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  1. Firstly, can you reconnect the VCS with wifi so disconnect the Ethernet cable ? 1) Can you test to download a free game on the Atari VCS Store ? (You can erase one et download the same after. It's just for this test.) 2) if 1) is ok, on your phone can you disable the 4g connection. So, you will sure your phone will use your wifi connection. Test it with a download in the phone store. 3) if 2) is ok, Can you check you use the same profile in the VCS COMPANION and in the VCS : NY-TALL-GUY 4) If 3) is ok, you have to test it with another phone or may be create a new ATARI account on the VCS and use it on the VCS COMPANION, test NYTALLGUY. Good Luck.
  2. May be a Tempest 5k with the music of Megan McDuffee ? 🤩
  3. I can confirm : the screw is well supplied now. It is a screw format TORX T9. In any case, this confirms that ATARI takes care to improve the service given to the customer. This is a step in the right direction. Too bad that the underside of the console does not allow direct access through a hatch to the SDRAM slot.
  4. I tried the 073 version on my pal k-model that posed problem. I add the 50-60hz switch. With the 2 configurations I didn't notice any issue.
  5. @DrTypo , K-series PAL @50hz without TV out (no UK), JagBug : I find that the sound on the shots deteriorates at a certain distance and every time I return to the home page after a "mission abort" I hear a shrill sound, after that, the music resumes normally. K-series PAL @50hz with TV out (UK), JagBug : no issue
  6. As I understand it at the moment there is only one limited version that allows you to play with a single character who is Scorpion even trying to choose another and the fights are limited to 3 opponents including his own character (Scorpion). Is that it or is there already a version available with more option ? In any case the limited version is already very well done. I can't wait to play with a more advanced version.
  7. I wanted to write : The story of not having to start all over again on adventure games. But you understood what I wanted to write.
  8. I don't remember that crash playing with the addon CD. I finished this game in '95 without a problem
  9. I wanted to write SainT no Holy.
  10. After a quarter of an hour, the highlander game got stuck on this image. The music works but the controller no longer responds. Holy you think you can add the backup quickly of CD games? The story of not having to pick up any early deposits on adventure games
  11. My solution is simple: if I have an image with the contiguously error, I copy the image in question a second time with another name. Often this second copy is then in "one piece" and it work. So I can delete the first file.
  12. Another Frenchman also wants this game on jaguar 😋
  13. @[email protected], do you think you can add several language like French ? If you send me the text I can translate it.
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