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  1. Alan Parsons Project.  The soundscape of their songs are so deep and immersive.  I love picking out the individual instrumentation from their songs.

    1. doctorclu


      I have listened to "Eye in the Sky" so many times.   So many hours listening to that album in the dark, while BBSing, just just zoning out in a rocking chair.  That album just transports me away for a while.


      I think what I liked about them was that they had this other worldly air about their music, the themes, from the rest of regular pop culture.


      And as you said the music was so rich, layered.   Great stuff.   Just cued up Eye in the Sky again.

    2. 7800Knight


      They are my 2nd favorite band after the Beatles.  I have a number of their albums; I really like Turn of a Friendly Card.

    3. SoundGammon
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