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    What kind of power supply are you using? Have you checked its voltage stability? Fluctuations can cause color shift.
  2. Definitely waxes and wanes. I'm willing to bet we bid against each other a lot back in the mid 90's! Do you still have the Tandy Amdek? I'd like to buy it if you're interested in selling. I have a controller board from a partially recased Atari Amdek unit, but the drives had been replaced with 3.5s.
  3. My ATR connectors are also un-keyed. You might want to check your cables, often the key is just a little plastic tab inserted into the socket. These can usually just be pulled out.
  4. I guess it all depends on which device they are relative to.
  5. FWIW I got no updates whatsoever between NYC customs and "Out for Delivery"
  6. I think there may be an inline fuse on one of the wires between the power cord socket and the transformer.
  7. The problem is probably limited to something between the wall outlet and transformer then. Most of the "power supply" is built in to the motherboard. There's really only the transformer, switch, power cord and socket that aren't part of the MB.
  8. How do you know it's not powering on? Have you tested voltages anywhere or are you just going by the light in the power switch? Hard to be sure from the pic, but check the solder on the diodes next to the power connector block. Looks like there might be cracks. Would love to get a dump of that EPROM if you have the means.
  9. I was nearsighted all my life. Turns out its a good thing when your eyes start going. I can still see up close almost as well as when I was young. Just have to take off my glasses for that now.
  10. Cali, so all the way across the country, plus one day delay once it got here for some unknown reason.
  11. Took 8 days from the NY entry to make it to my house. But it's here, Yay!
  12. It would be a nice feature for sdrive to emulate some of the high speed modes that do work with a stock OS.
  13. Mine said out for delivery yesterday. Wife picked up the mail....was a package, but it was for a neighbor. Checked tracking, said ready for pickup at the PO......wtf? Said same this AM so daughter stopped there after class. They couldn't find it. Said driver must have taken it back out for delivery.....hopefully it gets delivered today.....to MY box.....
  14. Most likely the other side of the switch would have gone to pin 27 of the EPROM for a 2 OS switcher..
  15. For some reason, I can only see your first picture, the rest are just a bunch of random characters. Apparently others can see more?
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