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  1. and also, we really shouldn't mess with the lad, who had his wits to dump these games, or else he will go crusty butt barnacle berserk with us like:
  2. can't. he is hiding his contacts
  3. i wonder, if someone owns the rom?
  4. look! we have only Long drive golf off the 2nd Edition, and the Basketball game is missing
  5. right here: http://masterdisk.byethost15.com/blog/libg/index.php?entry=entry200630-142520
  6. still better than Post 65 though
  7. Spoiler Alert: they are already dumped, BUT not every game was uploaded! GRRR!!
  8. thank you. and have you looked Post #67 ?
  9. i'll just stick with that, since others are just messing with me
  10. hahahaha! i made a serious question and you're all just messing with me. okay if you'd like some jokes, Here: but if you'd like to unvail the cloth, here:
  11. i have the deep reason, why i want Tennis 1 player. I wanted to play the game roms of the Intellivision plug and play 2nd edition I know that someone has them, but he won't give them to me
  12. are you serious? could SOMEONE give me a code, that i can inject per HEX Editor into the Bin file PLEASE?
  13. what is this special offer, that only paid winrar offers?
  14. listen: i have a rom, i want to put that code into the rom.
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