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  1. I've been keeping an eye out for one it's very unfortunate what sony did to the ps classic but thank God for the hacking community
  2. you don't have to be a dick bro I don't know about any "free examples" and currently I no access to public assistance because my parents misplaced my birth certificate social security ect you know nothing about me and I find it quite humorous that your so sensitive that you'd get offended by a run on sentence or perhaps you're in a bad mood and looking for someone to fuck with I don't know
  3. I got pulled out of school when I was ten and never got a proper education I understand I do make run-on sentences I was learning punctuation decimals ect that year so if you think I don't know proper punctuation you're right but there's little I can do about it just be thankful I don't use excessive acronyms
  4. thanks to you and props to your review and that entire thread didn't read the whole thread as there are 25 pages I'm sure it goes even more in depth than any one review ever could and I'll be visiting it again. I'll be trying to get one (a retro freak) the most glaring flaws to me is lack of bluetooth support (HID only) overheating (with cart inserted) and differences between original hardware and the retro freak these are minor issues to me as I do own the original hardware and I like emulators because I like tech and software also my needs are to preserve my original hardware and to have my games in one place it does seem like it would be a little threatening to those who don't have experience or knowledge of emulators but the amount of customizing is crazy it's like retroarch with built in rom dumping which is perfect for me the best thing is to plug it into my tv I currently use retroarch to play my games which means I'm stuck using my laptop which is okay but I'd prefer my tv. I hope this thread and Newsdee's thread helps the op make a choice it certainly helped me make mine best of luck and thanks
  5. about five years too late but I think it would've been better to find an old E:T cartridge remove the rom erase it or smash it keep it for spares who cares its a worthless game remove the label and burn it take the fb3 cb out of its case shrink the start select power difficulty board reposition the joystick ports cut away any plastic inside the case that in the way after all the wire cb and port relocation it should be something along the lines of controller ports at the bottom of the cartridge av ports power port at the top and start select ect on the sides with a custom atari label replacing the old one because of the small size of the flashback board it should fit inside the cartridge though it may potrude past the original plastic inside the case if you know how to work with plastic it shouldn't be a problem I do personally have issues with people destroying original hardware but its not my console and people can do whatever they want their stuff if this isn't a hybrid console then it was a waste of an original atari the guy could've bought a fb2 it had the cartridge port connections so with some light modification it could accept atari cartridges he could've just mounted the cartridge port in the appropriate spot he could've rewired the fb start select board to the original switches that would've been cool he could've sold the original board to someone who could've used as not to waste a near 40 year old console he could've made the fb fit in a non-destructive way as it is only about half the size of a cartridge or just not destroyed an old 2600 and got a fb2 3d printed a case modified it to accept cartridges and left it at that but what can anyone do about it now its been years dude probably threw it away by now
  6. I never owned retron 5 or game freak so take my opinion very very lightly I have used older retrons regularly and I like them they are however light and cheap feeling I don't know about the retron 5 it might be heavier and better constructed but I just looked into the retro freak and its fn insane and I'm seriously considering hunting one down the features are way superior to the retron it has a built in rom dump and save memory ect along with all the compatibility with games as the retron 5 plus pc engine, turbo grafx, and super turbo grafx it has remappable controls and support for wired usb controllers if Newsdee could share his/her/their opinion on the way games run on the system I probably buy one of these myself plus I found the retro freak averaging around $120 and retron 5 averaging around $150 so you get more bang for your buck
  7. I don't own any homebrew games but I've wanted some for awhile now. if I could manage to find some I would like to own micro mages halo 2600 and beserk unfortunately I have no idea how to buy stuff off the internet as I do not use credit cards nor will I ever and I live in a small town of 10,000 people so it's not like we have that type of market here
  8. So a few years ago I got an nes from my stepdad after I bought him a retron. The problems started with the usual blinking light then escalated when it worked it would go for awhile then stop as the screen garbled up into colored numbers. soon after that started the nes would refuse to boot just the blinking light I ended up using it to fix up another nes for a friend. It's been a couple years now and I decided to try to fix it and turn it into a portable as the case and various other things are no longer with it. first I decided to build a simple video amplifying circuit (the rf module was removed long ago) but when I connected the 5v nothing happened. I then put in a game it had a solid red light. I tried to pull audio from the board and there was no audio. I spent the last week off and on trying to find out whats going on browsing forums watching videos reading articles and pinouts circuits ect. my initial conclusion was a dead ppu, but wouldn't the cpu still output audio? I have tried pulling video from pin 21 on the ppu and audio from ad1 and ad2 on the cpu absolutely nothing I even went as far as removing an rf module from my working nes and testing it on this one I tested traces they're fine I let it run for an hour and checked the temp on the cpu and ppu the ppu along with all the other chips weren't even slightly warm and the cpu was just barely warm around the address lines which I expect is normal I reflowed questionable solder joints I cleaned contacts I have no idea what could be wrong I know both cpu and ppu could die at once but wouldn't they be super hot and if only one was dead would it keep the other from working? and if both were dead why is the light solid perhaps the lockout controls that? I have three choices I found a cpu replacement $25 a working but hideous nes $30 and ppu and cpu $50 but I have no idea what to replace. what is broken does anyone have any ideas whats going on with this thing?
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