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  1. Ebayauction includes no shipping to germany. But i understand that... shipping costs to germany are 45$... thats a little bit... ahhh... "high". My wife would punish me with a frypan for that... 🥵
  2. Ok... hmm.... i guess that was a kind broad hint... just give me a moment... give me only 20-30 years more and i will present you the solution on a silver tray... 🧐
  3. You mean "Burbank/California"???... never... that would be too simple... Burundi must be the answer... lions live there... 🤪
  4. ... i always knew it!!! I decripted not all of it, but could it be that one part of your message is: EAT MORE HAMBURGERS!!!
  5. I understand that. But if you want that "someone else" should do it, why not another distributer. Dragons Lair should not get burried. It deserves to survive.
  6. Solution for the US-Mainboard: As you can see on this labled US-Mainboard all you for an elkochange are 9 pieces of 22uF/25V elecrolytic capacitors: Labled US-Mainboard Could it be simpler? Elkochanges (Recapping) is in the Commodore Community (VIC-20, C64, Amiga) a veeery common thing. So dont be "afraid" for it. 🙂
  7. Mmmhhhh.... my english is not good enough to read between the lines. Do you think about someone like the arcadeshopper? Nothing is impossible in the land of opportunity...
  8. Common buddy, give it a try. In German we say "Fragen kostet nichts." (Asking costs nothing.) PS: I still puzzle over your location "BUR" is it Burundi.? 🙂
  9. I read that "someone else", buddy. Maybe you should talk with this guys from canada: Doublesidedgames They distribute NEW Games for VIC-20 and C64 too. For example "L’Abbaye des morts" for C64 and "Realms of Quest V" for the VIC-20 are distributed titles. Its a very interesting company. In this video from a few days ago the Doublesidedgames-Team is guest at the well known AmigaBill introducing they newest games. "Black Dawn" for the Amiga and "Vegetables Deluxe" for C64 an Amiga.
  10. Thank you thats a good start. The project should stay in your hands. Here is a suggestion: Since the second batch must get financed, you/we could ask in this forum who wants a Dragon's Lair Version of the second batch. If only 3 people want it, the project is burried. But... maybe there are many more interested forum members. This is the first step finding out the demand. If there are enough persons for a second batch, these people should go in prepayment, so that you have no financial risk.
  11. Addendum for the US-Version: PSU-Board: The PSU-Board of the EU Version should be the same like the US-Version. There are different Revisions but apart from that they are equal. Even though the line current is in the USA 60Hz and in the EU 50Hz its makes no difference. This PSU-Boards awaits 8V AC and 16V AC from the transformer. The Transformers of the US-Version and the EU-Versions are different, because of the 110V in the US and the 220V (now 230V) in the EU. But that are external devices. Your external "black block" is NO power adapter, its a transformer... in German we call it Trafo. Mainboard: The main difference from the US-Version to the EU-Version is the Videochip, some penny-ante stuff and maybe the quarz crystal. The rest should be similar. Please correct me, if iam wrong or if you have additions. Since i have no US-Version TI-99/4A here, i ask you if somebody could say more detailed, what Elkos are needed on the US-Mainboard. The differences should be not so big. Kind Regards Sid1968 P.S: Feel free to post fotos of your elkochanged Boards.
  12. Hey Buddy, how about releasing a second batch of Dragon’s Lair for the TI-99/4A? Is there anyone else who would be glad about that? Kind Regards Sid1968 BTW: I preorder one from 2nd Batch. 🙂
  13. Hello folks, electrolytic capacitors have they names because of its liguid in it, the electrolyte. In German we call them Elko (Elektrolyt-Kodensator). Elkos do have a minus pole and a plus pole. For that its is VERY important to solder them with the right side. The minus pole on an Elko is marked. The older Elkos get the higher is the probability that the electrolyte drains and the Elko loses more and more its capacitance. For me that was reason enough to change the Elkos on my 38 year old TI-99/4A EU PAL 1981 V2. Additionally i changed the voltage controller 78M12 on the PSU-Board with the modern 12V DC/DC-Voltage Controller TSR 1-24120, because its much more efficient and produces a LOT less heat than the 78M12 with its huge heatsink. The black plastic at the Cartridgeslot is now muuuuch cooler. But... this is only what i did. Some people think that they do not need an Elko-Change until a device gets problems. Make your on decision. Iam not responsible of what you do! And remember this is an EU PAL Version for 230V. US-Devices for 110V do very probably need other parts. These are the parts that i needed. This may vary on your TI-99/4A. TI-99/4A Maiboard: 22µF/25V axial. Quantity: 5. Articlenumber on www.reichelt.de: VIS MAL203036229 100µF/16V axial. Quantity: 3. Articlenumber on www.reichelt.de: AX 100/25 10µF/25V axial. Quantity: 1. Articlenumber on www.reichelt.de: AX 10/35 TI-99/4A PSU-Board: 3300µF/35V axial. Quantity: 1. Articlenumber on www.reichelt.de: COS 105 3300/35 1000µF/25V axial. Quantity: 1. Articlenumber on www.reichelt.de: COS 105 1000/25 470µF/12V radial. Quantity: 1. Articlenumber on www.reichelt.de: RUBY 16ZLJ470MT 47µF/16V axial. Quantity: 2. Articlenumber on www.reichelt.de: AX 47/16 4.7µF/35V axial. Quantity: 1 Articlenumber on www.reichelt.de: COS 105 4,7/50 12V DC/DC-Voltage Controller TSR 1-24120. Articlenumber on www.reichelt.de: TSR 1-24120 Modulator PHA 2037: 22µF/25V axial. Quantity: 3. Articlenumber on www.reichelt.de: VIS MAL203036229 0,47µF/63V radial. Quantity: 3. Articlenumber on www.reichelt.de: RAD 0,47/63 47µF/16V radial. Quantity: 1. Articlenumber on www.reichelt.de: RAD 47/16 Here we go: This is how the mainboard and the psu-board looks before the changes: Before i ordered the new Elkos, i desoldered the elkos on one side to better see its capacitances Look at the huge heatsink on the 78M12 voltage-controller, left of the 3300uF Elko. This is how it looks with the new Elkos and the TSR 1-24120: The videochip got a heat-conducting pad See the TSR 1-24120 at the right side of the orange Elko. It needs no heatsink! After that i changed the Elkos in my PHA 2037 PbPr to SCART RGB Modulator and readjusted the rotary potentiometer. Before: After: Now look at the overall result. This is the picture quality on my LCD-TV. Kind Regards from Germany Sid1968
  14. As i mentioned before Ralph Benzinger, Developer of the FinalGROM99, wrote me that he will look for the issue with the QI Modells after the convention. We will see if he finds a solution.
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