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  1. to everyone, who replied so far: -this IS for emulators. -My purpose of this, is to play 2 player on 1 controller, but there is a bug, that lets paddle 1 controll paddle 0 even if the other player does nothing.
  2. Hello, is there any way to Hack the Indy 500 game via Hex Editor, so it can be played with Joysticks instead of Driving controllers? thank you in advance.
  3. or we could make a a26 to a78 converter (with the external functions of course). yeah! Atari 7800 Conversions of Atari 2600 games. OOOHHH! RS Basketball would be Fantastic!
  4. somewhere in a gba emulators page. i still can't wait for the binaries!
  5. could we at least have a censored version of luchsenstein 3d? i can't look at unconstitutional symbols at all!
  6. good news, i hacked the 2600 emulator by twohead software. i replaced the games with some of my wish games: QB is pong AFB2 Barnstorming is Combat Fishing Derby is Minigolf Spider Fighter is Missile command Stampede is Basketball everything WORKS infact, but it is slow. Atari 2600.gba
  7. update: http://unlicensed.games/libg/index.php?entry=entry201219-171552
  8. i have found details about one: http://web.archive.org/web/20041128021821/http://www.geocities.com/psx_nemesis/
  9. and also, we really shouldn't mess with the lad, who had his wits to dump these games, or else he will go crusty butt barnacle berserk with us like:
  10. look! we have only Long drive golf off the 2nd Edition, and the Basketball game is missing
  11. right here: http://masterdisk.byethost15.com/blog/libg/index.php?entry=entry200630-142520
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