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  1. That works fine. All of the available signals are available all the time.
  2. LOL, we didn't even have calculators when I was that young!
  3. You can mount .arc files as drives in altirra. From there you have many ways to get the files in a format you prefer.
  4. Every 600xl I have seen is fully socketed. Replacing the Basic ROM with an EPROM however is not that common, and that is probably where you problem lies. This required modification to the motherboard, so there could be some bad connections/shorts there. I would start by carefully examining the added piece of socket and maybe reflow the solder on it. Also EPROMS do suffer from bit rot over time, so it could be bad too.
  5. Floating point over/underflow.... http://www.page6.org/archive/issue_21/page_24.htm
  6. Not some kind of hard reset mod then......thanks!
  7. Switch to the working position and boot to basic. At this point pressing reset should just immediately returns to ready(warmstart). At this point flip the switch, then flip it back. What happens when you press reset now? Immediate jump to ready(warmstart)....pause before ready (coldstart), or something else?
  8. Hard reset maybe. Try flipping it, then flipping it back after booting. Then press the reset key.
  9. Just checking....you did have the multimeter set to measure AC voltage, not DC? Those are serviceable, probably just a blow fuse.
  10. Yeah, I really wish there was. You have to use the SDRIVEN.COM menu to set and save the pokey divisor.
  11. What POKEY divisor is your Sdrive-MAX set to? Without optimizing that to your setup, you won't see an improvement. The routines need to negotiate for speed. That happens at boot time, but I seem to recall that you can force it to re-negotiate.
  12. Actually just enabling the PBI BIOS will do it if you have a U1MB. Hias's routines are built in to it. Antonia is the upgrade I had to use a Hias modified OS ROM with.
  13. FastSIO works great with Hias's routines. Runs great at zero on my U1MB 600xl with Hias OS selected. You can definitely hear the difference.
  14. If only the news media could say the same!
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