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  1. Yeah they aren't compatible. And yes I couldn't find any glue that would work. Crazy glue didn't work and epoxy didn't work very well either. I had a kind made specifically for plastic, and it made the inner plunger just a bit too big. I might have been able to carefully sand it to make it fit, but it also made the inside a little too tight for the key to go in, and then would then make the plunger part jam in the sleeve part. It is pretty frustrating.
  2. Thank you so much! But I don't think that they are compatible. Merry Christmas to you too!
  3. These would be perfect that's exactly what I need, I've pm'd you thanks
  4. Hi, I’m looking for replacement parts for an original Atari 800 (not 800xl) Stackpole keyboard (the kind with the yellow inner inserts, not the white ones) I need 5 or so of the yellow replacement inserts for the keyboard. They are the parts that fit into the keyboard and hold the spring, and have a vertical crossbar that keeps the key contacts separated. They look kind of like a plastic hollow molar tooth. On the computer I have they have become cracked and brittle Or if you have an old keyboard that you want to sell that works (preferable) or doesn’t work, but has enough good parts, that might work too. Thanks for your help! Stuart
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