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  1. That seems a lot like what I'm looking for, I'll check it out, thanks!
  2. I've looked around but am unable to find it; Is there any way to access the memory locations for the current 6 characters shown in the score and change those fonts on the fly? What I'm trying to figure out is if there is anyway to flip the score between a score and an inventory system or something else like text. What I've created now is a custom score font in which each number is a sprite of an inventory item. This way I've created an inventory system by simply changing the score to a number which represents each item in inventory. That made me wonder is there is any way to access these fonts directly through bB or if a small piece of custom asm is needed for that. I've looked at the text kernel but that's not really what I'm looking for, I'd like to change the fonts on the fly, preferable by defining the font-characters inline in code.
  3. So a bit of an update. Created an inventory system as well as a camera scanning the building you enter. Working on different mazes for different buildings you enter. Created a healthbar and implementing a hospital feature where you can heal yourself. Also, current difficulty setting is very easy, which makes testing a lot less painful... 😂
  4. So, I'm trying out a couple of things but have created some code to make the camera somewhat challenging. Attached is a Bin which you can try. Currently every building you enter is the same, so it does not matter which building you enter, you always get the PCB; The red & white cross represent where the camera is looking, I'm looking for ways to make it ecstatically more pleasing. 😃 Goal is to get the part without the camera seeing you. In the end there will be 5 parts, if you get them all you go to the next part of the game. If the camera has spotted you you'll be teleported outside. First part is easy... but it gets harder, and you'll receive a penalty if you get caught, so don't get caught. Try and get a score of 5. Known issues; * If you get caught on the first part, the score goes negative and the game behaves weird. * You can walk around the camera view, need to add some PF elements there which you can't pass. * If you get to part 4/5 sometimes camera goes out of bounds. - It does not matter which building you go in to, this is on purpose for testing. - Part does not disappear from building if you have it, this is also on purpose for now. retroventure_camera_test_1.bin
  5. It's because I used virtual sprites and the DPC+ kernel, if I'd use 2 missiles there is no flickering. But my idea is to change the rooms in a way that they are scanned with moving camera's. I'm working on a way to show which part of the room the camera is scanning. I'm thinking something along the lines of overlaying the PF and switching to a lighter version of the floor color where the camera is looking. Goal would be to stay out of the camera's sight, basic idea would look like the image uploaded. Thinking about ways on how to animate the playfield efficiently though.
  6. Hello People, As I'm an absolute newbie here (this is my first post 😂). A little introduction is in place I guess. My name is Maurice and in my daily life I work as Coordinator / Senior network engineer at a fairly large ISP in The Netherlands. So on a daily basis I'm mostly into maintaining and configuring our network / servers as well as coordinating my team to keep things as highly available as possible. 👍 I'm quite familiar with Cisco and Linux and do a lot of Bash programming as well as some PHP / MySQL stuff. Far, far, far away from programming my first 'game' using Batari Basic. However I have a soft spot for old game consoles and as the Atari 2600 was my first game console I decided to see if I could make something nice for it. I'm working on and off on it in my spare time, which is scarce with a 8 year old kid and lovely wife. So I'm creating 'RetroVenture', the video shows a very short clip of playing it. It's simple and basic, I just try to set achievable goals for myself and add something useful every now and then. The goal of the game is to walk around the city and enter buildings. In these buildings you can find parts for your next-gen gameconsole. If you've collected all the parts, you can build your new game console. The faster you collect them, the higher your score will be. I have part of the city done, as well as some in building stuff as well. Currently working on a title screen and looking in to sound effects and background music. Anyway, just wanted to share my work in progress. Again, i'm very new to this but hope to bring this little hobby project to reality one day and would like to post my updates here, if appreciated.
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