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  1. Hmmm, never thought of that...I will check the arcade version... Thanks Steve !! Keep playing !! Carlos
  2. THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. 53,300 !! Excellent score !! You are really a pro !! I think I will need more practice to beat you !!
  4. Great score Steve !! Let's see if I can beat it !!
  5. Hello Steve, That is strange....Can you check with James ? I think he played it on the show on actual hardware.
  6. Hmmm, 4-bit digital audio samples....inline assembly.... Very good ! Now I have something to start with.... Thanks !!!
  7. Thanks ! Yes, there are many others enemies on that version too. I had the C64 back in the days and I never saw Bandits. By the way, How were you able to add voices to Draconian without the Atarivox+ ? Is that possible with batari Basic ?
  8. Hello, I wish to add voices to my new homebrew game Stratovox 2600. The game was made in batari Basic using the DPC+ kernel. I think that your speech synthesizer will be useful for that. Can you provide me some info of your software ? Let me know. Thanks Carlos RaymanC
  9. Hello, I'm glad you love it !! My highest score so far is 38,950. Enjoy !! Carlos Rayman_C
  10. Hello Friends !! Attached you will find my second homebrew game for the Atari 2600... STRATOVOX 2600 It is a port of the 1980 Taito arcade game Stratovox also known as Speak and Rescue. The object of this game is to shoot UFOs attempting to kidnap astronauts that appear on the right side of the screen. If all astronauts are kidnapped, the game is over. Use the joystick to move your spaceship left or right and press the button to fire. You have to destroy 12 UFOs to complete the first level. On the second level, you have to destroy 15 UFOs, then 18, 21, 24 and so on. At the end of each level, you will receive 100 bonus points for each astronaut not kidnapped. Also novice players will receive an extra astronaut without exceeding the maximum of 10 astronauts in the screen at once. You start the game with 3 spaceships. Reach 5,000 points to receive an extra spaceship. Yellow UFOs score 50 points and Red UFOs score 100 points. UFOs carrying an astronaut score random points from 300 to 1,000 depending on their color and speed. There are 36 levels in this game. Levels 1 to 4 are the easiest levels, the real action starts in level 5. This game does not have voices like the arcade but I am planning to add some using Atarivox+ or SAM. If you find any bug please let me know. Enjoy !! Carlos RaymanC Stratovox_2600_NTSC_RC1.bin Stratovox_2600_PAL60_RC1.bin
  11. Thank you guys !! I am very happy that you liked the game !! For me, creating a game for the Atari 2600 and have it on cartridge with its own artwork, box, label and manual is like a dream come true ! Thanks David for creating such a wonderful work !!
  12. Yes !! I am just reviewing the manual !!
  13. Yes, I think that is an error in his program. I believe that 109 should be replaced with 99
  14. Hello, To fix line count issues you need to have more flow control of your program using the goto command. For example, the following lines in your program... z = rand if z < 50 then y = 1 if z > 49 && z < 100 then y = 2 if z > 109 && z < 150 then y = 3 if z > 149 && z < 200 then y = 4 if z > 199 && z < 250 then y = 5 if z > 249 then y = 6 should be like this.... z = rand if z > 249 then y = 6 : goto _z_y_defined if z > 199 then y = 5 : goto _z_y_defined if z > 149 then y = 4 : goto _z_y_defined if z > 109 then y = 3 : goto _z_y_defined if z > 49 then y = 2 : goto _z_y_defined y = 1 _z_y_defined ......program continues Let's say that z turns out to be 200 then instead of executing all 7 lines, it will execute only 3 lines and then goto to the next label. Also try not to use AND (&&) and your program will be faster. There are also a few others changes that could be done so let me know if you are still having problems. Carlos
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