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  1. No problem Ralph, we all know you will make good use of the time. Thx for your great work!
  2. Hey buddy, you don't buy this because you need it right now, but because you bite your ass when at some point you can't buy it anymore.
  3. Aha that can either be just the Tasmanian death cat or a two-legged cat.
  4. Mmmhhh ... I always thought Kentucky was completely cat-free. I've seen a lot of photos on google street view and never saw a cat. But dogs ...
  5. Thank you compatriot for the good news. Would it be very time-consuming for you, if you would also offer a housing for the SDD99 via 3D printing, for example? In this way, the customer would have a complete end product. 🙂
  6. So the first thing to do is to see if all cables are properly connected. Maybe change the power cord. Then use a different power supply / transformer. If you have a circuit diagram, you should measure whether the voltages are correctly applied everywhere. If you don't understand anything about measuring, I would have re-soldered the soldering points in your place. Just heat it up again. They don't look really fresh anymore. Maybe you have a cold solder joint somewhere on the board. I've already had that on one of my VIC-20s. I don't know the circuit diagram, but does the left capacitor leg touch the contact on the right? It would certainly not damage your board or the contacts if it was cleaned with isopropanol. Do everything at your own risk.
  7. I really dont know what a HFDC is. But, have you already tried another transformer / power supply?
  8. I find it very interesting to see your modifications, folks. However, I would find it even better if you would write a few lines about it. What exactly do we see for hardware? What is the purpose of the modification? How does the system look in operation? For example, I ask myself that right from the first post. Where is the keyboard left? So a little more detailed reports gentlemen. Cheers Sid1968
  9. Without knowing Ralph's situation, you shouldn't forget that because of the looong lockdowns, a lot of people have great existential problems in Germany.
  10. Danke Ralph, für Deine zielführende Arbeit an Deinem Projekt!
  11. Very nice. I just found one PHA 4100. Its the eBay item number: 233638508996. Unfortunately sold as defective. Is in the USA ... does anyone know the country? The postage to Germany is "only" US $138,70. Somebody should grab and restore it.
  12. Thanks buddy, as you can see from my thread, the installation has already succeeded. Mame runs with me. But as soon as I use parameters it doesn't work anymore. However, I am not a TI-99/4 expert and cannot script either. That's why I need help on the two points mentioned above. I had already described that in the first post of the thread. 😉
  13. Hi Mate, i enjoy your youtube channel. 👍 Without knowing TI99Sim in detail, I believe I can say that your project cannot be realized with it. I myself had a similar idea under this post: As a joint project of this forum I would like to create a guide: "How to run the TI-99 / 4A MAME Version on a Raspberry Pi 4". The emulator with which the project would be realized is MAME. In the first post I describe what the goal is. Extra wishes are welcome. So far, I haven't managed to 1. get Mame up and running with the desired parameters and 2. write a start script. Unfortunately, there has been no help with it so far ... although one of the Mame developers is active here in the forum and should actually have an interest in the project. But maybe you have the desire / knowledge to help achieve the goal. Cheers Sid 🙂
  14. Aahhhh .... They are sooo old ... You definitely don't need them anymore, do you? 😁
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