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  1. 7 hours ago, cubanismo said:

    To find this game, I did have to basically scroll through every game in the store (Why no search function or sort by date option?), and I only saw maybe 3 or 4 others that looked mildly interesting. Are there other games of this caliber on the store worth checking out? Four or  five games of this quality or higher, and I'd probably be all set. I don't ask that much of a system.

    Congratulations on your acquisition.  There is an update to the store coming.  Sorry, I don't know the details or if a search function will be included.  As far as games, check out the Recharged series as it is really good for arcade action.  Games in the store have been pretty carefully selected and are pretty high quality (some are a little short on content, but still fun), depending on your preferences.

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  2. I had this same issue when I first used the VCS on my Samsung 40" from 2015.  I needed to adjust the screen size on my TV to, I think it was "native" resolution or something like that.  Then the sizing was perfect.  Also check if your TV has a "game mode".  This will reduce lag and also move the borders in.

  3. A couple pre rendered explosions instead of randomizing each individual pixel might be good.  Select large/small/green/orange/red at random from 3 or 4 pre rendered animations.  I like the larger ones btw.

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  4. Alrighty guys and gals, I have another laptop to give away!


    Dell Inspiron 15"


    Intel Core Duo @1.86 GHz


    4 GB DDR2 RAM


    80 GB hard drive


    DVD RW drive


    This has Linux Mint 32 bit installed.  I can't seem to get the WiFi card to function in Linux but it was working when it was a Windows machine.  I just don't have the time to mess with it and besides, I was just going to give this one away anyway.


    The battery no longer holds a charge so it must be plugged in to operate.  Comes with power brick.


    Free pick up for anyone interested or, you can pay for shipping.  I would estimate around $35 bucks or so for USPS.










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  5. 15 minutes ago, tbs123456 said:

    Tracking stated my copy wasn't supposed to arrive until Monday, but got an awesome surprise today when it showed up. Thanks again Al!

    Nice!!!  My tracking shows delivered also.  I wasn't expecting it until Monday either.  I'm at work now so I guess my wife already knows that I bought another game!🤣

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  6. 54 minutes ago, suspicious_milk said:

    If you've the lastest BIOS though, look at this lovely option some have likely missed.

    Yes, they introduced that option in the last BIOS update.  Atari said they were working on that option many months ago, but seeing as AMD writes the BIOS for their chip, Atari was at their mercy.  It's nice because that eliminates the need for GRUB and rEFInd when trying to load an alternate OS.

  7. 1 hour ago, Austin said:

    Assuming the discs are in good shape and the console works, that's actually a pretty good price for that kind of lot now. Several $50+ (probably more for some) titles in there.

    There were actually only 3 games included:

    Games-Return Fire (NO CASE) / The Horse / Space Hulk


    The rest were just boxes:

    Boxes only-Pebble Beach Golf / Shock Wave / Twisted-The Game Show / C.P.U. Bach / NFL John Madden Football / GEX / Star Control II

    Shock Wave-Operation Jumpgate / STRAHL / Panzer General / Theme Park

    Road Rash-Music CD ONLY(GUIDE) / 2-Guides ONLY-Shaghai Triple Threat / FIFA International Soccer

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  8. 40 minutes ago, Bill Loguidice said:

    Is the spinner really that important to the average consumer? I've heard mixed things about the joystick.

    The joystick with spinner function could be a selling point if implemented properly and advertised.  There are a few games on the VCS that use the spinner with great success however Atari needs to promote that function more (advertise and communicate better as they need to do with all things).  The joystick is a good quality unit, although I wouldn't hammer on it like a CX40.  You should try one before passing judgement.  They are currently on sale at Game Stop for less than $30.  You could probably get one for the same price through Best Buy with price matching.

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  9. 57 minutes ago, zzip said:

    I already have 3 real Lynx, I was just interested in the Steam deck as a portable gaming device, not as a Lynx replacement.

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