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  1. I'm having a couple of problems with the color output of my 1040 STF Since I've owned it, the color output has had "engraved" looking vertical lines in it. More recently, it has been turning blue/green, as though the red component was dropping out. This was intermittent at first, but has become constant FWIW, the monochrome video output is perfect. No lines and obviously no discoloration. I've tried several different video cables purchased on ebay (one VGA and two SCART cables), an OSSC and a cheap SCART->HDMI converter. The OSSC will display the blue/green image when using the VGA input, but nothing when using the SCART input. I get nothing out of the SCART->HDMI converter either. I've re-seated the Shifter chip and after looking through a schematic have ordered some transistors and resistors from Digikey. I ordered the 74LS373 D-Latch and 74LS244 Buffer chips that feed the Shifter as well. the schematic I found is for a REV C board. Does anyone have a schematic for a REV D board? I really don't want to tear into this machine. Does anyone have any advice or ideas?
  2. For improved video output on the 1200XL I've done the Clearpic 2002 mod on two different machines with pretty great results. If you're looking for perfection I would recommend the Sophia DVI mod from Simius. It's absolutely gorgeous and is an easy install. Clearpic 2002: http://retrobits.net/atari/clearpic.shtml?fbclid=IwAR3xJOYx3xzsEVJB8r7RKAgsBCS9bq3rM1qJPXdRbsBeQBArGfwBo-PybbM Sophia:
  3. Am I right in thinking that all of the original 800 machines had both luma and chroma signasl present at the monitor port, or is it an NTSC only thing? All of my NTSC 800s have stock S-Video that looks very good, but I ran into someone last night on FB that swore his PAL 800 did not. He said he didn't even get a black & white signal, just a blank screen.
  4. If you have a voltmeter check the voltages on both PSUs. Maybe one of the PSUs is bad (over voltage) and blew both machines before you tried the other PSU?
  5. Well, back in the day I had an external SCSI drive that I put together myself connected to my 520ST. It consisted of the SCSI drive, an SCSI host board of some type that I can't remember, and an IBM PC external drive case. Very heavy, but it worked very well. I don't remember if the host board converted between SCSI and ACSI, but it connected to the ACSI port via cable so it must have done so? Long time ago, sorry.
  6. FWIW, I put the ROMs in exactly as described in the instructions for my motherboard's layout and it worked like a champ. Imagine that. Rainbow TOS, I have you!
  7. Okay, I ordered a set of Rainbow TOS roms from B&C ComputerVisions and they have arrived. My 1040 STF motherboard is a C070523-001 Rev D, and is not listed in the installation instructions. You can see my motherboard layout in the pics I posted earlier in this thread. The only motherboard layout that looks like mine (from the instruction illustrations) is a C103255 motherboard. Is this the instruction I should follow? Top right on the pic below... Thanks!
  8. Yes, this is who I ordered from. I've bought several bits and pieces from him in the past, he's a good guy. Maybe another time. Thanks!
  9. I had a similar issue with the drive in an STF I bought recently. Sometimes I would get the drive icons, sometimes not. I could hear the drive trying to work, but never got it to even format a disk. I ended up installing a Gotek as that seemed to be the easiest, most utilitarian option. I didn’t have to cut the case.
  10. My 1040STF has an early version of TOS dated 1985. I'd like to upgrade it to Rainbow TOS, but I want to make sure I'm ordering the right chip set (6 chip vs. 2 chip). I think I have a 6 chip TOS set, can someone please look at the pics I'm enclosing and let me know for sure? Thanks!
  11. I bought an eBay OSSC kit, includes the OSSC, PSU and remote. Great price, free shipping. Works like a champ, I'm very pleased with the end result. I would probably never have known about the OSSC if it weren't for this thread. Thanks!
  12. I've used these converters with very good results. Both take composite, s-video, audio and HDMI inputs and produce an HDMI output at up to 1080P at 50 or 60 HZ. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004UNYX9M/ https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00A7B0YZI/ They both work very well for me and are relatively inexpensive. As for s-video, yes, the chroma signal is not connected to pin 5 on the monitor jack on the XL computers. You need to run a wire for the chroma signal to pin 5 on the monitor jack yourself. The mod instructions that xrbrevin listed above tell you how to do this.
  13. Here's my limited understanding... 1. The monitor port on the stock 800XL has a Luma signal present on pin 1, a composite video signal present on pin 4, and an audio signal on pin 3. Ground is pin 2. 2. The Chroma signal that should be present on pin 5 in order to get a Luma+Chroma S-Video signal output is not connected on the XL machines. Apparently this saved Atari a few cents on each computer. If you build an S-Video monitor cable without connecting the Chroma signal to pin 5 you'll only get a monochrome S-Video output. If you aren't going to mod your machine you're stuck with composite video. You can buy a composite->component adapter, but I don't know that that will look any better than the composite signal would. What you really want (at a minimum) is an S-Video output, but to get that you'll need to either do the mod that xrbrevin listed above (the switch that xrbrevin mentions is so you can switch between composite and S-Video if desired) or to buy and install the Ultimate Atari Video (UAV) card. I've installed a few of the UAV cards in my machines and the video quality is very good. What I would recommend is that you buy and install a Sophia DVI or RGB video card. I've done this on two of my XL machines and the video quality is amazing. Good luck!
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