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  1. I want to buy a claw machine and put all of my kids stuffed toys in it.  It will keep all the stuffed toys contained and the kids get a lesson in capitalism.

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    2. jd_1138


      If they're older than about 10 or so, you can build one from scratch with them with an Arduino board. They'd learn a lot -- basic carpentry, painting, basic Arduino coding, wiring, etc.. Capitalism is easier to survive in if one is armed with such skills.

    3. joeatari1


      I have many skills.  My soon to be 11 year old is very interested in my mechanical and carpentry skills.  I recently bought her a few electric and science experiment kits (think Heathkit) and she is really into them.

    4. Keatah


      @GoldLeader Seems the act of taking things out IS the play. Family dog does the same thing, once everything is out it moves on to something else.

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