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  1. http://atari.fox-1.nl/atari-400-800-xl-xe/brik-bat/
  2. Mine came with 2 Teac FD-55B-01-U mechs. I have since swapped one of them out for a DSDD mech from my old PC-XT clone for better compatibility with other Atari drives. Not sure of the model on that one. As the Doctor says, straight through cabling, correct DS jumpering, and proper termination at both ends of the cable are critical to get these working.
  3. I did recently (well, over a year ago actually) pick up a Ramrod Board. I haven't really gotten beyond just verifying that it works. It does appear to have OSN and Omnimon on EPROMS, but just the standard math pack ROM. I really need to get those dumped. I plan to try the various Newell rom combos on my tf_hh 48K board when I get around to installing it, but I don't see why they wouldn't work. Sigh......too many projects!
  4. Me.....in the early 90's!
  5. I just dusted off my ATR8000 and all appears to still be in good working order. Happy to test when you have something.
  6. See the PDF file in tf_hh's signature here.....
  7. Just trying to understand if the problem is with the DOS 2.5 disk, or if the drive "broke" after you successfully booted the paperclip disk.
  8. does the paperclip disk still work?
  9. Perhaps you need to perform this step of Bob's 1200xl PBI mod.... "Connect the last wire from pin 18 of U14 (MMU) to pin 11 of U23 (PIA)."
  10. Nice! Looks like you have the Co-Power board in yours too!
  11. You should really never get "truly stuck". You can always remove the ROM jumper on the Antonia board to get a clean boot off of a protected OS ROM slot, so that yo can flash ROMs even if everything flashable gets corrupted.
  12. Have you tried re-flashing OSb? I know my roms have become corrupted a couple of times, for unknown reasons.
  13. Here's my 2 AT88-S1PD dumps. Hand written labels. labeled v1.11 1/9/84 and v1.21 5/4/84. Both also have 0073 written on the label. Both are later DD models with just 1795-PL controllers and half height mechs. PercomAT88-S1PDv1.11-1-9-84.ROMPercomAT88-S1PDv1.21-5-4-84.ROM
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