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  1. You can get a keycap puller from Amazon for a few bucks. 1. Pull the keycaps and wash them as you like. Note that some of the larger keys have metal stabilizing clips that are held in place by tiny plastic inserts. Take care not to lose any of the clips or inserts. 2. Flip the keyboard over and remove the tiny screws holding the circuit board in place and then remove the circuit board. 3. Capture and store all of the rubber domes. Don't lose any. 4. Capture and store all of the key plungers. Wash them as you'd like. 5. Now wash the bare keyboard cover. Note where the domes and plungers are located at time of disassembly. The return key has locations for two domes and plungers, but atari only used one dome. I think the left shift key is the same on some keyboards. Reassemble in reverse order. A small bit of white lithium grease on the ends of the metal stabilizing clips is a nice touch. This is all generalities, but is basically the procedure I use. GL!
  2. This looks very interesting. Hopefully TBA will put them up for sale eventually. Nice work!
  3. It's all good. Mr. Robot is helping me out.
  4. I do, thank you. I'm in Florida, not Germany. I'll send you a PM.
  5. Anyone have a good part number or a link to where I can buy one of these?
  6. The only thing I can think is that he bought it from someone in US and the UK PSU board had already been swapped out with a US PSU board? I don't see how you could plug 110v into a circuit designed for 220v and get the desired output voltages. Switching power supplies don't like to be run without a load attached either, something to keep in mind.
  7. As bfollowell said, you'll need a US PSU. I bought a UK STE and put a US PSU in it, works like a champ. There are 3 choices for the PSU that I know of: 1. An old US ST PSU. I don't see too many on ebay. 2. A new PSU from Exxos. They're nice, but expensive. I have one and like it. 3. A Mean Well RD-50A. You can get them from DigiKey or Amazon, among other places. DigiKey has them in stock. I have one of these installed in my Mega ST2, works very well and is an easy install. Good luck!
  8. Thanks for the help everyone. I got the necessary parts in this past weekend and have modded both of my STF machines. Both now work with my composite SCART cable via my OSSC, whereas both had no display with the same cable/OSSC combo before the mod was done.
  9. I would like 5 please, if it isn't too late.
  10. I hate to bump a dead thread, but this thread was so helpful to me. I bought a working Megafile 60 (in great shape) recently that was chock full of old software. I know that sooner or later the old mechanical platter drive is going to die, so I wanted to get the data off and transferred to an SD card based HDD ASAP. I ordered a Netusbee from TBA last week and received it today. I had hoped to transfer the files over the network connection, but it seems to be designed more towards putting data onto the ST HDD than getting it off efficiently. Reading the documentation I saw that it could act as a storage device, with a thumb drive installed in one of the USB ports, so I searched around and found this thread. Using the info I found here I partitioned a thumb drive using the HDDRIVER HDUTIL program and was able to access the partitions while the Megafile was attached and working. An hour later everything was copied off the Megafile onto the thumb drive, and shortly thereafter was copied onto a partition on my US and backed up on my PC. Wonderful, really nice. I'm very pleased with the result. Thanks for the great info!
  11. Yes, I used the old analogue multimeters in the early 80's when I was first in the USAF. They were replaced by digital units pretty quickly though.
  12. I had the same issue with a SanDisk Ultra 16GB CF card. That card just does not work with the Side2 cart.
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