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  1. I'm confused too. I'll just let the lawyers figure it all out and enjoy the games that come my way.
  2. OMG! This was my first PC. Exact same setup except I had the 80 Mb hard drive. My uncle later expanded the RAM to 8 Mb. I had a BSR monitor and an Epson dot matrix printer to go with it. I learned to program in DOS with it and did some cool stuff. I haven't done that in years and couldn't tell you the first thing about it now. This was a very solid machine sold by the DAK mail order catalog IIRC. Good luck with the sale and thanks for bringing back a memory!
  3. Arby's has a new Diablo chicken or brisket sandwich out.  I had the chicken for lunch.  I like some spicy stuff but HOLY HELL!  It didn't kick in until I was about 1/3 through the sandwich, then it got really spicy.  By the time I was 2/3 through I felt like I was eating the Devil's A$$hole!  They give you a small milkshake with it and trust me, you'll need it.  I couldn't finish the last two bites and anyone who knows me knows that I don't waste food!

    1. profholt82


      I wonder if the Devil's A$$hole is any hotter than the Devil's Dick?


    2. GoldLeader


      I made a Spicy Veggie Chikkin' sandwich in tribute!  Haha...Sometimes ya get a wild one too.  If you ask me,  certain peppers vary in their hotness...Jalapenos can be very mild or very hot IMO,  Ghost Peppers are pretty constant,...I bought some peppers a while back (Can't remember the name though...Kind of like Serrano peppers) But these (whatever they were) said on the label,  "Usually Mild but 1 in 10 are Hot!" ...Found that interesting...

    3. GoldLeader


      Figured it out! ...Shishito peppers!...OK, Then...They're mild....Just... had to find that memory...Cheers joeatari1!

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  4. All your games are downloaded onto the VCS. You own them and they are playable offline, anytime. I would recommend a SSD for game storage though as the included storage is very small. You shouldn't need more than 250 Gb unless you are planning on buying all current and future VCS games in the store though.
  5. @Albert you're a saint! Count me in on the group buy as well. I've wanted a copy of this for a few years now and look forward to finally getting one. Thanks for jumping in and doing this.
  6. I received an email about all the new games in the AA store the other day.  Thanks AA and all the devs for making great new games!

    1. joeatari1


      P.S. Status updates are working for me again!

  7. Currently I can't post status updates. Hopefully I wasn't confused with someone else and got banned.
  8. It seems to have subsided quite a bit on mine after the latest updates (not that it was terrible before). Mine has an issue where you can not exit Chrome apps or streaming services after about an hour of use (kids will watch a movie and you can't get back to the dashboard). Others have reported this to Atari too and they keep saying there is a fix in the works, so hopefully that will get fixed as well. Such a strange array of issues and nothing consistent between hardware.
  9. Must be your phone. I am reading it on my laptop and I quote: Coming also to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/Series, Atari VCS + more!
  10. Atari should have them readily available at their warehouse. The warehouse is run by Rush Order Inc. They seem to be not in any kind of rush to ship product though. I have ordered a couple things from Atari directly and they always take a few weeks to ship out it seems. It'll get to you, but in its own sweet time.
  11. Nice that they actually mention the VCS on the front page there. I have only seen that happen a few times so far.
  12. I didn't have a 2600 when they were in stores but I did have an 800XL from early '84. I guess I was about 6. I received an NES for my birthday in late '89. By that time the Genesis was out and I wanted that instead.
  13. Again guys, this is hearsay from someone on Discord. I don't know if it is true or not but as I recall it was one of the better informed persons on there, so I think the info has some validity. I hope he is wrong though as I was looking forward to this one as well.
  14. Someone on Discord stated that the Dev and Atari had a disagreement and now it is not coming to the VCS. Sorry I can't recall who said that. I wish Atari would validate these things.
  15. Yes, it was actually the last game I needed. I had one previously and traded it away (stupidly). I figured they were so common that I wouldn't have any trouble getting one in the future, so I just never bothered to finish the set. Thanks again!
  16. Well, I held out until Christmas morning. All I can say is WOW! My Secret Santa really seemed to know me (and must have done some reading up on my other posts as well). Thank you very much for such awesome and thoughtful gifts. All the presents were wrapped in cool paper that said OH all over it. I thought maybe my SS was from Ohio, but then I looked at the address label and it said Washington state, so that couldn't be it. Anyway, great wrapping! Unwrapping the red ball produced tons of candy, some cool arcade tokens, and an Atari Age painted rock! I wonder what all those letters and numbers are on the back of it?🤔 Holy Moley! These are some super cool gifts! I got a CIB General Chaos for the Genesis, Xybots for the Lynx (the last game I needed for a complete, original set), and an I lost on Jeopardy 45! This is some awesome stuff! My AASS recipient this year decided to send me something as well. This will look great in my movie theater/game room when I finish it nest year! Thank you! And just an added bonus, our newest family addition, Allie Cat, is having a lot of fun with this tunnel toy. Thank you to @Chuck D. Head and @Isaiah Austin, you really nailed it! Also a huge shout out to @CaptainBreakout and @chicgamer for conducting this orchestra of holiday madness again this year! Merry Christmas Atari Age!!!
  17. Merry Christmas Atari Age!

  18. Lookin' good! I've never had any experience with a "roller" game before. I'll have to give this one a try, it looks like a ton of fun!
  19. It's a server based problem, not a VCS problem. Atari needs to fix it on their server and then it will show correctly after an VCS update. They had this problem before with other games.
  20. I went "for to get a big dish of Beef Chow Mein" tonight for dinner.  Warren Zevon would be proud.

    1. GoldLeader
    2. joeatari1


      @7800Knight, no but I do have some Pina Colada mix from Trader Joe's somewhere in the house.  Does that count?

    3. GoldLeader


      FWIW,    in tribute perhaps,  I am drinking a half orange juice, half Pina Colada over some crushed ice with a dash of pineapple juice/chunks, and some maraschino cherries and juice...

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  21. The problem with that one is that the game is not complete in the least. All you do is walk around a city. There are no other assets to interact with. It would be easier for a programmer to start from scratch.
  22. Alan Parsons Project.  The soundscape of their songs are so deep and immersive.  I love picking out the individual instrumentation from their songs.

    1. Max_Chatsworth


      I don't know...especially since his work was used to almost destroy several cities on earth from the moon....

    2. doctorclu


      What is that all about Max?  (Austin Powers reference?)

    3. Max_Chatsworth




      Of course :)


      Merry Christmas

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  23. I personally like the status updates. Some posts can get annoying but overall I find them entertaining. But it is your site...
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