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  1. Just a thought, where do you live? What kind of keyboard do you use? The VCS currently only supports the U.S. QWERTY keyboard. If you are using a QWERTZ or AZERTY keyboard the VCS will not recognize it.
  2. You can see my thread here.
  3. Jeff is doing a version for the VCS. It was announced in the September Atari financial report. By the time it comes out it will probably be Tempest 5000 though. He has a dev kit and has posted pics of it on his twitter.
  4. There were questions asked about Jag games on the VCS on Discord. The most we ever got from Atari was a maybe. Some of the games on the Jag would be good to have on VCS but probably not the whole library. Most of those games are better off forgotten (Checkered Flag and Supercross 3D are examples).
  5. There were questions about that about a year or so ago and Atari said "We'll see". They later decided not to offer them independently of the VCS.
  6. There are two woodgrain variants, the Collectors Edition and the Black Walnut. The CE has a lighter wood, like maple or something. I like the look of both, the CE matching the light maple "built ins" in my family room and the Black Walnut complimenting the darker wood in my living room (soon to be movie theater 😁). There is also the Onyx which is all black, looks like the old 2600 "Vader". There was a variant that was going to be sold via Wal*Mart that had a black and yellow carbon fiber faceplate but that never materialized. It was going to be called the "Carbon Gold". I think the deal with Wal*Mart fell through and thus the Carbon Gold variant got canned. It's a shame as I really liked the look of that one and would have bought one of them too. Atari have shown photos of other face plate designs as well. I remember a photo where there was one in pink and one in dark pearl blue. There is also one VCS out there that has the Unsung Warriors game logo on it. It was the top tier perk for backing their Kickstarter.
  7. https://www.gamestop.com/consoles-hardware/products/atari-vcs-800-onyx-all-in-system-bundle/202627.html Game Stop is now $279.00! And they are now offering shipping.
  8. I don't know if anyone got it working with MAME but Tempest is in the Vault Vol. 1. The spinner works in the Vault pretty well, although you may want to adjust the sensitivity.
  9. joeatari1

    VCS Rpg?

    No real RPG yet. There are a few holes in the catalog that Atari needs to fill and RPG is one of them. I agree that Adventure could be a good one for a re-imagining. Hopefully they have something in the works to that end.
  10. I think they had a hand in it, yes. And a super sale on black Friday isn't unheard of. Micro Center probably wanted to clear some shelf space and Atari said ok, how about a black Friday sale? I doubt Micro Center has $150 of profit built into the VCS. I would venture to say probably $75 to $100. Atari likely ponied up the difference as an additional incentive to move units. It worked and now Atari has to ponder the validity of their pricing model. They still need to fix the categorization and advertising though. Word of mouth only goes so far.
  11. I honestly think they (Atari) are playing with pricing models still. $150 off seems a huge discount, but if they are going to sell more units they will need to lower the retail price a bit. Atari probably has enough profit built in to sell it at that price point and still make a few dollars. The biggest issue they have is that the VCS is not being categorized or advertised properly. Right now Micro Center lists the VCS under the Maker/STEM category when it should be dual categorized under gaming and mini PC. At Game Stop, you can't find it unless you specifically type Atari VCS into the search. It's not listed under consoles, or any other category for that matter. Same goes for Best Buy.
  12. And so how do you figure? And so why do you have to interject this into a thread about a Black Friday Sale? And so why are you here again? 😉
  13. This is what happens when EVERYBODY tries to buy all the games all at once!
  14. Atari is having some sort of server issue currently. Hopefully they can resolve it quickly. I personally have not had any issues with it, but I haven't logged in today. Also, if you ever have trouble with the VCS, submit a ticket HERE and they usually get back to you in a day or two. Support has been pretty good for me and I know they do care want to fix whatever issue that you may have.
  15. Well, I know what I'm getting for Christmas. My wife just picked up a second VCS for us at the Micro Center in St. Davids PA. I'll act surprised when I unwrap it.😁
  16. I think that is the whole idea behind this. There was talk about home brews and new games in the style of the old consoles, becoming available from the store. Atari's penchant for just dropping things in the store or into the OS without so much as a "hey this will launch on ..." is always a good marketing strategy though.🙄
  17. They sure do. They are not as smooth and precise as a set of CX-30 paddles with fresh pots mind you, but they are very serviceable and you get used to it.
  18. Looks like I'll be getting a second one sooner than I thought!
  19. I'd be curious. I might go for it later today. Probably just a copy of Checkered Flag though.
  20. I have all the items now for my recipient. Next is wrapping and packaging!
  21. Personally I would try Best. Brad usually has these sorts of things catalogued and would sell them to you as a kit.
  22. Chillin in the recliner with a glass of Wild Turkey with honey.  Super smooth, and it's Wild Turkey, ready for Thanksgiving.

  23. Was this a used VCS or just one that was bought extra to sell on E-Bay? Did you log in as a "Guest" first? There were some bugs in the early OS versions that locked you out of things if you logged in as a guest. Your best bet is to create a ticket with VCS Support HERE. They will get back to you in a day or so and help you get sorted.
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