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  1. So (if built), is this combining the bohoki adapter you talk about in your videos and the ikonsgr74 adapter you talked about in your videos? So therefore we would just need this one adapter to do both of those jobs? Just want to make sure I understand...
  2. I havent seen Bohoki on the forum for a while??? I am interested in getting at least 4 of those adapters for both my 5200 consoles
  3. Yes, I am looking for 4 of them, when you make another batch. THANKS!
  4. Hi there, I decided to hookup my atari 5200. I picked up like 20 good arcade type games, cheap from craigslist. Does anyone here have time to mod my 2 port atari 5200, so it can output composite output (svideo would be nice, but isnt necessary). Gosh anything is better than RF. I mean the RF signal actually looks amazingly good on the Sony 27" trinitron consumer TV. But it seems like it gets interference while playing games, which doesnt really surprise me too much. Sometimes I can play a few times and it doesnt glitch out with RF interference. But many times it does. And having composite would resolve any of those in-game glitches. PM me if you have time and we can discuss the project! THANKS
  5. Awesome! I know I have some PIC 16F629 but not sure if I have any 16F630. I'd love to try this out. This sounds awesome.
  6. Hi Bohoki!


    I recently got my atari 5200 out, and had to of course had to take apart and clean the joysticks. One of them works, one works most of the way. But I want to use better joysticks. 🙂  I just ordered the other cables from ebay from ikonsgr.  

    Bohoki, I would like to purchase a few of your cable adapters. Do you have any for sale? I would be glad to purchase 4 or 5 of them, if that helps make it more worth your time. 


    1. argniest


      The 15-pin PC-to-Atari 5200 adapter  cables...that I have seen people on youtube talk about and mentioned you ;-)

  7. Hello saw some people on youtube talking about adapter cables you made in the past I suppose that would allow me to use some old like DOS/Gravis 15 pin game pads on the 5200. I would like two of those cables? Could you make me two of those and what would be the cost? Thanks!
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