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  1. I have checked the overall standings on the Week 3 Thread and it still says that I have 86 points. My points so far are: Week 1: (+14) for Venture (+25) Bonus Points for New Players (+47) for Berzerk Week2: (+38) for Millipede My total points are 124. Can you please update my overall standing on the Week 3 Thread ?
  2. Please also verify that the points for Millipede (+38) have not been added to the overall standing.
  3. I'm surprised because I don't remember that I played in this HSC before !! In which previous season did you find me playing ? Also, can you please verify my last overall standing score because I got (+14)(+10) for Venture, (+47) for Berzerk and (+38) for Millipede for a total of 109.
  4. I see that my final points on Venture are (+14) and (+10). Why did I get this (+10) for ?
  5. I am currently playing Astrobot Rescue Mission and it is AWESOME !!!! This is the first game I have ever played on the PS VR and can't wait to see others !! Anyone has a Top 10 or MUST PLAY List ? Are there free games or experiences for the PS VR ?
  6. Hello James, I see that Stratovox 2600 is in the WIP list but without a link to the current rom release. Can you add the link like the other games in the list ?
  7. You are welcome Steve !! BTW, I forgot to tell you that you were right about killing 2 aliens with 1 spaceship missile in Stratovox. I played the arcade version for a few days and I found out that it is not allowed to kill 2 aliens with 1 of your missiles so I am updating the game and a new release candidate will be available soon so stay tuned !!
  8. You are very welcome my friend !! I'm glad that you liked the game, it has been made for all of you to enjoy !! And maybe you will see this game in that colorful Stratovox box, with colorful instructions.....so stay tuned !!
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