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  1. Sorry if I wasn't clear. It wasn't a knock on the art on the box, rather the game itself plays terrible. I actually like the original box art plenty, but that's all this particular game has going for it.
  2. Very nice. Your art work looks great, much better than the game your example is for!
  3. Here is a great read from the developers log on Reddit:
  4. Just a suggestion for the Atari games, @Albert usually gives a store credit for traded in 2600 games. I don't know if he is still doing it but I count 18 Atari carts there (don't count the Imagic and Activision games). Seeing as those are all very common games I don't think anyone would miss them if the carts were recycled in that fashion. Then you would have a store credit for a future homebrew.
  5. What is the best Linux distro to use on an old 32 bit 2 core POS?

    1. doctorclu


      I'm going to throw in Red Hat?  

    2. joeatari1


      Thanks, I loaded Mint XFCE 19.3.  I figured I'd try that first.  It seems nice and has tons of utilities and office programs too.  I can't figure how to get my WiFi card recognized though.  It only recognizes the ethernet port.

  6. You are correct, the only difference I see is the PS4 version appears to have slightly larger webs. Either way, the visuals are super trippy and the gameplay is frenetic. The ramp up in enemies and speed seem much faster in T4K in contrast to T2K. How does the Classic Controller play in your opinion? Is the mapping really as poor as some people claim?
  7. Well, this is interesting. It seems that Atari and HSW are establishing a series, creating a character universe if you will. Next thing you know, Bentley Bear will be donning a space suit and flying in to save the Yar!
  8. Sounds like a location issue with your ISP. Seven hours ahead puts you in West Africa, Portugal and England (If you are in SoCal). Set up a VPN for east coast USA and see if you are only 3 hours ahead. You can modify it after that it you wish. There may be regional restrictions on the store loading because of ISP location. See my previous post about that. Good luck.
  9. Was that a Klingon Bird of Prey I saw in the video? Lookin good!
  10. I definitely don't have the skills to do it myself. And time is another story entirely. Learning to code is like learning another language that has no roots in your own. It would be like knowing English, but then wanting to learn Japanese or Cherokee. Not only do you have to know how to speak it, you must learn how to write it too. I was just hoping to inspire debate to see if it was possible. You know, get the creative juices flowing. I just hate seeing such great pillars of the Jaguar community fighting amongst themselves in such a non productive manner.
  11. Gee guys, almost sorry I started this thread...
  12. Thanks for hosting this thread for the last 8 years Anthony. I don't stop by here often but I do enjoy reading when I can.
  13. You are 100% correct. My laptop, desktop, daughters laptop, work desktop all stay off when turned off. When these devices go to sleep, they can be awaken by a press of a button on a controller or a keyboard or mouse movement and the VCS is no different. According to Atari CEO of Connected Devices Michael Arzt, the VCS is a mini pc. So I think this behavior is completely in line with any other pc on the market. The bottom line is, if you want to wake the VCS with a controller then put it in sleep mode. That's what it's there for.
  14. That is my thought. The combination component and composite should read composite from the green input if I recall correctly.
  15. One would hope. There have been numerous patches for other games already. Atari really need to up the QA for their games.
  16. Good answers guys. So it sounds like at least hardware wise the Jag could handle the games. The games on the other hand seem like they are a bit larger than what a Jag cart can hold. That said It seems like a Jag cart could hold some of the smaller file size games though. According to @agradeneu a Jag cart can hold about 40 MB of compressed data. This would be enough to have games of up to 320 Mb size. So what games would fit that criteria?
  17. I agree with @GoldLeader. I have a RetroTink 2x Pro and it is great. You'll need a signal demodulator first but then you can use the 'Tink to convert your composite/component/S-video to HDMI. It works great. They also make a 5-x that gets some great reviews as well. You can use the forums search function to find a few reviews about it here.
  18. So I was wandering aimlessly around the 'net and looking at the specs for Neo Geo hardware. I found it interesting that the MVS has a 68000 running things much like the Jag does. Seeing that the Jag also has two custom RISC chips and about four times the RAM available, it stands to reason that the Jag could run MVS or AES games pretty easily. The first question I have is about capability: Does the Jag hardware lend itself to having MVS/AES games on it in all their original glory? Second, If the first question is true, which games would be your favorites to port? As the title says...3,2,1 GO!
  19. Hmm. Try setting up a VPN. Might be an issue with your internet region. There is a VCS owner on a French island in the Indian Ocean that had this exact same issue. It's a long shot and I'm just throwing darts but it's worth a try.
  20. I have heard from others that it seems to be an issue with the save data. Try deleting your save data and start the VCS again and try the game. I have read from a couple people on Discord that this worked.
  21. Perhaps they realized this is not a good plan and decided to wait for licensing on another game instead. I would certainly hope they would sell some of the excellent homebrews that have been created over the past couple decades. That to me would be a much better plan than selling copies of games that we already have on the system for free.
  22. News regarding the dev as posted on Discord by @Jani Penttinen @everyone I just heard from @zapposh | pixel games! He's alive, but in a serious condition. He gave me permission to deliver this message to the VCS community. He will post here later, but it may be much later. He caught a bad case of Covid-19, and was in coma for 2 months. He is still in intensive care at the hospital and it will take a long time to recover. I know everyone's been wondering what happened to Donut Dodo and where did he disappear - now we know. Please keep him in your thoughts! He is a dear member of our community, and an amazing game developer. As some of you know, I was hospitalized with Covid in December and I can tell you, recovery from it was not easy. I was nowhere near as seriously sick as he was, so he will need a lot of time. Most important is that he is awake from coma - with Covid, when they put you in coma, that's kind of the last possible thing the doctors can do to save your life. Very sad but hopefully he will make a full recovery and be back at it as soon as he's healthy again. Thank you Jani for the update. Keep us informed if there are any changes.
  23. That was very cool and really well done! I loved the sound effects you added too!
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