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  1. I got mine from Brad at Best Electronics. I finally pulled the trigger because someone posted that he only had a few left though. It looks like they may be out of stock now.
  2. Seems to do a pretty good job. I just picked one up recently and tested several 8 bits that seemed perfectly functional. It identified problems with several of them that I would probably never have noticed without it. The long burn in tests are especially good in finding faults that are intermittent.
  3. This is the board: Usually packaged in an 850 case:
  4. Well, so far rooting about has not yet yielded the manual. Searching my email does reveal that I should have a photocopied manual somewhere. Apparently Rory McMahon was kind enough to send this to me way back in 2005. We also discussed the disks. He was going to check and see if he had them in with his boxed Amdek III, but it doesn't look like either of us ever followed up on that. Back to rooting.....coming across all kinds of stuff I'd forgotten about!
  5. Not yet, but it's finally cool enough to go rooting about in the garage...LOL
  6. Would definitely buy a right cartridge version.
  7. Saw that on Facebook too. Was hoping it wasn't true. Very sad! R.I.P.
  8. This one is jumpered to be the 2nd drive in the chain (DS1)
  9. Those drives should work fine. I currently have a FD55B-01-U and a Mitsubishi M4851-112U running on mine. Make sure your jumper settings and termination are correct.
  10. might be archived.... https://web.archive.org/web/20200110104736/http://mono.atari.pl/
  11. Good read on crappy Percom power supplies... http://atariki.krap.pl/images/8/80/Atari_Classics_Percom_Primer.pdf
  12. It could be a bad power supply, or maybe you just need to adjust the color pot. A lot more information than you have given would be necessary to make a more informed diagnosis..... computer type, monitor type, only this game or others, did this just star suddenly, how is the monitor connected....composite, svideo, rf...???
  13. Hey Curt, Just wondering if you'd ever gotten around to re-dumping that 8k Omnimon EPROM? It will need to be dumped twice, once with the switch attached to the wire in each position to get the entire 8k.
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