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  1. Would definitely buy a right cartridge version.
  2. Saw that on Facebook too. Was hoping it wasn't true. Very sad! R.I.P.
  3. This one is jumpered to be the 2nd drive in the chain (DS1)
  4. Those drives should work fine. I currently have a FD55B-01-U and a Mitsubishi M4851-112U running on mine. Make sure your jumper settings and termination are correct.
  5. might be archived.... https://web.archive.org/web/20200110104736/http://mono.atari.pl/
  6. Good read on crappy Percom power supplies... http://atariki.krap.pl/images/8/80/Atari_Classics_Percom_Primer.pdf
  7. It could be a bad power supply, or maybe you just need to adjust the color pot. A lot more information than you have given would be necessary to make a more informed diagnosis..... computer type, monitor type, only this game or others, did this just star suddenly, how is the monitor connected....composite, svideo, rf...???
  8. Hey Curt, Just wondering if you'd ever gotten around to re-dumping that 8k Omnimon EPROM? It will need to be dumped twice, once with the switch attached to the wire in each position to get the entire 8k.
  9. Finally got around to dumping the ROMS from my RAMROD. Math pack was the standard Atari chip so I didn't dump it. The hotkeys seem to be working with this version. OSN_EF_JR.bin Omnimon_JR.BIN
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