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  1. Also I was hoping to see the original "config.sys" file for this particular custom cart version, that was somewhere in the cartridge maybe, so I'd have somewhere to start from. I'm assuming that you can get the directory of the cart somehow, and I couldn't figure that out from the manual. Sometimes you need help to get started. There must be a batch file hidden in the cart somewhere, and I want to see it, as a starting point. maybe I can make it work, by changing that file. Do you know how to do that? Sometimes you don't know what to call the item that you're searching for. How do you look it up then? I was hoping for something other than sarcasm, perhaps I'm naive.
  2. yeah, I suppose you do have a point, but this version that I downloaded had a way to put an atr file in the cartridge itself and build a new rom file, or at least that's how it seemed to work, so I wasn't sure if I had to change the internal atr file or something. I thought maybe you were supposed to edit one of those files, its kind of complicated. Not exactly the 'regular' version. But thanks for the tip.
  3. ok here's the files that I could get to work with the Ultimate cart. The first file is spartados 4.49, the second file is the two car files that sort of work, when you hold down the option key to avoid the batch boot up file configuring things. The option key works only if its pressed really early in the process, otherwise it seems to crash. Typing RAMDISK.SYS does start the O: drive manually and that does seem to work. I'm not all that familiar with spartados, but It does seem to see a spartados partition (atr file) on the sdrive max as well. Logo doesn't work but M65 and Altirra Basic and action seem to work and load. (program cart name, then car) Is there a way to edit the startup configuration? I'm not sure if there's an actual directory of the cartridge (spartados cartridge) itself? (I'm new to spartados, hard to setup lol) Also, original files that I'm working from were the files that came in the attachment to post 101 above, but they were converted with the online utility to convert bin files to car files. I didn't run the batch file to combine the bin files, maybe thats how you change the configuration? I thought maybe that was a way to insert atr files into the spartados boot cartridge files, which I don't think works on the ultimate cart, but I'm only guessing. Thanks everyone! SDX449_maxflash1.rar car_files.rar
  4. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/297726-atarimax-8mbit-flash-cart-with-sdx-449c-and-all-oss-languages/page/5/#comments https://atariage.com/forums/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=722408 I was wondering if you had any luck getting this final version latest version (or earlier version) to work with the ultimate cart? I was able to get them sort of to work, by converting the games.bin and the romdisk.bin files With the online converter at: http://www.thebrewingacademy.net/ROM2CAR.htm I tried both files that aren’t for the XEGS, and one of them sort of loads But it doesn’t complete loading properly. (the O: drive doesn’t work) I can get Spartados x to work by itself with the ultimate cart (I think the maxflash 1mb version) In this version the O: drive does work I have a mostly stock Atari 800, but I have a 512k ramboard installed (made by Jeffrey Worley) and the sparta dos x by itself ver4.49 does work and the ramdisk does work ok (the 'stock' version of spartadosx) http://sdx.atari8.info/index.php?show=en_download_release maxflash 1mb version https://www.facebook.com/groups/atari8bitcomputers/permalink/3017397114964441/ Any feedback you have would be helpful, if you can, thanks Stuart
  5. If anybody is wondering how to hook up a 1040stf to a modern lcd screen via HDMI, I purchased a "Retrotink 2x Scart" adapter and an "Atari ST High Quality RGB Scart Lead Video Cable" from Retro Computer Shack. Low and Medium resolution look great (very sharp) on the tv (won't do mono high res, but that's fine with me.) The sound works fine too. The Atari 1040STf doesn't have a modulator, and it is a North American Atari ST, not a PAL model, just in case anyone needs clarification. This way you don't need to worry about purchasing a specific model of monitor that has the right refresh rate. Hooking the ST up via a Scart cable may not seem like an option to people from North America (or Canada specifically) like me. FYI RETROTINK 2x SCART (Scart input, hdmi output) https://www.retrotink.com/product-page/retrotink-2x-scart ATARI ST monitor cable to RGB SCART Cable https://www.retrocomputershack.com/?fbclid=IwAR1YMor7nc0oYKgSwbMPRqyt_Nn7qnaBa_358P2XY-WRZhtZk8SniXjBQD0 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Atari-ST-High-Quality-RGB-Scart-Lead-Video-Cable-TV-AV-Lead-2mtr/250978089310?pageci=48411161-0a89-4971-bbff-1412f6fbba67&epid=20020849966&fbclid=IwAR0Dy2wEL_n4UOk0rFkWfc0iDGTsE0Oe-vYE7ielJ-_WnecRetEJ7r_po7I (Depending upon the model of ST you own, you may need a slightly different SCART cable, be careful to buy the right one.) (I'm not affiliated with any of these companies, just a customer, but they both come highly recommended)
  6. You need to format the disk, in the dos you are using, for it to actually create and save a 'new' disk. Depending on the DD dos, it may or may not work. I think it only really supports Sparta Dos (not sure which exact versions) A work around would be to make dd versions of blank atrs and just use them. Make them with some windows utility or Altirra or something. It seems to read and write existing DD atrs, fine. From atari-8-bit computers facebook group Herb Schaltegger April 21 at 10:27 AM So there was some discussion in a sub-thread here (replies to another comment) about using the SDrive-MAX to make DD (double-density) ATR images, and then write them out to real floppies. The tl;dr is yes, you can do both of these things. EDIT: to be clear, this is with the recently-released version 1.2 firmware on the SDrive-MAX and an SIO isolation board inside as well to allow use of real drives and the SDrive-MAX together at the same time. The details: boot your favorite DD-compatible DOS. SpartaDOS 3.2 and SpartaDOS X both work. On your SDrive-MAX, tap the NEW button to put the placeholder into the 😧 slot of your choice. In SDX, use the FORMAT command. in SpartaDOS 3.2 use XINIT. Make set the parameters to 256 bytes per sector, 40 tracks, 18 sectors per track, 720 total sectors. The SDrive-MAX will then change that NEW placeholder to its auto-generated file name (rename the file on the card later if you want using your PC). Voila, done. I tested this yesterday to confirm the procedure. You can also use a sector copier like DISK WIZARD II to copy your new double-density ATR to another brand new ATR file on the SDrive-MAX. Simply boot up DISK WIZARD II, tell it to use D1: as the source, D2: as the destination, and have the SDrive-MAX create a NEW ATR in the D2: slot. Tell DISK WIZARD II to format the destination disk as double-density and proceed with the copy and once again, voila, done. I tested this just this morning to confirm. And finally, this morning I again confirmed that using a sector copier like this to write your new DD ATR to physical media works fine too, assuming your drive can do double-density. For this experiment, I copied an ATR I had made yesterday - this ATR is a DD disk that contains a bootable copy of SpartaDOS 3.2g. I loaded DISK WIZARD II from the D1: slot of my SDrive-MAX and had a Happy 1050 set as D2: powered on and ready with a blank disk inserted. After booting DISK WIZARD II, I told it to use D1: as the source, D2: as the destination, double-density, and to format the destination disk. I then swapped in the double-density ATR I had created earlier this morning into the D1: slot and let the copier do its work. After it was done, I powered off my SDrive-MAX, turned on my D1: drive (another Happy 1050), and booted up the disk I just wrote. (Pardon the CRT photo sync issues with my phone cam).
  7. Yes I had a percom double density drive, and they did supply a patch disk that converted atari dos to dos 2.0D and I think it only worked in double density. I'm guessing now that there may be different versions of this dos around, one for the 815 and the percom one. I can't remember if there was a utility to switch density, but there may have been. I was having problems using the sdrive max with a version I downloaded not formatting the new virtual disks correctly and this may be the reason. The percom patched version should work correctly. The first 3 sectors were 128 bytes per sector to maintain compatiblity with the bootstrap code in the atari os, the rest of the sectors were 256 bytes per sector. If I remember right there were 3 bytes at the end of each sector that indicated which sector was the next sector in the chain of sectors to be read, or something like that. I now understand that it may have been dos 2.0P for percom, but I remember it as a 2.0D for some reason.
  8. I had the same problem with my stock 800 (not xl or xe) and the retrotink 2x pro. I updated the firmware to version 1.2 and it now works great. I don't know how easy it is to update the firmware on the retrotink 2x, (I think you have to send it away) I have a stock 800 (not xl/xe) with a composite cable. I also had the same problems you mention with defender (the explosions) , and during hyperwarp on star raiders and jumping in miner 2049er. The update fixed all the problems so far. Rock solid picture now, and the sound works fine. I've not tried s-video since I don't yet have a cable for that. Also Samsung tv and samsung computer monitor. Not sure if this makes any difference.
  9. I received my RetroTink 2x pro today in the mail. I'm hooking up an original stock later model 48k 800 (not xl/xe) via a composite cable to the retrotink to a hdmi input on a Samsung tv. I had problems like others have mentioned with the video cutting out and blanking for a few seconds whenever there was too much 'action' on the screen. (explosions in Defender, warp in Star Raiders, Jumping in Miner 2049er) I would consistently get it turning on and off. I tried flashing the update for the 1.2 version of the software on the device, and this seemed to fix it, the picture is great! I've never seen it look so good. I've ordered the composite/s-video cable and I'll see what that looks like when I get it. The picture is great so far. I just wanted to put the info out there so if anybody else is frustrated maybe they'll see this post. The picture is amazing, fyi. I'm not a fan of the smoothing mode, it looks weird, but the 'regular' mode is really clear.
  10. Yeah they aren't compatible. And yes I couldn't find any glue that would work. Crazy glue didn't work and epoxy didn't work very well either. I had a kind made specifically for plastic, and it made the inner plunger just a bit too big. I might have been able to carefully sand it to make it fit, but it also made the inside a little too tight for the key to go in, and then would then make the plunger part jam in the sleeve part. It is pretty frustrating.
  11. Thank you so much! But I don't think that they are compatible. Merry Christmas to you too!
  12. These would be perfect that's exactly what I need, I've pm'd you thanks
  13. Hi, I’m looking for replacement parts for an original Atari 800 (not 800xl) Stackpole keyboard (the kind with the yellow inner inserts, not the white ones) I need 5 or so of the yellow replacement inserts for the keyboard. They are the parts that fit into the keyboard and hold the spring, and have a vertical crossbar that keeps the key contacts separated. They look kind of like a plastic hollow molar tooth. On the computer I have they have become cracked and brittle Or if you have an old keyboard that you want to sell that works (preferable) or doesn’t work, but has enough good parts, that might work too. Thanks for your help! Stuart
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