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  1. Is there still plastic over the silver strip? Wondering if the scratches are on the plastic or the actual silver.
  2. Looks awesome! Bruce Lee was a favorite back in the day.
  3. "Retail on te lot is $2800, asking $1700 shipped for all in USA" Retail? LOL No offense, but a lot of that stuff is basically junk.
  4. I don't use a Retron. It works on actual Atari hardware, though.
  5. There is an adapter to choose which player the paddle will be. I have one and it does work. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B084TSVDFZ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  6. These are BRILLIANT!!! Thank you! Can't wait to try them on my actual 2600 when I get my Harmony Encore cart.
  7. Back to Atari after some decades! Ordered a Harmony Encore for my "new' heavy sixer. 😛
  8. Awesome! If you have any feedback on Atariage about those mods I would love to take a look. I know heavy sixers can be a little more challenging to mod, but what I want is a pretty simple version of things, i.e. I don't need input drilled into the case.
  9. Sure, thanks for asking. 🙂 I love taking photos of vintage gaming stuff. I thoroughly cleaned both of these systems, so I thought it would be interesting to show the condition of the PCB's. The "old" one with non-working sound seems to have been a victim of spilled soda or something. The "new" one is very clean. Here is my new heavy sixer having a threesome with my 800 and 130XE. 😛 And here are a few shots of my new girl by herself, looking all shiny clean and pretty. Note: my wife fully endorses my hobby. 😃
  10. Here's mine, SN 24009K, just got it today. Very nice condition, works great, just need to be clean it a bit. I do have an opening marked channel select in the bottom case, but there is no channel select switch.
  11. Thank you both. I have now acquired another heavy sixer that is working perfectly, but I would like to get it AV modded someday. The one with broken sound is being returned to seller for refund.
  12. Conclusion reached: the seller I bought this one from on ebay has a return for refund policy with free return shipping, so it's going back. Meanwhile, I bought another heavy sixer from another seller on ebay that arrived today, and it is working perfectly and looks just as nice or better. So, I'm very happy about that. Thanks to everyone who tried to help me with this problem.
  13. Yes, I'm in NC. I contacted electronicsentimentalities last week but did not get a reply, so not sure he is currently doing business.
  14. Long story short: I have a heavy sixer with no sound output (just static noise). I have tried adjusting the ferrite core with no effect. I am not skilled in electronics at all. I'd like to get it fixed, and/or also AV modded (preferably with the UAV). I'm in NC, USA. Anyone here currently accepting such work? I would want to see some feedback regarding past work before sending anything over, of course. I contacted electronicsentimentalities last week but they did not respond, so I'm guessing they are not currently doing business(?). If you have or know of another such reputable modding/repair business in USA that is currently taking work please let me know. Thanks.
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