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  1. You can read a review of the "Ice Tower" Cooler here: https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/52pi-ice-tower-raspberry-pi-4-cooler,6259.html
  2. Advice to find defective ram chips: If you want to find a defective RAM-Chip set a good 4116 in piggyback above each chip. If the error is gone you are at the defective one. But you should test if there are more ram chips defective. Watch out that you put the test-ramchip in the right direction on the others.
  3. For SSH you need a SFTP-Client like Filezilla on Port 22. Cheers Sid
  4. Who of you gave this ancient advice? 🤪 If you have activated SSH as described above, you can not only connect to the Raspberry Pi 4 with "putty" via SSH, but also with the (S)FTP client "Filezilla" via SFTP. This is not only easier, but also more secure than the FTP solution. No extra ftp-server must be installed! 😜 Cheers Sid
  5. I got one from the first batch and can report that its working fine. Good work my italien friend! 👍
  6. Bratpan would sound more tastier. 🍖🥓 Tursi I have a new idea to finance a Linux version of classic99. Simply flooding the American market with the new Bratpans with special blow handle.... The name is worth its weight in gold. ✨
  7. ... and for Bratwurst you say Brats, right? Why dont you say to a Bratpfanne (Look at my profilefoto) in english Bratpan instead of frypan???
  8. Actually we use Raspbian Buster for our project. I inform you about that with the latest firmware version from Commitnumber 4e0af7eb74aad67ad0e219f9ec5e975e84362100 from May 12th 2020 by Raspbian Buster NO audiodevice can be found. I have described the problem here: https://github.com/Hexxeh/rpi-firmware/issues/224 As long as we cannot use a newer Linux version, we should use the commit number 8d64ec7016906fb1f2bbe937dd7401705c5acf33 from May 1st, 2020. This also counts as a troubleshooting if you have already installed a newer firmware. A firmware update (or troubleshooting) is now done as follows: sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y && sudo apt full-upgrade -y && sudo apt autoremove && sudo apt autoclean sudo rpi-update 8d64ec7016906fb1f2bbe937dd7401705c5acf33 sudo rpi-eeprom-update -a sudo reboot After that, firmware updates should no longer be carried out until we will use a newer Linux Version. Cheers Sid
  9. That is the German abbreviation for Transformator (engl. Transformer). The TI-99/4 Trafo for Europe is Model T40/E.
  10. I wrote about the external Trafo. If that is not working, the internal PSU wont work neither.
  11. Yes that's true, but that solution must be rejected as we know now. Insofar as you said that we can also boot directly to a selection screen under the Linux Desktop, this solution is probably preferable.
  12. As you can read in my post #12 in this thread, Mame runs under the Raspbian Buster Linux desktop. For this reason, I don't see any problems at the moment. Or did you want to show the reasons why Mame does not run under the CLI?
  13. I hereby appoint you the solder king. 😁
  14. Danke Schmitzi. Bevor ich da ran gehe sind noch ein paar Sachen zu erledigen, damit das für mich Sinn macht.
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