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  1. Hello !! THE END is a port of an arcade game with the same name. There are 2 versions of this game: 1. Konami version - The defense bases are ABOVE your spaceship ( played here ). 2. Stern version - The defense bases are BELOW your spaceship. Both versions are included in the cartridge release !! THANK YOU VERY MUCH for choosing THE END to be played on the HSC and I hope that everyone had fun playing with it !!! Carlos RaymanC
  2. Hello kermit73 The points for defeating the mother ship every 5th wave is completely random like the arcade game. You can get from 10 to 100 points each time. As you have noticed, it is important to try to keep the remaining blocks for 'END' as low as possible so you will earn more bonus points. Try to kill as many aliens with blocks as you can because you will get double points for them, especially for the red/pink ones. And try not to fire unless you are certain that you will kill an alien !! Good Luck !! RaymanC
  3. Yes, I think that updating the firmware will resolve the problem !!
  4. I believe that the problem could be the firmware of the harmony encore cartridge. Which version of the firmware do you have ??
  5. Yes, that will slow them down and you will also receive 120 points for killing a yellow/blue alien and 200 points for a pink/red alien when they are carrying a block !!
  6. Hello Everyone !! Here are some tips for THE END that can help you reach great scores: * You will get double points for killing an Alien carrying a stolen brick. * The Aliens will always go to the right side of the screen when they are sent by the Mothership, so try to position your Spaceship there and start firing as soon as they appear. * Watch for Aliens that make sudden stops because those are the ones that will steal you defense bricks. * When there is only one defense brick left, position your Spaceship just below it and defend it as much as you can. The more you defend it, the more bonus points you will receive. I hope you enjoy playing THE END as much as I did creating it ! Let's see those high scores !"
  7. Please download the latest release of Stella ( 6.5.3 ) and you will be able to play THE END with no problem !!
  8. Which version of Stella are you using ??
  9. Mountain King 6,050 It seems that my Spike's Peak ROM is bad because I can't control my player. It walks when I press the joystick button and can't make it jump or hide.
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