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  1. Add me to the slim model pre-order as well. Thanks!
  2. This actually relieves the stress i've had as i considered buying the CD drive. Now i'm all set for carts and if we get CD too, that will be awesome. I bought the Jaguar after reading this thread. Wanted it for a looong time but games were not in the budget #292
  3. Of course you can have the 1 key.  Are you sure the keyboard is the same as the one pictured?  The squares on the naked keys are the 'key'.  If it looks the same then you are in like Flynn.  Send me an address in email ([email protected]) and I'll send it right along.


    BTW, I just refurbished five 800's, so if you want some advice on that, just holler.

    I know you bought your's untested, but in all likelihood it will work when you get it or at least after a little reseating of components.  These machines are built like tanks.





    1. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      Are we supposed to PM people in public now? I better clean up my language and delete the nude pics of me riding a giant stuffed unicorn.

    2. Jeffrey Worley

      Jeffrey Worley



      I didn't know I'd sent a Post, I thought it was IM.  Oh well.

    3. All_S-Video


      That's appreciated Random, you're supposed to ride it's back, not the head btw.

  4. I would love the #1 key if you could spare that. Just ordered an 800 like what i had as a little kid, but it's untested and missing the 1 key. It should be a fun project.
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