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  1. Something like that but Drean bought failed machines and repaired them in workshops dedicated exclusively to that task. Kenia Fueguina bought the Coleco PAL and here the power supply, boxes, manuals, etc. were manufactured.
  2. no, they are the same games, they are clones. What part of Argentina are they from? do you have some coleco games to trade? I collect in box.
  3. hi Digress. no, havent more art. only black and white spanish paper manual. Artkaris games have written on typewriter instructions.
  4. Hi! I would like to share with you the "Kenia" model, imported and distributed in Argentina by the local company "Kenia Fueguina" in the 80's. It is a European Coleco with Revision D board, adapted to the PAL-N standard. The game included was "Donkey Kong". CLONE GAME > ORIGINAL Aventura > Venture Androides > Frenzy Jungla II > Pitfall 2 Dragón > Dragonfire Tuberías > Zenji Pimienta > Pepper2 Delta Competición > Omega Race Croac I > Frogger 1
  5. ok, there are the Colecovision "Kenia Fueguina" (Argentina) BIOS. Tnks to Alejandro Smukler @Alesmukler who took the trouble to unsolder the BIOS and assemble the necessary wiring to be able to read it. COLECO_KENIA_ROM.ZIP
  6. excelent news! @ChildOfCv were you able to get the PAL version of the BIOS? Here in Argentina the Colecovision (PAL) were sold with an improved BIOS, from the factory the "Coleco screen" only lasts about 3 seconds. Would it be useful if I extract one of the ROMS and read the content and send you the BIN file?
  7. Exactly, for the technician it is a great tool, so you say all the chips are welded (and heavily welded!) which makes the task quite tedious. I am learning to be able to dedicate myself to repairing the colecos in my region. In Argentina it was a very popular console in the 80s and there are many around. But many unfortunately black screen. I am passionate about repairing them and bringing them back to life.
  8. hi @ChildOfCv great work with ColecoVision diagnostics shield! would it work on a PAL coleco? what differences? would you sell a ready-to-use version? although it is not the final final version., I already have 4 stacked colecos waiting for a little magic. tnks
  9. anyone please re-upload to MEGA or some else. TNKS
  10. hi @Kiwi tnks for the code! would you have more code examples of this type? Every piece of code I read helps me a lot to understand. Maybe some scrolling or how to update a part of the screen with new tiles. Thank you in advance for the help.
  11. @Bhaal tnks for the guides. I found the solution looking another library, "LIBCV" ; crt0.s for Colecovision cart .module crt0 .globl _main .globl _cv_init .globl _cv_spint_handler .globl _cv_vint .globl _cv_start .globl ___sdcc_call_hl .area _HEADER(ABS) .org 0x8000 .db 0x55, 0xaa ; Title screen and 12 second delay - swap 0x55 and 0xaa not to skip it. .dw 0 ; Sprite name table for BIOS .dw 0 ; Sprite order table for BIOS. .dw 0 ; Buffer for BIOS. .dw 0 ; Controller map for BIOS. .dw _cv_start ; where to start execution of program. jp 0x0 ; RST 0x08 jp 0x0 ; RST 0x10 jp 0x0 ; RST 0x18 jp 0x0 ; RST 0x20 jp 0x0 ; RST 0x28 jp 0x0 ; RST 0x30 jp spint ; RST 0x38 - spinner - maskable interrupt jp vint ; Vertical retrace - NMI .ascii " / / NOT" i test with "db", ".db", ".org 8024" etc etc. .ascii WORKS OK ! in "crtcv.s" (lib4k) add : (line 74) .ascii "PRESENTA/DIEGO ACCO/2020" very very TNKS TO ALL !
  12. @Kiwi i already have skill selection screen, i use your code and works perfect. i have a problem, in intro CV screen i have garbage at foot, where i must define the " PRESENTS / THE GAME " string ? in crtcv.s ? tnks!
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