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  1. Well its comforting to know it is still on :).. waiting.
  2. Anyone have this work on a Lynx II? It doesn't on mine. I've tried it on two lynx ii boards. Can't turn it on with this cart. It works only on my lynx 1. All my lynx are unmodified. I was told to refit but I've tried it many times already. All in all, it's great when it works on the first model lynx.
  3. Is this preorder even alive? They haven't updated for months.
  4. This is how the top and bottom would look. So you'll need find a way to use the top for the bottom (or vice versa). You can't just flip them and use.
  5. Yes there is. Its the fitting. But putting ocd aside yes it would but how do you keep them in place thats the thing.
  6. How do I get to order this or get into the preorder queue?
  7. Where did you order the rubber pads from?
  8. I think you need to clean up that film for the buttons. That's what happens to mine. I have to get to that electronic film where the buttons are. Use alcohol to wipe it down the whole strip right to the connector. You only need to wipe one side as the other side doesn't expose the signal tracks.
  9. Honestly what's that? But I admit, I was never a Gameboy person. I'm only collecting what catches my interests. Do you mean this?
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