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  1. Would this SNES joypad to Atari converter work, allowing you movement with the directional control and the shooting with the four face buttons? https://www.raphnet-tech.com/products/snes_to_db9/index.php
  2. Yep I thought that would be the case. I've been playing with it for the last two hours and so far it's working well.
  3. I got it working by cleaning one of my game carts and then inserting this into the Lynx several times to clean the slot.
  4. I am currently using a 9V DC 1A power adapter.
  5. Ok I've just inserted this into my Lynx II, it has insert game on-screen, I select a game, I then see the P flashing but then nothing happens. My regular games work ok.
  6. My package arrived today, will give it a good go later today.
  7. I would like to purchase one, how do I order?
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