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  1. can we get also the ability to put our own wl1 files to this version?
  2. hold the phone here... this device contains the holy grail ports i hope these 5 games were dumped by any quack on this planet
  3. actually, i wasn't familiar with that fact. but you're right anyway.
  4. okay? i didn't knew, that pong sports is suitable for small children?
  5. but can't you just beg John Carmack to give us a tiny little prototype. it is way too absent, that John Carmack did this on force
  6. and that version has been cancelled all because of a delay by atari? how stupid
  7. can you post the prosystem version of the rom?
  8. since this version is ready, i want the rom version please.
  9. will that version be also compatible with prosystem?
  10. can you please make one version for prosystem, it is so absent, that it doesn't work on prosystem
  11. screw prosystem? NO!!!! NEVER MIND!!!!!!!!!
  12. yeah looks cool, but can you make a version of your 7800 arkanoid for the prosystem emulator?
  13. this game does not work on the prosystem emulator
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