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  1. dear folks, if you want to play mercury meltdown on atari lynx, then just snuggle up with the lynx version of marble madness by matthias domin. it DOES have half of the Classic Flare of Mercury Meltdown
  2. first, there are some demos or games made last year and second, i am an artist
  3. we need a programmer, who has the spunk for this. i am NOT a programmer, i gave only the idea, for a new lynx game
  4. not a bad thing, but it lacks all the other video olympics sports, such as soccer, hockey, handball, foozpong and basketball
  5. the java version of mercury meltdown does no diagonal moves at all
  6. no, not the psp version, the java version. that version contains digital movement and if not this, then how would luxor (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luxor_(video_game) ) on atari lynx be
  7. exactly, and so is your poopy joke about crysis on atari lynx. how would you imagine Java mercury Meltdown on Atari lynx?
  8. if you are really fans of the "sophisticaded games on old handhelds" prank, then just sit-up for this thing: https://atarigamer.com/lynx/game/MortalKombatIIAprilFools/123277073
  9. with hex editors is not possible to hack the wall graphics
  10. yeah, but someone found out, that there is a JVM for the Atari lynx handheld
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