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  1. Yay furries on a platform I’m looking at investing in! I’ll have to check it out. Come for the Cannon Fodder, stay for the furs
  2. Im sorry i had trouble catching up with the HSC this year, my pluscart was having issues. Now with it fixed, expect me to post on weekends only.
  3. ~ What COMPANY do you want featured in Season 11. Suggest some games from that company. I like Epyx. California Games, Summer Games, Winter Games. All great classics on any system! ~ Several games from the Arcade. Jr. Pac-Man, Wizard of Wor Co-Op, Edtris ~ Several games that are RARELY in the HSC! IDK any ~ 2 Paddle Games Breakout, Circus Atari, Bumper Bash ~ 3 Homebrew Games. I thought this went GREAT in Season 10! PLEASE send me the Bin file in a private PM . If you created a game and want it played in the HSC, please PM me! If you know someone who created a game and would not mind if we featured their game, have them PM me! Also, ALL Homebrew Games will have FULL points this season! SARL, Chalk & Duster, Ivan Castillo's upcoming "cowboy game" ~ Your Requests of any game you would love to play. I look and play ALL REQUESTS!!! Red Sea Crossing ~ Any Bonus games you would like to see done. (Games that would not be good for a regular pick but a nice bonus. YOU CAN POST ANY REQUESTs HERE or PM me anytime for game requests. Casino, Party Mix, Text Adventure
  4. Yes. Thank you! Merry Christmas all!
  5. Is it case-sensitive? I've tried my password many times, to no avail
  6. How do i get lowercase letters? I can't seem to connect to the internet
  7. I tried an Activision cart and an Atari cart and neither fit!
  8. 50660. The best I could go is stage 3, couldn’t quite make it to the Mummy.
  9. Honestly probably making a port of a game from 79 (not gonna spoil it)
  10. Yes it does. It’s all about quick reflexes and pattern memorization far more than 80’s Pac
  11. Pac-Man CE is the best example of a modern take on high score action in general gaming
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