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  1. I needed one of these in 1984 - now I've got one I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it... polite suggestions welcome...
  2. Maybe they considered calling it Helmet Willy but... well...
  3. Guys, is anyone using this on a crt? I bet it looks good...
  4. I'd definitely be interested but if it were portable (even if Mac shaped), I'd be really definitely interested.... Retro Recipes...
  5. What a brilliant video. I think this is the only platform game I really enjoyed - thanks to everyone involved in this.
  6. Yeah, think I'll try it and check the voltage levels.
  7. I couldn't find another mention of this so sorry if it's been covered. Is there a reason why I can't just fit this and do away with the psu completely? (assume I'd use something good like MK brand) Thanks.
  8. Technology Connections just put a good video on YouTube all about brown and orange although it doesn't really explain why we all like the combo...
  9. I don't have that keyboard so there might not be enough space but any possibility of getting a small piece of teflon tape between the white and black parts to keep the plunger square and reduce friction? It could fold over the outside of the molding for extra security?
  10. As mentioned, the open ends of the wire should be clipped to the underneath of the key so it travels down level. If you need to use grease, make sure it's safe on plastic.
  11. This was the first computer magazine I bought - apologies for it not being Atari exclusive! The cover caught my eye and the 800 review eventually set me off in a computing career and started an interest in Atari 8-bit that's as strong today.
  12. First post here for me. I've been after an 8-bit for ages - had a 600XL in the 80s. Now I'll have to sell everything else to make space... this is a bit more than I planned.
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