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  1. Recently purchased an NTSC 7800, I have the Dragonfly and it works great on my PAL console, however I am not getting any audio on homebrew games that support Pokey audio or the test audio files on the supplied SD card. The NTSC 7800 has been A/V modded. Commando and Ballblazer work but Pacman in the YM2151 folder plays without audio. When you look at the game info on the Dragonfly it says the YM2151 is off even though it's enabled in system settings. Other files in the 2POKEY folder also play without audio. Has anyone else had this issue? I am using a CRT TV that can take PAL and NTSC signals.
  2. Hello, is it possible to purchase the full edition that I can use with my Dragonfly?
  3. Hello, I've recently purchased the Dragonfly flashcart and have played the demo version. Is it possible to purchase the full version as a ROM download?
  4. Hello, I previously purchased your Lynx flashcart and I would like to order this, thanks. I would like the option with all the add-on chips and accessories.
  5. Is the Dragonfly still available to purchase?
  6. Would this SNES joypad to Atari converter work, allowing you movement with the directional control and the shooting with the four face buttons? https://www.raphnet-tech.com/products/snes_to_db9/index.php
  7. Yep I thought that would be the case. I've been playing with it for the last two hours and so far it's working well.
  8. I got it working by cleaning one of my game carts and then inserting this into the Lynx several times to clean the slot.
  9. I am currently using a 9V DC 1A power adapter.
  10. Ok I've just inserted this into my Lynx II, it has insert game on-screen, I select a game, I then see the P flashing but then nothing happens. My regular games work ok.
  11. My package arrived today, will give it a good go later today.
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