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  1. I think this is a knock off transformer of some kind. Seems fairly sturdy and works well.
  2. Here is an odd one. This is a Go Bots Rogun cap pistol. Enjoy.
  3. Sorry @NinjaWarrior, I don't have anymore. I will be giving a few other toys away though as I continue to clean up my house. Keep an eye on this thread!
  4. Lol! Thanks Crossbow. I already shipped the Jag and Lynx this morning though. If you want it, I will ship it to you with the next project I send. It will be yours to keep then. Btw I also sent you all of the Lynx parts I had in a separate box. Do what you want with them. I hate to see them go to waste if parts are still usable.
  5. Next I have Rubiks magic rings, in some sort of a tangle. I twisted it wrong when I was a kid and this is how it ended up. If you think you can untangle it and make it work again, it's yours.
  6. Ok. PM me your shipping info and it's yours!
  7. Guys, sorry for the let down.... but this one is a little more mundane. Free shipping on it though! Stackable storage for cassettes or games. I have seen these given away by someone here before so if you have some and need more...
  8. As I clean my house and go through my possessions, I will be posting some of them here. All items I post will be free of course and I will ship most items for no charge, however I may ask for shipping on some items as they may be large or heavy. Also I apologize to our international friends but, as this is a free give away with free shipping on most items, I cannot ship internationally. Please, continental US and Canada only. As you claim something please post here first and then PM me. And if you have claimed something, please allow someone else a week to make a claim before you make a second one. This will keep everything fair. I will ship out as my schedule allows. So without further delay..... Here is a home run give away! Original die cast! Sword not included, but if you know what it goes to I would appreciate the help.
  9. Bought a few more games Charles. Great guy to deal with. All items as described and fast shipping too. Also packaging was first rate. Thank you again! Joe
  10. Thanks @bluejay, I have been in contact with him about some other games previously and just contacted him about some more recently. We were able to come to a deal on this and my Jag CD collection is now complete. I appreciate the heads up.
  11. Well, it's official.  My older daughters' school is closed for the next two weeks and so is my babies' daycare.  Damn you corona virus!

    1. Keatah


      The older daughter can now woman-up and take care of the baby.

    2. retrorussell


      This is so damn overblown at the hospital I work at.. the nursing staff doesn't want me in the Dialysis unit till 6PM to clean ANYTHING.  Yet the nursing staff gets to sit around unprotected in the nursing station and fart around.  I told Chemo this and they have no such precautions-- I get to go right in there and clean.. their patients are more at risk than dialysis patients.. so friggin' stupid.

  12. Games arrived very well packed and as described. Thank you very much.
  13. Watching NCIS and McGee is unwillingly giving his Atari 2600 joystick to charity.  So sad.

    1. MegaManFan


      Don't do it McGeek!


      Oh well, he can get another at a pawn shop for $25.

  14. In the automotive industry we call this a taillight warranty. When we can't see your taillights from the dealership anymore, it's out or warranty!
  15. Hi rj1307, please add me to the list for one of these. Shipping to USA. Thank you.
  16. Having a bit of Venison jerky.  Special thank to my father in laws friend Bill.

  17. I have one of these... And one of these... both of which are size L and too small for me, so I just wear them around the house.
  18. Thank you for the update Clint. Sad that a prototype like this may have been just thrown away. Good luck sourcing the components and with the rest of the project. I look forward to seeing you finish it.
  19. If Boscovs' ever does a new version of this, I am in! I live within driving distance of 10 or 11 of them.
  20. Sort of reminds me of Blaster Master for the NES. That was a really fun game BITD. Looking forward to this one.😁
  21. I don't laugh at much here on the taco thread but that was funny! I snarfed my lunch a little!
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