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  1. mrentropy

    Empty Case

    I was thinking of getting the DE-10 with MISTer and putting it in a case like that. Now I'm wondering if I can get one 3D printed, if I can find files for either of the three.
  2. mrentropy

    Empty Case

    Well, crud. I can't believe you didn't wait a week just in case I wanted one.
  3. mrentropy

    Empty Case

    Hey all, For various reasons I am looking for an empty Atari TT, Atari MegaSTe, or MegaST case. I've tried Best, but they've been sold out for eons. I've tried looking for non-working systems, but haven't come across anything yet. Is there another place to find these things, or maybe someone can make them? Or maybe someone has a defunct system they want to get rid of? Thanks!
  4. Works well on Haiku. Just needs a teeny tiny tweak for saving the config file in a Haiku friendly place. If I had the slightest idea of how to use git I'd send that change back. If I had the slightest idea of how to use Haikuporter I'd try and make it a part of the Haiku Depot.
  5. Bentley Bear would be my pick, and would work well as an animated Saturday morning TV show.
  6. That's pretty good, for a dog. 😁 I don't remember seeing the XEGS or 5200.
  7. Not a movie, but I could have sworn a Mega ST made it's way onto Married... With Children near the end of the run (I remember it being on the desk behind the couch, between the stairs and back sliding door). Anyways, for more fun there's: http://www.starringthecomputer.com/
  8. Ah, but it would be a sneaky way of getting more developers on Haiku. Hopefully. The thinking process goes: get a company interested in OS, they port to some exotic (or non-Intel) CPU, they continue to work on it, changes get rolled back into main Haiku branch, everyone wins. As for getting an ST/TT/Falcon and doing some upgrading, I'd need some pretty good instructions for getting things working more like a modern computer. It's been a long, long, time since I had my Mega 2 and changing things around. I don't even remember what things like XAES or GDOS (printers, maybe?) do. Even trying in Aranym or other emulators hasn't worked well for me. I'm not trying to replicate the past, I'm just bored with computers in general and would like something different. Different from Intel, different from Windows. I'm hoping Apple does come out with an ARM-based laptop/desktop just to see something that's not the same old, tired old, thing. It'll never be the same as it was, I know that. It's not new, anymore. But I would like something that's not the norm.
  9. I'd be all for one providing it was not Intel-based but powerful enough to handle the usual day-to-day computing stuff. Something different. And, preferably, use an OS like Haiku.
  10. I think it would have been handy if, had they been in a position to do so, Atari had taken on BeOS as the OS. Although, as I understand it, TOS is the underlying OS layer and GEM is the visual portion. As far as processors go, I imagine Atari would have switched to Intel as some point or another. Or, maybe not, if Blue Sky managed to create some interesting things. Anyway, BeOS kind of lives on in Haiku. If the current Atari can manage to come out with their AMD-based VCS, I would give Haiku a whirl on it to see if it worked. I might even go through the trouble of changing the Haiku logo into a Fuji. If someone wanted to see about making a dream ST with ARM, there's a port in progress for that. If anyone is curious, somebody, at some point, had thought about doing an Atari Falcon port of Haiku.
  11. As a thought exercise, I think it would be interesting to think about what kind of things all three would have done, because I think they all would have taken different routes. Tramiel-era would, I think, have gone Wintel. Bushnell/Warner Atari, with Grass Valley, may have been a lot different. Possibly more current Apple-like, except earlier. Unfortunately, unless we all become Sliders and find the right alternate dimension, we'll never know. Yes. That's the kind of things businesses do. Because they want to make money. Which, despite all the rhetoric, is a company's core value. I don't really fault them for that. This particular project? Probably not. However, if someone had plans to create a new 1450XLD using old schematics, designs, plans, etc.... I would be tempted. Of course, it would depend on how much it cost and how much I was willing to lose. Sure, it's a gamble, but there's a whole city in the US that depends on people gambling their money away. Can you name an Atari era that didn't have a lot of law suits? Again, that's just kind of the way businesses work. Anyway, I'm not really defending the current Atari; I do think they should have had a publicly displayed prototype by now. After all, it's just a basic boring AMD/Intel computer in a nifty case running Linux. It shouldn't be that difficult. On the other hand, it would be nice to be optimistic and think they'll do something that may raise the awareness of the Atari name. I get tired of reading articles about retro-gaming and retro-computers that only ever mention the NES and C64.
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