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  1. I hadn't found the file for the supercic to work on a PIC 12F675 on the internet. So I had to convert the code. It was a little difficult to be in assembly, but thank God in the end it worked. Now anyone who doesn't have a 629 PIC will be able to make it work on a 675. On my consoles they worked instantly, but someone reported that they had to press RESET to work. So you need someone who has different SNES consoles to do more tests. Now it is a little easier to make homebrew games. I thank anyone who can test. Supercic for 12F675.zip
  2. I also realized that the example I used to make the base of the cartridge had some errors, the contacts on the cartridge were interconnected. now it has been corrected in my drawing. atached gerbers 1.2 gerbers1.2.zip
  3. I went to change my design to put some switchs and I realized that I had forgotten to connect the 5v in the logic circuits. Here are the new gerbers.
  4. I'm out of materials to manufacture a board at home, but as soon as possible, I'll order one from JLCPCB. Thanks for drawing. In my drawing I tried to represent it as close as possible to the original in order to get the best scheme. But you improved the scheme, congratulations.
  5. Are you referring to this weld shown on the arrow? This solder did not exist previously. I cut the trail for a test, and then I fixed it. Pin 14 of the 74ls00 is connected to the VCC. In my drawing it didn't show because I was still completing it. From the information I have, the 27128 would have 16K. Pin 26 would be the highest address (A13), and its change between VCC and GND would change the two halves of eprom (for the two 8k games). Parker bros sistens should divide the rom into 8 slices of 1K according to this document:(http://www94.pair.com/jsoper/2600_pb_bs.html) As for pin 12, it appears to me as D2.
  6. Here is the complete board (gerber) I think I managed to copy correctly. If you have any questions compare with the images or ask that I check here. gerbers.zip
  7. I'm redrawing the card. this is the back side (if I haven't done anything wrong). after finishing everything I will go up the gerbers
  8. As far as I can understand they look like this: The diodes were a bit faded, but it looks like the list was down and looked like 1N4148. DESENHORESCAPDIO.bmp
  9. I'll try to copy here where the components are. I can't dismantle the board again because every time I do that, some tracks and pads go away.
  10. I lifted the eprom pin 22 (OE) off the board, and plugged it into an external 74ls00 to see if it worked, but it didn't work
  11. Liguei o resistor, mas se efeito (nada no gnd ou no vcc) o pino 6 do 74ls00 está conectado ao 22 do eprom. Liguei o cartucho e durante a operação o pino 6 do 74ls00 sobe para 1 volt e permanece assim. (ponta preta do multímetro em GND e ponta vermelha no pino 6 dos 74ls00. I don't have a cartridge box, I received the card like that and with the wires loose.
  12. All capacitors are: (102). I had connected the orange wire directly to the VCC (without result) ... then I connected directly to the GND (also without result). I will try with the resistor. I replaced the 74LS00 with a new one (with no result). The 74ls133 I have no others to exchange. But my eprom recorder tests circuits and shows everyone how good. I also remade the welds and tracks and cleaned the contacts. (no result yet). Thank you for the tips.
  13. My monstrous connections for atari 2600 (repro boards). I know the easiest ways to do this job, but I have to work with what I have at hand. These children have just been born. Atari F8 and atari 4k PLCC32.
  14. I keep building the project. For now it reads megadrive and atari cartridges (4k and F8 common). In the future I intend to record flash cartridges too. Soon I will put more atari dumps here.
  15. I borrowed this card to try to fix it. (always with black screen). I remade all welds and tracks, tested the circuits with my logic circuit tester (TOP3000) and they were all shown to be good. But the sign keeps giving black screen. I checked eprom 27128 (which came without a protective sticker) and read its contents (in the attached file) Analyzing the hex files it seemed to be two games (popeye and montezuma). But through my file analyzer realize that the files were different from the roms downloaded from the net for the same games (few bytes were different). The games copied from eprom (and divided into 2) did not work on the stella emulator even though choosing the parker bros bank. It seemed to me that the files were corrupted by the exposure of the eprom. I recorded a new eprom with ROMs (Parker bros 8k) from the internet but the card still doesn't work. Is this a different card? or is it a parker bros with original layout and am i missing something here? * The card came with loose wires and as they were connected to the highest address of the eprom I thought they were for the game exchange key, but it had no effect when placing it. Could anyone check the position of the diodes? I received the plate I don't know if anyone tried to repair the plate before ... the two diodes came with the mark down. Following is a file with the ROMs and more pictures of the circuits removed. Board circuits: 74LS173 x3 74LS00 x1 Diodes x2 Ceramic capacitors x3 Resistors x3 Original Eprom: 27128 Intel Thanks to everyone and thanks to "ODIN Games" for providing me with the test board. Parker bros.zip
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