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  1. Very nice. I just found one PHA 4100. Its the eBay item number: 233638508996. Unfortunately sold as defective. Is in the USA ... does anyone know the country? The postage to Germany is "only" US $138,70. Somebody should grab and restore it.
  2. Thanks buddy, as you can see from my thread, the installation has already succeeded. Mame runs with me. But as soon as I use parameters it doesn't work anymore. However, I am not a TI-99/4 expert and cannot script either. That's why I need help on the two points mentioned above. I had already described that in the first post of the thread. 😉
  3. Hi Mate, i enjoy your youtube channel. 👍 Without knowing TI99Sim in detail, I believe I can say that your project cannot be realized with it. I myself had a similar idea under this post: As a joint project of this forum I would like to create a guide: "How to run the TI-99 / 4A MAME Version on a Raspberry Pi 4". The emulator with which the project would be realized is MAME. In the first post I describe what the goal is. Extra wishes are welcome. So far, I haven't managed to 1. get Mame up and running with the desired parameters and 2. write a start script. Unfortunately, there has been no help with it so far ... although one of the Mame developers is active here in the forum and should actually have an interest in the project. But maybe you have the desire / knowledge to help achieve the goal. Cheers Sid 🙂
  4. Aahhhh .... They are sooo old ... You definitely don't need them anymore, do you? 😁
  5. And you really made that right, Mate! Not having them is definitely an advantage. 😁
  6. Hey Schmitzi, are you still alive or do i have to call the firefighters?
  7. Yes, you are almost correct. But you are wrong that I can do it, and certainly not in 30 seconds. So far I have not been able to start mame with the previous parameters. I got only errormessages. That's why I started this thread. I did what I can to help resolve it. I am not just asking mizapf, but everyone who can create a menu as described in the first thread. It should be in the interest of the TI community to run an emulator on a Linux platform like the Raspberry Pi that is easy for EVERYONE to install. That is the goal of this thread. Cheers Sid
  8. It behaves like a real one. Use the keyboard to select game. Use the joystick ingame.
  9. To build the menu screen that i mentioned in my first post. I thought that was clear...
  10. No i didnt asked you about the firmware, but about our project to run mame on rpi4.
  11. RetroPie 4.6.2 on the Raspberry Pi 4 uses the Linux distribution Raspbian Buster. A new update from Raspbian Buster leads to sound problems, since the firmware that is installed does the audio processing in a way has newly regulated that Raspbian Buster can not handle it. There are options in the emulation station settings under this link to change, but then they only apply there and not under other Linux-based applications. BTW... none of them worked for me. https://retropie.org.uk/forum/topic/26628/audio-issues-after-latest-raspbian-updates/2 In order to basically restore the previous, working state of the audio processing, the file cmdline.txt must be edited. To do this, remove your SD card from the Raspberry Pi4, insert it into a card reader and open the file "cmdline.txt" with a text editor. Now add this line to the end of the existing line: snd_bcm2835.enable_hdmi = 1 snd_bcm2835.enable_headphones = 1 snd_bcm2835.enable_compat_alsa = 1 Finished! This method has the advantage that updates and new firmware can be imported again at will, because the changed audio settings in "cmdline.txt" on the entire Linux level are independent of Changes due to updates and new firmware apply. Cheers Sid
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