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  1. My solution is simple: if I have an image with the contiguously error, I copy the image in question a second time with another name. Often this second copy is then in "one piece" and it work. So I can delete the first file.
  2. Another Frenchman also wants this game on jaguar 😋
  3. @[email protected], do you think you can add several language like French ? If you send me the text I can translate it.
  4. I remember this game presented in a French magazine with interview of Shen Vitual Experience during the presentation of Burn Out. Never seen this game turn. Are there any videos?
  5. Thank you for your answer Al Can I suggest you add : "1 interface : you need 2 interfaces to connect 2 Jaguar between them" in the description
  6. Is it at 30 USD a package to connect 2 consoles between them, or do you have to spend 60 USD (so buying 2 products independently) to do this ? Because the original ATARI Jaglink package made it possible to connect 2 consoles between them.
  7. Can we expect an european solution to obtain this ? Because with the COVID it's impossible to obtain this game from atariage without a big delay... >3 months...
  8. I'll buy the cart version* or a rom for the Game Drive* *only with music.
  9. @rj1307, I tried an idea : I formatted in STD format (no speed format) the SDHC CARD delivered with the Agacart, I put only the agacart.bin firmware et now, It's done now : P and EE, that seems ok ! I've just tested with rom named 200 and 201 and all is ok !
  10. @rj1307, Yes I tried turning off the console and turning it back on immediately. I obtain the "P" message briefly but it wasn't flash several times. It just disappears. I'm waiting but nothing happens. As for the rest, indeed when I move the cartridge to the left or right, it works better. But without move the cart, if I turn off and on immadiatly, sometimes I obtain the clear screen rather than the insert game message...
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