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  1. Anybody have any idea if Jeepers Creepers will ever be available in the Atariage Store again?
  2. I LOVE the SAC, though I’m still not sure if I hold it correctly. I hold the grip in my left hand and operate the top with my right. It’s literally the only way I play, though I do want to try a pack-in one with the knob mod and am excited by the Super Game Pad by Opcode.
  3. I got help from people more skilled than me! I was having a really hard time finding a way to store games when I rebought a system last summer. I had a 12 slot case as a kid and couldn’t find anything I liked on eBay or Etsy, but I came across 8-Track options when I was searching. They’re originally just a little too wide and too deep. I’m a teacher, so the wood shop teacher put a false back in and closed up the bottom of the tray slots to hold the games; painted everything black. The art teacher painted the SAC colors and I gave the logo to a former student who re-rendered it to specifications for Sticker Mule. I touched it up with a black paint sharpie and coated it after putting the decals on. Once I get all 24 games I’m going after I’ll track down labels, get high quality prints and protect them with wide packing tape trimmed with an exto-knife and all the missing overlays as well. Beyond that I think I’ll get the SD Multi-Cart and Steering Wheel & Roller Controller and call it good aside from the occasional homebrew that catches my attention. More than you asked for, but I hope that answers it for you!
  4. My home-made carousel for my Colecovision games! Old 8-Track carousel off of eBay, modded to hold 24 games — I’m still re-collecting, this will house all my OG Colecovision games and the Homebrew will go back in their boxes with the protective casing. The 4 colors are taken from the SAC trigger buttons, custom decals of the old-school arcade logo... painted over the wood plastic and then sealed with Mod Podge. The slots had to be resized to hold the games just right.
  5. I recognize I’m late to all of this, but is there anywhere/way to get a modded Jaguar controller for Colecovision? I recently got ahold of the SGM and a dozen or so games, love them! ...but, the standard and SAC don’t quite cut it with those games and I feel like the Jaguar controller is where Coleco would’ve went to. I’ve found a handful of pics online, but no solid contact. The below image is perfect, if it’s real. Thanks!
  6. The Colecovision was my first console as a kid. I got one this past summer off of eBay after learning all about sites like this and the SGM/Port/Homebrew scene. After getting jerked around a bit I connected with CrossBow and in no time flat he worked with me to get my unit to him where he did a power switch mod and pause/led power mod in addition to the AV mod. He looked the entire thing over inside and out and let me know everything every step of the way. He provides a personalized private YouTube video where he goes over everything and shows your unit working as it is supposed to. He even cleaned out my controllers when I sent them with the unit by mistake and tested my power brick. His work is top notch and the customer service is phenomenal! I'll definitely use him again and highly recommend him!
  7. Hi, I'm having a terrible time finding somebody reliable that provides this service. I thought I found someone, but over a month later she has stopped responding to messages and I'm pretty sure that I am out of the upfront $70 I paid having never sent my Colecovision out to her as she never provided me a shipping address. I got my hands on a SGM and a decent number of games, but I have yet to play them as I've been waiting to get the console modded. Any help is appreciated!
  8. I had emailed just a few weeks ago regarding The Cure, please put me down for a preorder!
  9. Is there a pre-order signup for this?
  10. Thanks guys, i found someone that’s going to do a recap and install the standard a/v mod as I’ll be hooking it up to my Sony Trinitron. I also managed to get ahold of a 4th run SGM at a decent price and some SGM games, can’t wait to play it all!
  11. I'm pretty new here, joined just to get in touch with Byte Knight to upgrade the ColecoVision flashback my wife got me for Christmas a few years ago. I had no idea there was such a community and interest in this system! The ColecoVision was my first console; I got it for Christmas as a kid. There's nothing like playing on original hardware IMO, so I got a system on eBay that I intend to hook up to my Sony Trinitron with the best image quality possible. I'm basically looking for somebody who can mod it for RGB/add a Pause button and do a general "tune up" of the system. I contacted Yurkie after searching, but he no longer does it. Thanks in Advance!
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