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  1. Hi, great tool indeed! I've added undo-redo on my fork, if anyone is interested in testing a windows build please PM me. (planning to add colors for patterns...)
  2. Hi ! I can confirm the neon green in Combat, so we end up playing in B/W. Same thing for Indy 500 which was just unplayable with SECAM colors! Don't know why we kept playing Dodge'em with the green background My brother and I never get shocked about all those bright colors, except when we saw a green smurf (see attached picture). At some point, there may have been a kind of auto-switch to NTSC with newer compatible TV because I don't remember the SECAM colors for games like Jungle Hunt, River Raid, Pole Position, Realsports Volleyball, Pele's Soccer and Defender. I mean I remember them with the "right" NTSC colors in my memory. Funnily enough, I still prefer the SECAM colors for Galaxian (try it!) and Yar's Revenge. lonestarr France
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