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  1. anyone please re-upload to MEGA or some else. TNKS
  2. hi @Kiwi tnks for the code! would you have more code examples of this type? Every piece of code I read helps me a lot to understand. Maybe some scrolling or how to update a part of the screen with new tiles. Thank you in advance for the help.
  3. @Bhaal tnks for the guides. I found the solution looking another library, "LIBCV" ; crt0.s for Colecovision cart .module crt0 .globl _main .globl _cv_init .globl _cv_spint_handler .globl _cv_vint .globl _cv_start .globl ___sdcc_call_hl .area _HEADER(ABS) .org 0x8000 .db 0x55, 0xaa ; Title screen and 12 second delay - swap 0x55 and 0xaa not to skip it. .dw 0 ; Sprite name table for BIOS .dw 0 ; Sprite order table for BIOS. .dw 0 ; Buffer for BIOS. .dw 0 ; Controller map for BIOS. .dw _cv_start ; where to start execution of program. jp 0x0 ; RST 0x08 jp 0x0 ; RST 0x10 jp 0x0 ; RST 0x18 jp 0x0 ; RST 0x20 jp 0x0 ; RST 0x28 jp 0x0 ; RST 0x30 jp spint ; RST 0x38 - spinner - maskable interrupt jp vint ; Vertical retrace - NMI .ascii " / / NOT" i test with "db", ".db", ".org 8024" etc etc. .ascii WORKS OK ! in "crtcv.s" (lib4k) add : (line 74) .ascii "PRESENTA/DIEGO ACCO/2020" very very TNKS TO ALL !
  4. @Kiwi i already have skill selection screen, i use your code and works perfect. i have a problem, in intro CV screen i have garbage at foot, where i must define the " PRESENTS / THE GAME " string ? in crtcv.s ? tnks!
  5. tnks very much! It is exactly what I was looking for, I thought it was already in the bios de coleco and it only needed to be called, but I see that it has to be done by hand and here your code will work wonders. Thanks for sharing and allowing learning.
  6. but in asm exists a call that shows the skill selection screen. is: call 1f7ch . I search for same in C. @Kiwi gave me the solution, tnks anyway
  7. hi, i'm using SDCC + col4k, how i can make the call to skill select screen from C ? or it configures in cart0.s ? tnks very much
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