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  1. Thank you for your answer Al Can I suggest you add : "1 interface : you need 2 interfaces to connect 2 Jaguar between them" in the description
  2. Is it at 30 USD a package to connect 2 consoles between them, or do you have to spend 60 USD (so buying 2 products independently) to do this ? Because the original ATARI Jaglink package made it possible to connect 2 consoles between them.
  3. Can we expect an european solution to obtain this ? Because with the COVID it's impossible to obtain this game from atariage without a big delay... >3 months...
  4. I'll buy the cart version* or a rom for the Game Drive* *only with music.
  5. @rj1307, I tried an idea : I formatted in STD format (no speed format) the SDHC CARD delivered with the Agacart, I put only the agacart.bin firmware et now, It's done now : P and EE, that seems ok ! I've just tested with rom named 200 and 201 and all is ok !
  6. @rj1307, Yes I tried turning off the console and turning it back on immediately. I obtain the "P" message briefly but it wasn't flash several times. It just disappears. I'm waiting but nothing happens. As for the rest, indeed when I move the cartridge to the left or right, it works better. But without move the cart, if I turn off and on immadiatly, sometimes I obtain the clear screen rather than the insert game message...
  7. Hello rj1307. My configuration : Lynx2 with bennvenn lcd. Mains unit : 9v 1A or 1.25A. Firstly, I can't do the update with the 16 mb SDHC class 10 delivered with the Agacart. I will buy another. What do you advise me between a 2gb Sd only or a 4gb SDHC class 4? Secondly, I think I have a troubleshoot with my configuration. Indeed, until then I thought it was normal but after research I must be the only one with this problem: Very often when I turn on my lynx, I have a clear screen without the message insert game. However if I wait for the last game tried works because I hear the sound of the latter. I often have to turn off and turn the console back on to get the message insert game on the screen and therefore see the game on the screen. I don't have any problems like this with my official games. What do you think about it?
  8. The same dude I think on the famous french Web site : Le bon coin
  9. Hi @rj1307 I would like to buy one. I live in France. May be Christmas 2019 ? Thanks in advance to add me in the list.
  10. Please add me to the list for a Lynx2.
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