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  1. I'm in the UK. I've ordered a couple from different sources, alas China, so it will be a while before they arrive. Fingers crossed that are what they say on top of the chip.
  2. Definitely need to be stress tested for a couple of hours. My system boots perfectly but something is going wrong when it warms up. I'll need the PAL version for mine.
  3. I could cook my dinner on it, it's that hot. So I'll get a new VDP and post the results when I receive it. Cheers
  4. I do have the whole board out of its case for testing so no heatsink at the moment.
  5. Yes I did, which led me to replacing one of the 4116 RAM. The issue manifests itself after 20 seconds which is a bit weird.
  6. Cheers, will do. Is the VDP chip widely available or will it need this new fangled F18 replacement that I'm reading about?
  7. Hi, This is my first TI99/4a repair and have been trying to find a solution in this forum but cannot find one. Initially I had screen corruption and found that one of the 4116 RAM had failed. As in the first pic. Success, a nice simple repair but after trying it again the screen slowly corrupts after about 20 seconds. First it starts nicely then a pixel disappears from the hyphen and then characters and different coloured blocks appear in the lower third of the screen. I tried it with a cartridge and the game works, but as before, it starts to fail graphically. Any ideas? Screen image is a bit poor as it needs a composite modification as the original modulator needs grounding properly. Best regards StephenM
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