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  1. haha, I saw the same video. I guess that some things you just have to live with.
  2. FWIW, I tried "light brighting" an 800 keyboard with badly yellowed lettering on the keys this afternoon. Nothing. No lightning at all. I don't think that brown keys are something I'd want to put peroxide on, but if I want to brighten the lettering on these keys I'll probably need to use peroxide.
  3. Great idea on the upscaler, thanks! My 4K TV doesn't have an S-Video input, so hopefully this is a good solution.
  4. I meant to ask him what that was. Is that the connector on the motherboard? I'm sure I'll be ordering more from him, will add it to the list. Thanks!
  5. Well, as a backup, I'd ordered a keyboard with new mylar from Best while I was waiting on the keys. Ended up not needing it, but it's nice to have a spare.
  6. A big thanks to shoestring, as the replacement chips from Digikey arrived today and fixed the problem. Thank you so much for the help!
  7. I tried the sun only "light brighting" last weekend on a newly purchased 1050. It had a bit of yellow on the top and a bit more on the back and along one side. Over the course of a semi-cloudy Florida summer afternoon all of the yellowing was eliminated. It worked very, very well for me.
  8. A 400, an 800, an 800XL, a 1200XL, two 1050 drives, another 800XL. A supposedly "NIB" wico joystick from an ebayer with plausible looking photos, and a handful of carts just because. A few programming/reference books. Still waiting on the 400, the 1200XL the 2nd 800XL, and the wico joystick to arrive. Non-ebay: An SIO2PC, a UAV, the Sophia rev C video mod, along with 800XL and 1200XL keyboard mylars from Best. I think I'm losing my mind. I bought an 800 with an 810 FDD in early 1983, and used them until 21987, when I switched to an IBM PC for a year before switching again to an Atari 520ST (w/2MB memory upgrade). I used the ST until 1992 when I switched back to PC for good. Over the late 90's I would break the 800 out periodically for my kids to play with, and ended up throwing the system out when we moved in 2000. I really regret that... At this point the 8 bit machines are just toys, and I'm having a bit of nostalgic fun. I think I'm looking at a Side2 cart next.
  9. Thanks, xbrevin. I tried it, no real change though. It's either the chips or the ribbon cable. I have the chips on order and have ordered a conductive silver paint pen from amazon. I'll try the chips 1st. Thanks everyone.
  10. Thanks, just ordered a couple. Hopefully that will be the fix. I appreciate the help.
  11. So, I just tried it. Swapped the two chips and used a little contact cleaner on the sockets. Now I'm only failing keys L ; Ctrl and C V Shft. Before it was J K L ; + * Ctrl and Z X C V B Shft. So it did help. I'll try again tomorrow. Maybe a bit more contact cleaner and try re-seating the ribbon cable again.
  12. Nice, thank you! If I'm reading the chart right I need to look at pins 5 (J K L ; + * Ctrl) and 8 (Z X C V B Shft)? That corresponds exactly to what I'm seeing. I have no idea how I could bend those contacts.
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