people can manage that.

    4. moycon


      @x=usr(1536) I'll also mention I retired at age 48, but since you already know I can do things few people can manage, now I feel like you know me.  😉

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