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  1. My computer arrived today! By the time I get back from my trip, I ought to have the RCA cables and NanoPEB that I ordered. Can't wait to plug it in! My goal is to eventually get a sh/bash/whatever prompt on the thing. Most likely, that will involve connecting to a raspberry pi over serial, though I'm not sure yet how that's going to work without a finalgrom or similar. I'm not sure how far I can push the disk emulation in my NanoPEB - if I can use it to run Editor/Assembler or RBX, then I ought to be able to write the serial comms part and have a little dumb binary on the raspberry pi listen. Ideally, I'd rather use a proper terminal emulator, but I'm not sure if 1) I can use NanoPEB disk emulation to run any of the terminal emulators and 2) Even if I can run the terminal emulators, if they'd be able to tx/rx over the NanoPEB's serial port. I appreciate any advice y'all have! I'll post pictures when I get home next week
  2. My god, it's full of stars Thank you!
  3. to erase, right click or hold shift and click the initial version used toggle-clicking as you suggest, but the ux got strange when dragging to paint a way to perhaps implement both just popped in my head, though - hopefully it'll pan out. if all else fails, it could be a user-selectable toggle. thanks for the feedback! edit: done - now whether you're in "paint" or "erase" mode is determined by if your first click paints (ie is on an empty cell) or erases (ie is on a filled cell). subsequent dragging will paint in paint mode and erase in erase mode, but won't toggle a cell on and off. that ought to be much better for mobile users, for whom right-clicking and shift-clicking is a obnoxious/impossible
  4. I got sick of having to math out sprites, and all the utilities I could find required installation (and, if I'm remembering correctly, they were all Windows-based). So, I made this: https://fsf.io/projects/spritemaker I hope it's useful to some of you!
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