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  1. Ok...totally understand. I am an original owner from back in 1980 when I shelled out $250 from my paper route money (a lot of money back then for a 13 year old) for the master component so I definitely understand the interest. However, I've moved on from the hardware primarily because of component longevity concerns (40 years old). I decided instead to purchase an Ultimate PC interface to use with my original controllers on a Windows 10 pc as well as raspberry pi and go the emulation route. Would love to obtain actual flashback controllers if I could find them. Different strokes for different folks. 🙂
  2. Same here. I own a Flashback and Intellivision Lives and Rocks CD's so I already have the rom for these games. I'm not sure what is justifying $60 per game other than the physical copy for collectors and perhaps nostalgia. Can someone also please explain to me where are the emperor's clothes?
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